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Website research


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Website research

  1. 1. Research Into Artist Website By Joygun Yasmin Nessa
  2. 2. When I researched into artists websites I noticed that the websitesvisual design is what attracts the audience towards it. We need to makesure our website is visually appealing and grabs the audience attentionat the first glance. However we need to ensure that the website is easyto use, so this mean primary navigation. The fans of the our artistLauren Lawson should be able to easily access what they are looking foron the site. Also we need to include upcoming events and update thesite often because fans wouldn’t want to look at a website that isn’tbeing updated regularly.
  3. 3. What we need to include in our website is key informationsuch as a portfolio of who the artist is and what our website isabout and contact details. We also need sub-pages and links tokey areas of our site. There should be a blog on our websiteand sign ups informing the fans about have we are doing orwhat we have recently done .We must include multimediasuch as videos, photos and sound clips.Other things that we might want to include is social medialinks, a logo and a gallery of production skills.
  4. 4. We need to ensure that our website is appealing to our particular target audience which is females and teenage girls. The audience need to be shown what they wants to see.We could do this by talking about topic that appeal to females specifically teens. Also through the colours used on the website and the images of the artist with unique clothing styles, hair and makeup. Furthermore we could create events for teenage girls interested in the genre of our artist.It is important to ensure that all fonts, colours and sizes of text on our website match together so the fans know that the information relates together and also because it will make the site more appealing. Another way to attract the audience is through social networking sites, for example tweets will keep the target audience occupied and make them want to know more which means they will return to the site.
  5. 5. When analysing artists websites I found that they had usedlots of pictures on there sites to create an image ofthemselves so that their audience are able to recognise them.We would like to do this when creating our website for ourartist so that the audience are familiar with her face. Doingthis will also help to establish her genre and image.
  6. 6. Our website should also include statistics such as how many hitsour site has got, what other sites it links to and what are the mostpopular pages on our site etc. We should also include a feedbackbox so the audience using our site can suggest improvement andask us questions if the want to know something that they could notfind on the website.Further more we should try to make our website compatible withmainstream web browsers so that the consumers can access thewebsite on any browser.