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Thermal Power Plant Station


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Thermal Power Plant Station

  1. 1. .School of Technological Science * .Department of Mechatronics Engineering * .The Hussein Thermal Power Station * .Dr.Mousa Mohsen * .Name : Majd Ali Saqer * ID : 2008102003 * MAR/2010/25
  2. 2. : Introduction * The Husssein Thermal Power Station of the oldest power station in Jordan , where it is the first power station steam generation operating . system with great efficiency The station founded in 1973 and became its .obstetric total is estimated at 396 MegaWatts : The system of Al Hussein station * The system in Al Hussein station is a thermodynamics system (steam power plant .(cycle Firstly, they use distilled water to prevent deposits , then there are pumps to push the . water to boilers Boilers heat the water to 500 degree (c) , the water convert to steam this steam go to .turbines Turbines have 36 level and 6 stages ,every stage has a small port to pass some steam to . ( tank ,this tank call ( heat system First tank has steam back from port 1 with 90 degree c and has water from source tank ,here
  3. 3. the steam will heat the water to 90 degree ,then the water go to second tank which has steam with 120 degree and the steam will heat the water to reach 120 degree c in the last tank the temperature of water will reach 320 .degree In this system they use the same steam who heat it in the beginning to heat th water in every cycle therefore , they decrease the cost . of heat They use huge fans to out the oxygen from water before enter to boiler to prevent oxidation by using plats above the fans and the water be above the plats ,the air out from fans will hit the plats and shake the water . therefore ,the oxygen will go above Turbines have shaves these shaves like triangle ,here water should be superheated steam cause if it has some drops of water it . will be like gun and will destroy the shaves Some levels in turbine have hollow triangle shape ,in this triangle there r some gaps ,the air steam will pass from these gaps therefore, its velocity will increase ,when it reach to shaves
  4. 4. its velocity will be high also,the turbine will move and generate power cause it connected . with generator There are big condensers it work as sink for . heat In this station there is a control room ,they can know every error in station by square lights . indicate to error and its location