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Old question papers in PHYSICS for M.Sc Entrance

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Old q papers- entrance

  1. 1. S.K.UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER –PHYSICS –1992 1.Which of the following is a scalar a)velocity in liquids b)velocity in gasses c)Temperature d)Electric and magnetic fields 2.The energy of a rotating body is a)Iω2 b)1/2 Iω2 c)Iωd)I2 ω 3.What is the moment of inertia of a Rod along an axis perpendicular to the length and passing through one end --------------------- 4.The specific heat of saturated vapour is -------------------- 5.The Compton shift is given by------------------------- 6.The velocity of matter waves is given by ----------------- 7.The specific heat of a substance ---------with --------------of temperature. 8.Photo electric cell converts light energy in to --------------------energy. 9.Majority carriers in N-type semiconductors are ------------------ 10..The maximum efficiency of a full wave rectifier is a)50% b)81.2% c) 65% d) 100%. 11.Electron volt is the unit of --------------------- 12.The efficiency of a Carnot Engine is given by --------------- 13.The Einstein mass –energy relation is--------------------- 14In semiconductors the valance band is empty ------------------T/F 15.The efficiency of a reversible engine depends on the nature of the working substance ------------------T/F 16.In adiabatic process the entropy remains constant----------------------T/F 17.The adiabatic elasticity is γ times the isothermal elasticity ---------------T/F. 18The output of a half wave rectifier is more than full wave rectifier-----------T/F 19.Quartz is ---------------- a)Hexagonal b)Triclinic c)monoclinic d) Rhomb 20.Sharpness of resonance is large for -------------- a)low Rm b)High Rm c)Average Rm d) negative value. 21.Entropy is a measure of -------of the molecule. 22At what temperature the Celsius and Fahrenheit coincides a)32 b)40 c) 0 d)-40 . 23.At very low temperatures the atomic heats vary with a)T2 B)T3 C)1/T D)T4 24.What is the unit of scattering cross section -------------------- 25.Ultrasonics means high ----------,low---------------------------- 26.Curie is the unit of --------------------------------- 27.The elements having same atomic number but different weights are -------------------- 28.The half life period of a radioactive element is given by------------------------- 29.Energy of electron is proprortional to intensity of light –--------------T/F 30.Elements having same atomic weight but different number are called ------------------
  2. 2. 31.Valence electrons are having high --------------compared to other electrons 32.The energy of a Photon is -------------------------- 33.Electrically Photon is a)negative b) positive c) neutral d)very reactive 34Characteristic X-rays are characteristic of ----------------------the material 35.Fraunhoffer lines are observed in --------------------spectrum 36.Operating power of an Amplifier is a)D.C b) . A.C c) From A.C pulse d) from self exciting source. 37.The gap between conduction band and valance band is called ---------------------- 38.Electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of a) conductivity b)conductance c)Resistivity d) Resistance 39.The average energy of a molecule is --- 3/2 KT ------------T/F 40Band width of LCR Parallel circuit is a) L/2IIR b) 2IIL c) 4IIL/R d) 2II R/L 41.Hygrometer is used to measure--------------------- 42.Dilatometer is used to measure the expansionof a) solids b)volatile liquids c)liquids d)crystals 43.Density of water is maxmium at 4 0 C 44.Path of the electron in an electric field is a) straight line b) hyperbola c) paeabola d)zig-zag path 45.Ionic bonds are formed due to the electrostatic force of attraction between two charged molecules T/F 46.In an Oscillator circuit -------------feed back is used. 47.Q-factor is a measure of -------------------------- -------------------------------------------------X--------------------------------
  3. 3. S.K.UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER –PHYSICS 1993 (31-7-93) 1.When milk is churned cream is separated from it ,due to a) centrifugal force b) cohesive force c) Gravitational force d) frictional force 2.A setting sun looks oval in shape because a) sun becomes oval b) Due to dispersion of light c) Due to refraction at horizon d) Due to reflection 3. Planet revolving around the sun in clockwise direction a) earth b) Venus c) Mars d) Saturn 4. The three primary colours in a T.V. are--------------------- 5. Cosmic rays are a) due to radioactivity b) from the sun c) due to Van Allen Belts d) from abide the solar system 6. Radar is used to detect----------------------- 7.Quartz is softer than--------------- 8. Einstein was awarded Noble prize for------------------------- 9. Isotope of Uranium of very much radioactive a) U235 b) U238 c) U233 d) all 10. Natural radioactivity was discovered by------------------- 11. Density of metal --------------- when heated 12. Momentum is the product of ---------------- and ---------------- 13. Force is the product of------------------- and--------------------- 14. Latent Heat of water is equal to------------------------ 15. ------------------- is an high conducting material 16. Wet clothes dry ------------ on rainy days 17. It takes longer time to cook on ----------------- than on plains 18. Cloudy nights are ------------------- than rainy nights 19. Convex mirror gives ----------------- image 20. Echo is due to----------------- 21. Sphero meter is used for----------------- 22. Quickest in radiating its own heat a) Red b) Yellow c) White d) Black 23. Speed of sound in air----------------------- 24. Enriched Uranium is a) U235 b) Uranium supplied by U.S.A to India b) U235+U233 d) Uranium exposed to radiation 25. Which is nearest star a) Sirius b) Barnard’s star c) Alpha Centauri 26. Laser is characterised by a) highly coherent b) X-rays c) highly powerful 27. Total internal reflection occurs when ------------------------
  4. 4. 28. Distance between two successive nodes is--------------------- 29. Gravity g on the moon is 0.166.What is the weight of an 60 Kgs man on the moon a) 10 b) 600 c) 320 d) 60 30. Velocity of light is ----------------------- 31. Refractive index of diamond is -------------- for all substances 32. Celsius and Fahrein heat coincides at ----------------------- 33. Alpha particles are --------------- charged 34. Dentists use -------------- glass for focussing light 35. Ultrasonics sounds have frequency greater than ------------------------- 36. Electromagnetic waves are------------ waves 37. Mass number is the sum of -------------------- and ------------------------- 38. Cyclotron is an ------------------------------- 39. Number of electrons in sodium is-------------------- 40. Resistance is ------------------------- area of cross section MATCH THE FOLLOWING 41. Dynamo a) water man 42. Steel b) Gorden-Geuld 43. Laser c) Baird 44. Fountain Pen d) Bessemer 45. Television e) Fared 46. Fathonmeter f) Measures high temperature 47. Hydrometer g) to regulate temperature 48. Pyrometer h) to measure time 49. Chronometer I) to measure depth of the ocean 50. Thermostat j) to measure specific gravity of liquid ---------------------------------------------- END-----------------------------------------------------
  5. 5. S.K.UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER-PHYSICS 1994 1. If the frequency is changed from Vo to 3Vo then the maximum K.E is ------- 2. In longitudinal Zeeman effect 2 components are observed. These are --------------------- 3.Energy required to remove an isotope from C12 in 7.68 Mev and from C13 is 7.47 Mev. Then the energy required to remove Neutron is ------------------------- 4. Quenching gas in G.M.Counter is ---------------- 5. What is compton’s Effect? 6. Magnetic susceptibility χm = -------------------- 1. Magnetic moment of neutron is ------------------ 2. Heisenberg’s Uncertainity Principle between Energy and Time is ------------------- 3. Neutrino has ------------ charge and ------------ mass. 4. If Q-factor is 100 , mechanical resistance is 1 Kg/sec,resonant frequency is 100 Hz then mass = ----------------------- 5. By doping --------------- number of holes increases 6. Crystal structure of Silicon is ----------------------- 7. A Body at temperature of 1000K gives radiation of wavelength 3.6 X 104 A0 . What is the wavelength of the radiation emitted by a body at the temperature of 6000K - ? 8. Thomson effect is zero in_____________material. 9. M.K S Unit of mutual induction is --------------- 10. If in a parallel resonance circuit L and R are connected in series and C in parallel then the impedance is -------------------- 11. The relation between D, E and P is ------------------- 12. Classius- Clapeyron equation is ------------------------ 13. First man made satellite is -------------------------- 14. Relation between specific heat and temperature at constant volume is ---------------- 15. Relation between mean free path , temperature and pressure is ----------------- 16. de Broglie’s wavelength λ changes with the potential V is ---------------------- 17. De Morgan’s Theorem 18. Lyman series lies in ----------------- 19. If two plates are charged and then moved apart then, a) Q increases b) Q decreases c) V increases d) V decreases 20. Tunnel diode is an ordered pn junction diode with ---------------------- 21. In common base configuration the voltage gain α is----------------------- 22. Semiconductors are --------------- materials 23. Unit of intensity level is----------------- 24. Barn has the same dimensions as------------------ 25. Compton Effect is not applicable to------------------ 26. The relation between B , q,V is ------------------- 27. Divergence V =-------------------
  6. 6. 28. Rest mass of photon is --------------------- 29. ------------------ particles are emitted in pair production 30. Neutrino is -------------- and ------------------- 31. Phase difference between two successive zones of a zone plate is-------------- 32. The energy stored in a capacitor is ----------------------- 33. Equation of continuity is based on------------------------ 34. Rocket is based on Law of conservation of------------------------- 35. The Angular velocity of top is independent of ------------------- 36. Reading indicated by an ac ammeter refers to the----------------- 37. If orbit eqation is r=r0/[1+ecosθ] The semiminor axis is ----------------- 38. Stern-Gerlach experiment verifies------------------- 39. Thermistor isa-----------------material 40. Impurity level in p-type lies in------------------------ 41. The graph drawn between hot junction temperature and thermo emf is a----------------- 42. ------------------- is used to measure wave length in fluids 43. The direction of the dynamic lift depends on the axis of rotation. This is known as ------------------- effect 44. ----------------- can be used to measure solar constant 45. If an object moves with a velocity U to wards a mirror then the velocity with which the image moves is------------------ 46. The force acting on a charged conductor per unit area is directly proportional to--------------------- 47. In an inductor the current lags behind the voltage by ---------- angle 48. In a capacitive circuit the voltage lags behind the current by --------- angle 49. Einsteins photo electric equation is given by--------------- 50. χm = CM/[T-θ] The relation between χm and T is ----------------- proportional 51. Compton’s wavelength is maximum at ------------ angle 52. Lande g-factor is------------------ 53. The primary cosmic rays contain----------------- 54. In Ruby LASER ------------- is used to excite the system 55. ------------- gas is used in Helium Neon LASER 56. ---------------- changes takes place in accoustic waves -----------------------------------------END------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. S.K.UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER-PHYSICS -1995 1. Angular momentum of rigid body is given by ---------------- 2. Rocket motion is in accordance with law of conservation of --------------- 3. Escape velocity = ---------------------- 4. Compton’s effect deals with ------------------- 5. Neutron was discovered by ----------------------- 6. In 92U235 number of electrons is ------------------------ 7. Positron has same mass as that of ------------------- 8. 6C12 + 1H2  X, X=------------------------ 9. The reciprocal of decay constant is ------------------------- 10. Magnetic moment is --------------- quantity 11. Escape velocity of the body is ------------------------- 12. The dimensional formula of collision cross section is ---------------------- 13. Inside a hallow sphere the charge at a point is a) decreases with distance b)it is a constant c)increases with distance d)zero 14. The range of a particle is maximum when g = ------------------------- 15. One Bohr Magneton is -------------------------- 16. The concept of splitting of Hα line is in accordance with --------------------------- 17. Hα line consists of ------------- components 18. Electron diffraction was verified by the scientist --------------------------- 19. µ mesons has a mass of --------------------------- 20. In Fresnel’s biprism experiment the central fringe is -------------- and in Lloyd’s single mirror experiment the central fringe is -------------------- 21. Venturimeter is used to -------------------------------- 22. Bernoulli’s principle ---------------------------------- 23. N1/N2 = ½ ; V1=1.5 V, V2=------------- 24. Phenomena of beats 25. The time period of simple oscillator ----------------- 26. The resolving power of grating is ----------------------- 27. Bragg’s law is ------------------------- 28. ------------------ intensity of light is observed when polariser and analyser are kept at crossed position 29. Double refraction do not take place along ---------------------- 30. 13Al27 + 2He4  15P30 + ----------------------- 31. In a collision if both the bodies stick together and move with common velocity is a) Perfectly inelastic b)perfectly elastic 32. The g value from equator to poles is -------------- 33. Colour of thin film is due to ------------------ 34. Natural radio activity was found by --------------------
  8. 8. 35. Time period of S.H.O is ------------------ 36. Define Infrasonics 37. If temperature of black body is raised wave length corresponding to maximum energy shifts towards ------------------ wavelength 38. 1.25 V, 0.75 V connected in parallel then resultant is ----------------- 39. Amplification factor of triode is -------------------- 40. Isotopes have same ----------------------- 41. Which is not diversible? a) atom b) nucleus c)photon d)none 42. In Hall effect the direction of the electrons is in the direction of ---------------- 43. The resistance of an ideal current source is ---------------- 44. Magnetic moment is --------------- quantity 45. If the temperature of the source is increased the efficiency of a heat engine is --------- 46. For an achromatic doublet a)w2/w1 = f2/f1 b)w2/w1= -f2/f1 47. In Joule-Thomson effect enthalpy a)remains constant b)increases c)decreases 48. Attracted disc electro meter is used to -------------------------- 49. The Fermi energy gap of Ge at Zero Kelvin is ------------------------- 50. The average kinetic energy per degree of freedom of a molecule is ------------------- 51. Two sources of light are said to be coherent when the emit the light rays of ------------ 52. If the current direction in two conductors is same the force of ---------- exists 53. When Hydrogen atoms fused together to form Helium nucleus a) energy is released b)energy is absorbed c)β particles are emitted 54. In all reversible processes the entropy of the system a)increases b)decreases c) remains constant 55. Soap film exhibit brilliant colours in sunlight due to a)diffraction of light b)interference of light c)dispersion of light 56. Light can be polarised because --------------------- 57. Maximum possible orientations of orbit is given by ---------------- 58. The B.E. of Hydrogen atom is ----------------------- 59. Ferrite cores are used in ------------------------ 60. If the diameter of aperture is increased then the resolving power is -------------- 61. According to Kepler’s law, every planet revolves in --------------- orbits around the sun as --------------- 62. Germanium becomes n type if it is doped with ------------------ 63. According to kinetic theory of gases Viscosity η is ---------------------- 64. Suppose Io is the peak current the rms current is --------------- 65. At very low temperature the specific heat at constant volume is proportional to ----------------------------------------------- END-------------------------------------------------
  9. 9. S.V.UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION-PHYSICS OLD QUESTION PAPER –1996 (11-4-96) 1.Three vectors A,B,C are coplanar if, a) A.(BxC)=0 b)AX (BXC) =0 c) A.(B+C) +0 d) AX (B-C)= 0 2.The gradiant os scalar field S = xyz is given by a)yzi+zxj+xyk b)xi+yj +zk c)(x+y)I +(y+z)j +(y+x)k d) none. 3.The value of coefficient of restitution in a perfectly elastic collision is ------------- 4.The path of a α particle scattered by a heavy nucleus is a)parabola b)circle c) ellipse d)hyperbola 5. The radius of the particle in uniform circular mothion with constant linear speed is doubled. Then the centripetal force becomes a)half b)double c)four times d)unaffected 6. The ratio of the total KE to the rotational KE of a uniform circular disc rolling on a horizontal plane is a)1:3 b)3:1 c)1:2 d)2:1 7. According to Torcillin theorem the velocity efflux of a liquid through an orifice is a)independent of height of the liquid b)independent of acceleration due to gravity c) independent of density of the liquid d)depends on viscosity of the liquid 8. The velocity of a planet is least in its orbit at a) perihelian b)aphelian c)perigee d)apogee 9. A body moving with velocity half of the speed of light in a direction parallel to its length, then the density becomes a)half b)twice c)h/3 times d)√(h/3) times 10. Specific acoustic impedance is the ratio of a)velocity of particle to the pressure b)pressure to the velocity of sound c)pressure to the velocity of the particle d) velocity of sound to the pressure 11. Example for biaxial crystal is a)quartz b) mica c)tourmaline d)nickel 12. Magnetostriction means a) change of magnetism b)change of length c)change of length with magnetic field d) change of magnetic poles 13. Ultrasonic waves are detected in a thermal detector from a)change of temperature b)change of pressure c)change of electric resistance of hot filament d)change of entropy 14. When temperature increases from T1 to T2 then the increase of entropy is directly proportional to a)T1/T2 b)T2/T1 c)log (T2/T1)2 d)log (T2/T1)
  10. 10. 15. The result obtained by combining first and second laws of Thermodynamics is a)dQ=dU+dW b)dQ=TdS c)TdS=dU+dW d)TdS=dU-dW 16. If the specific volume of the liquid is less than that of the solid at melting point then increase of pressure a)Raises the melting point b)depresses the melting point c)does not affect d)reduces the sharpness of the melting point 17. The part of the total heat that can be converted into work is a)Helmholtz free energy b) Gibb’s free energy c) H + G d) F + G 18. Joule-Kelvin effect is a)isothermal b)adiabatic c)isochoric d)isenthalpic 19. The most suitable substance in adiabatic demagnetisation is a)diamagnetic b)paramagnetic c)Ferromagnetic d)antiferromagnetic 20. Bolometers work basing on the principle a) thermo emf b)change of electric resistance c)change of pressure d)change of volume 21. Pyroheliometers are used for a)measuring low temperatures b) measuring high temperatures c)determination of solar constant d)determination of absorptive power 22. If the density radiation in an enclosure increases to 18 times, the radiation pressure becomes a)18 times b)6 times c)3 times d)9 times 23. The atomic heat of a solid at high temperature is approximately equal to a)R b)2R c)3R d)4R 24. The system matrix of an optical system is ½ -5 0 2 Its magnification is a)1/2 b)-5 c) 2 d)1/5 25. If the system matrix is b -a -c d then the distance of the second unit plane is a) (1-c)/a b)(c-a)/a c)(c-1)/a d)a/(1-c) 26. Abbe sine condition is satisfied then the aberration eliminated is a)chromatic b)coma c)spherical d)astogmatism 27. Using aplantic lens we eliminate a)spherical b)chromatic c)chromatic and coma d)spherical and coma 28. Spherical aberration and chromatic aberrations are completely eliminated in the eyepiece a)Ramsden eyepiece b)Huygen eyepiece c)Kellners eyepiece d)Newtons eyepiece 29. The resolving power is highest among the following a)prism b)grating c)telescope d)Fabryperot interferometer 30. If white light is used in the formation of fringes in Michelson interferometer, the circular fringe corresponding to zero path difference is
  11. 11. a)dark b)white c)green d)yellow. 31The coefficient of fineness is increased by 16 times ,then the resolving power of the Fabry-perot interferometer a) increases 8 times. B)increases 16 times. C)increases 4 times d) decreases to ¼ th of the original value. 32.If odd number of half period zones is exposed in a circular aperture in Fresnels diffraction ,the intensity at a point on the screen is a) zero b) minimum c) maximum d) not predictable 33.If the first order position of one spectral line coincides with the second order position of second spectral line in the grating spectrum ,the ratio of wavelengths is a)1:2 b) 2:1 c) 1:4 d) 4:1 34.LASER is used in Holography ,because it is ------------------ 35.When a ray of light is passing through a double refracting crystal ,one of rays either O-ray or E-ray is completely absorbed .This process is called a) dichroism b)double refraction c) polarisation d)intrerference . 36.The electric vector of an elliptically polarised beam of light is a) in a fixed plane. B) rotating in circle c) rotating in an ellipse .d) oscillating along the major axis. 37.The work done in an adiabatic process when γ = 1.5 and temperature difference between source and sink is 100K is ----------------- 38.The rate of precession of Gyroscope is ----------------- proprotional to the moment of intetia. 39. The amplitudes of two simple harmonic oscillators same mass one in the ration 2:3 and frequencies are in the ration 1:2 The ration of their total energy is ------------------- 40.The accelaration for unit displacement of a simple harmonic oscillator is 25cms/kg2 The periodic time is------------------- 41. Sound waves cannot be heard from an oscillating simple pendulum because the frequency is in--------------- range. 42. The velocity of sound in air is 350m/s. the fundamental frequency of air columnof length 0.5mt closed at one end is --------------------- 43. The relaxation time is the time in which the enrgy of vibration decreases to ---------- percentage of initial value. 44. The Quality factor is equal to 4π.the % of energy lost per period of oscillation is------- 45. The physical quantity in mechanical vibration similar to electric inductance in electric oscillator is--------------- 46. Two strings of same length and material are stretched under same tension. Their linear densities are in the ratio of 4:9. Their fundamental frequency are in the ratio of------------------ 47. All harmonics don’t travell with same velocity in--------------------- 48. Dispersion is possible in--------------------
  12. 12. 49. The quantity of heat given to a gas is numerically equal to work done in the gas. This change is--------------- 50. First order transistion involves sudden change of first derivative of the ---------------- 51. If the distance between the slits is reduced to half and the distance of the screen is increased three times in Youngs experiment then the band width becomes--------------- 52. If a water drop is placed between the planoconvex lens and opticaly plane glass plate, the diameter of the rings-------------------- 53. The resolving power of one grating in the first order is equal to the resolving power in the second order of another grating for the same region. The ratio of the total number of lines in the grating is------------------- 54. The phenomena which confirms the transverse nature of light wave is------------------- 55. The K.E of a particle with velocity v and momentum according to special theory of relativity is------------------- 56. The power required to move a charge 100 columbs thorugh a potential difference 20V in 160 secs is------------------- 57. If the electric susceptibility of a dielectric is 29. If the permitivity of air is 9X10-12 f/m the permitivity of the dielectric is ---------------------- 58. A Galvanometer can be converted into an ammeter by connecting a ----------------- 59. Thevinins resistance and Nortons Resistance of circuit are---------------- 60. The intensity of magnetic field is 200amp/mt. The permeability of the substance is 40πX10-7 H/mt. The magnetic induction is------------------------ 61. C2 (∇XB)=j/ε0+dE/dt represents ----------------------- 57. A series LC.R circuit behaves like a CR circuit if------------------- 58. If a core of relative permiability 400 is used in the coil of LCR circuit, the natural frequecy becomes------------------ 59. The units of poyinting vector are---------------------- 60. The impedence of a circuit is 10 ohms and the reactance is 8 ohms then the resistance Is ------------------- 61. The break down voltage of zener diode on increase of temperature------------------- 62. The arrangement used to select a part of ionic beam moving with a particular velocity in Banbridge mass spectrograph is--------------------- 63. Bhorn Magneton is equal to--------------------- 64.If the field gradiant is zero in Stern Gerlach experiment, the deflection of the atomic magnet from its straight path is------------------- 65.Strong field quantum Number used in paschen back effect is--------------- 66.Heisenberg uncertainity principle--------------- 67.The neutral particle of zero mass and half spin proposed to explain β decay is --------- 68. Positron is annhilated and electron to----------- 69.In He-Ne LASER ----------------- is the active material. 70. To get a non reflecting film the thickness of the sheet is a multiple of------------
  13. 13. 71. The phase diffeerence between voltage and current is π/2 then the current is said to to be----------------- 72. the ions which represent Nuclear froces are-------------------- 73.The cause for the entropy of the stars is-------------- 74. The divergence for the expanded gas is---------------------- 75. Mosleys law is------------------------ 76.In Millican oil drop experiment the result is ----------------- charge in quantized 77. The wave number for the first paschen series is------------------- 78. The slope of the graph drawn between frequency and stopping potential in Millikans oil drop experiment is-------------------- 79. A rectifier can be converted into oscillator by using -------------------- 80. The efficiency of full wave rectifier is ------------- than that of half wave rectifier 81. Intensity of sound is 100 times to the initial intensity then express this in decibals 82. The amplification of a transistor is maximum ------------------- configuration 83. Efficiency of H.W.R is ------------- 84.Efficiency of F.W.R. is ------------------- 85. In a bridge rectifier ---------- diodes are used 86. ------------------- is used for power amplification 87. The efficiency of a class A power amplifier is about ------------- 88. A crystal diode acts as a ------------------------------ switch 89. The knee voltage of a silicon diode is---------------- and for germanium diode is------- 90. A zener diode is operated in the --------------- region 91. The ripple factor of a fullwave rectifier is -------- and that of a half wave rectifier is--- 92. The input resistance of a transistor is much ----------- than that of output resistance 93. In a transistor ------------ is heavily doped 94.An Amplifier has a power gain of 100 its db gain will be------------- 20db. 95. If G1,G2,G3 are the individual gains of a three stage amplifier then the total gain is --------------------- -----------------------------------------------------END------------------------------------------------
  14. 14. OSMANIA UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER – PHYSICS –1995 1. ∇.(PXQ)= ---------------- 2. If F represents the resultant force acting on a body and M, the moment of the forces w.r.t the centre of the rotation, then the condition of equilibrium of the body is given By---------- The gas ejected with a a velocity of 10 m/s exerts a force of 200N on a rocket which burns a quantity of fuel per second equal to----------------------- 3. The unit of fluid pressure is ------------------------- 4. The rate of precession of symmetrical top is ------------------------ 5. A conic is a hyperbola if its ecentricity is---------------------- 6. The quality factor of oscillatory system is---------------------- 7. The note produced by a plucked string vibrating in 4 segments is---------------- 8. The velocity of sound in air is-------------------- 9. Ultrasonics moves slow negligible diffraction because of their small---------- 10. When a gas contained in rigid vessel is heated, increasing its temperature, and pressure the following combination heat q and work w holds good a) Q<0 W=0 b) Q>0 W=0 c) Q=0 w>0 d) Q=0 w<0 11. ----------------- process is not a irreversible process 12. If dQ=dU in a thermodynamic process it is called --------------------- process 13. Maxwell’s third dynamic relation is given by----------------------- 14. The temperature of inversion in joule thomson effect is equal to---------------- 15. Prewsure remains constant, the temperature at which the rems velocity of ½ molecule will be doubled its value at NTP is -------------------- 16.A pair of conjugate points having unit positive angular magnification are called-------- 17.When a parallel beam of white light is refracted through a lens the yellow rays converge to the axis of the lens 18.The number of electrons required to produce a net charge of –4.68 micro coloumbs is------------------------ 19. The value of dielectric constant in vaccume is------------------ 20. Ohms is valid for-------------------- 21. --------------------- is a paramagnetic material 22. Define dead beat motion 23. Mean free path of a molecule is-------------------- 24. Mathematical form of gauss law is------------------- 25. When the width of the slit in the fraunhoffer diffraction experiment of a single slit is doubled the fringe width ------------------------ 26. In order that the central maxima in Fraunhoffer diffraction pattern of a double slit should have eleven interference fringes the ration of the opaque to the transparent parts of the slit must be equal to----------------
  15. 15. -------------------------------------------END------------------------------------------------------- S.K.U. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER –1996- PHYSICS 1. Three vectors are non-collinear if ---------------------- 2. The gradiant of the scalar field s=xyz is --------------------- 3. The value of coefficient of resistance in a perfectly elastic collision is-------------- 4. In Rutherford ∝ scattering experiment the particle scattered by heavy nucleus is ------ 5. The radius of path of particle with constant angular velocity is doubled then the contrpital force becomes -------------------- 6. The ratio of momentum of intertia of two spheres of equal mass but with radii in the ratio 1:2 is-------- 7. The ratio of the total K.E to the rotational K.E of a uniform circular disc rolling on a horizontal plane is------------- 8. example for non conservative froce is------------------ 9. The divergence of velocity of an expanding gas is------------------ 10. The velocity of a planet in its orbit is greater at ------------ 11. When electron and positron merge together ------------- occurs 12. When does LCR circuit acts as CR circuit 13. The particle having zero mass and zero velocity with ½ spin is ----------------- 14 If the velocity of the particle is v then the velocity of a particle according to special theory of relativity is---------------- 15. A body with a velocity of ¾ then the change in the mass as Rydberg constant is ------- ------------------------------------------END-----------------------------------------------------------
  16. 16. SKUCET ENTRANCE EXAMINATION OLD QUESTION PAPER-1997 – PHYSICS 1. The graph between object distance u and image distance v is---------------- 2. If three resistors are connected in series what is the resultant resistance is--------------- 3. The ratio of rms velocities of helium to hydrogen gas is------------------ 4. Relation between alpha and beta is--------------- 5. Rest mass of photon------------------- 6. The wave equation is given as cos[500t-4x] , what is the maximum velocity 7. A wave train is having 20 waves of wavelength 600X10-9 cms what is the length of wave train 8. A capacitor of 5micro fared capacity is insulated by a material of dielectic constant 10 what is the capacity 9. In a LCR series circuit the voltage across L,,C,R are 20,40,20 respectively. If the frequency of ac is doubled what happens to the voltage across resistor. 10. Uses of Clasius Clayperon equation 11. In a LCR series circuit the voltage across L,C,R 50,100,35. What is the resultant emf in the circuit 12. At very high temperature gas constant is------------ 13. The probability that an electron lies in between yand y+dy is -------------- 14. If s=xyz ,gradiant of s=------------------ 15. The time period of a planet is minimum at ------------------- 16. Biaxial crystal is ------------------- 17. If energy gain is 100ev then db gain is------------------ 18. Joule-Kelvin effect is --------------- effect 19. In a aplantic plane ----------- ,----------------- abberation vanishes 20. Abbe sine rule is used to eliminate--------------------- 21. LASER is used in holography due its properties of -------------------- 22. Magneto striction effect is---------------- 23. The path of alpha rays in Rutherford experiment is-------------- 24. The energy of stars is due ---------------------- 25. Analog of selfinductance is-------------------- 26. If temperatures of source and sink are raised by T1 and T2 respectively then increase in entropy is directly proportional to------------------- ---------------------------------------------END--------------------------------------------------------
  17. 17. KEY 1) d 2) c 3) b 4) a 5) a 6) c 7) a 8) c 9) a 10) c 11) b 12) a 13) c 14) a 15) a 16) b 17) d 18) c 19) a 20) c 21) b 22) d 23) a 24) b 25) a 26) c 27) a 28) b 29) a 30) b 31) b 32) d 33) a 34) b 35) b 36) a 37) a 38) d 39) c 40) b 41) c 42) d 43) c 44) a 45) c 46) b 47) b 48) a 49) d 50) c 51) a 52) b 53) c 54) d 55) d 56) b 57) a 58) c59) low 60) high 61) 0.3 62)0.7 63) d 64)c 65) a 66) a 67) c 68) c 69) ripple 70) a 71) 71) c 72) c 73) a 74 ) a 75) d 76) d 77) a 78) a 79) b 80) d 81) d 82) c 83) b 84) b 85) c 86) c 87) a 88) b 89) d 90) a 91) d 92) d 93) c 94) c 95) a 96) d 97) a 98) c 99) a 100) a 101) a 102) a 103) c 104) b 105) a 106) b 107) d 108) b 109) d 110) a 111) a 112) c 113) b 114) c 115) b 116) a 117) b 118) a 119) b 120) c 121) a 122) a 123) c 124) d 125) b 126) d 127) c 128) a 129) c 130) d 131) c 132) b 133) b 134) b 135) b 136) a 137) c 138) c 139) a 140) b 141) a 142) d 143) a 144) b 145) c 146) d 147) d 148) c 149) b 150) b 151) d 152) a 153) b 154) a 155) b 156) b 157) a 158) b 159) c 160) d 161) d 162) a 163) a 164) c 165) d 166) b 167) d 168) b 169) b 170) b 171) c 172) c 173)d 174) c 175) c 176) a 177) a 178) b 179) c 180) d.181) a 182) a 183.d 184. d 185 c 186.d 187.d 188.c 189.d 190.a 191.b 192.b 193.a 194.c 195.d 196.b 197.d 198.d 199.b 200.d 201.b 202d. 203.d 204.a 205 b..206a .207d. 208.b 209c. 210.b.211.a 212.b 213.d 214 a. 215b. 216.d 217.c 218.b 219.a 220.d 221.a 222 c. 223.b 224b 225 a 226c 227 c 228b 229c 230.a.231.a 232 b 233 d 234 b 235c 236c 237a 238 a 239 b 240 d 241 b 242
  18. 18. d 243 c 244c 245 b 246b 247 b 248b 249c 250b.251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260.