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The Anatomy of a Good Idea - February 2013


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We all have ideas. Some of us even believe we have pretty good ideas. But who’s to say?

Well, Ori is.

As a founding partner at Valueshine, Ori Manor makes it his business to spot ideas worth investing in. In other words, he is an expert on the anatomy of good ideas.

Valueshine is a 'startup of startups' - a combination of a startup, an accelerator and an investment fund. They build companies, one step at a time.

Join us and hear how investors rank & value ideas and what they are looking for, so you can make your idea even better, and even make it REAL.

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The Anatomy of a Good Idea - February 2013

  1. 1. The Anatomy of agood Idea.By Ori Manor
  2. 2. *
  3. 3. ?Execution and Idea are EquallyimportantExecution > IdeaYou can start with a vaguenotion and build it up graduallyYou must have a good ideabefore you startThese are hunches, Good ideasare a result of a specificthinking processGood ideas are singularevents
  4. 4. Today’s specials:1. Anatomy2. Filters3. Ideation
  5. 5. Anatomy
  6. 6. AnatomyIt’s a networkIt’s a new configurationIt’s the mental imprint of strengthenedcommunication patterns (between neurons) It’s not necessarily realistic
  7. 7. Brain reacts to sensory input*You are convinced that your idea is objectively realistic,because it’s all real and happening inside your brain.Synapses are strengthened (LTP)The mental imprint of the newly formed network isexperienced as a ‘fact of life’ to brain owner (you)Anatomy
  8. 8. Concepts can generate -
  9. 9. What about good ideas..?
  10. 10. Bad Ideas vs. Good IdeasMost Ideas Good IdeasMutations + Natural Selection
  11. 11. Good Ideas: Collision & Incubation
  12. 12. Good Ideas: Collision & IncubationHunch A!!Hunch C!!Hunch B!!
  13. 13. Good Ideas: Collision & IncubationHunch A!HunchC!Hunch D!!!HunchB!!Months –YearsGettingbetter!
  14. 14. FILTERS
  15. 15. Good & Relevant IdeasMutationNatural SelectionEngineering)Artificial Selection
  16. 16. Filter #1: PurposeScience ArtPhilosophy BusinessGood Ideas
  17. 17. Filter #2: Idea TypeExampleIdea TypeHungry? >>>> EAT!(Obvious)Problem-Solution IdeasBuilding a new layer of innovation ontop of an existing layerEvolutionary IdeasBreaks traditional through processes,very disruptive, creates brand newperspectivesRevolutionary IdeasAccidental, unintended discoveriesSerendipitous Ideas
  18. 18. ExampleIdea TypeHungry? >>>> EAT!(Obvious)Problem-Solution IdeaBuilding a new layer of innovation ontop of an existing layerEvolutionary IdeaBreaks traditional through processes,very disruptive, creates brand newperspectivesRevolutionary IdeaAccidental, unintended discoveriesSerendipitous IdeasFilter #2: Idea Type
  19. 19. PurchasingPowerTrendCompetitionAccessibilitySizeFilter #3: Market & Competition
  20. 20. Filter #4: Executability• Willingness to dedicate years• Recruit a team• Raise money• Manage employees• Manage investors• Fight competition• Ability to pivot
  21. 21. Ideation
  22. 22. Ideation
  23. 23. Ideation
  24. 24. Ideation
  25. 25. Ideation
  26. 26. Effective Ideation for BusinessStart with the constraintsRecord your hunchesDiscuss your hunches with other peopleRe-test it with the constraintsBe patient and record more hunchesYour idea is cooking….. Re-test it with the constraintsIt’s ready
  27. 27. Effective Ideation for Business
  28. 28. The Anatomy of your next great Idea..Hunch A!Hunch C!HunchD!!!Hunch B!!Good &Relevant IdeaFilters
  29. 29. Thank you.