Hari raya-aidilfitri-or-eid-ul


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Hari raya-aidilfitri-or-eid-ul

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS :Write an essay of 1500 words on a particularly meaningful incident or event. Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid ul – Fitr is one of the most meaningful event forMuslims all over the world. It is celebrate every year in the month of Syawal in Islamicyear. It is also known as ‘Lebaran’ or the day where we seek for forgiveness physicallyand spiritually. Eid ul-Fitr is the time to reconcile and renew relationship with other. Before we celebrate Eid ul – Fitr, the Muslims must fast for a month in Ramadan( a month before Syawal). It is mandatory for Muslims to fast from dawn to dusk. AllMuslims except the young, old or infirm must fast. Fasting in Ramadan now is verydifferent from those days. I am still remembering when I was at age ten, Ramadan is thebest month at my village. We use to play more during this month especially at night. InRamadan, Muslims will pray Tarawikh prayer every night. As a kid, I use to take thischance to go the mosque with my friends. After eight ‘rakaat’ of Tarawikh, we will stoppray and play at behind of the mosque. We will play ‘catch a thief’ and ‘galah panjang’.It was so enjoyable time. After finished playing, we will eat the ‘moreh’, foods thatserved for the Muslims after finished pray the Tarawikh prayer. Another thing that I can never forget about Ramadan night is about playing fire-cracker and bamboo cannon ( meriam buluh). If we are not play at the mosque, we willplay the bamboo cannon near the paddy-field. There are two types of the cannon. One wecalled it bamboo cannon because we is the big bamboo as a cannon and another one is theground cannon where we dig a hole as a cannon.. Basically, a typical bamboo cannonconsists of a large bamboo and I will mix calcium carbide and some water. The chemicalwill formed as a result an explosive gas. The gas will explodes when exposed to flametargeted to the mixture. The explosion may cause injury to the player if not handledcarefully. The best things that I remembered, we always fight with the other villagenearby whose cannon is the most powerful. We play until midnight without any afraid ofghost because during Ramadan, all the Satan and devil were tight. 1
  2. 2. Other than that, I am also play the fire cracker. Even now, all the kids will playthe fire cracker or ‘bunga api’ during Ramadan’s night. I remembered that once wheremy friend got burnt because of the fire – cracker. We were scolded by his parents all theway to the hospital and thank God he was slightly injured. Another event duringRamadan’s night is playing the ‘gendang’ or ‘tabuh’ at the mosque. The elders will playit until the time to ‘Sahur’. Sahur means the time where Muslims eat the last time at earlymorning before Subuh prayer. After that is the time of fasting. Fasting for a month is very challenging especially for a young kid at ages ten.Fasting means you cannot eat drink and put something into your body. During Ramadan,Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teaching of Islam byavoiding violence, anger, envy, greed and all the bad things. Muslims also order to recitethe Quran every night in Ramadan. Even other religions do fasting. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian Lent and theJewish fast with their own way. It is also different from one another. Members of TheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints generally fast for 24 hours on the first Sundayof each month. Like Muslims, we refrain from all drinking and eating unless they arechildren or are physically unable to fast. Fasting is also a feature of ascetic traditions inreligions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The scenario in Ramadan’s night are very different from now days. Althoughthere are some event still continuing but our children now use to stay at home duringRamadan’s night watch television or play computer games. They do not now how to playand enjoy playing some traditional games during the nights of Ramadan. Who should tobe blamed? If this continuing, our future children will never knows all those things andevent. It will be lost in time. Actually, there are a lot of meaningful event in Ramadan such as go to the BazaarRamadan, breaking the fast at the mosque, ‘Lailatul-Qadar’s’ night and paying ‘zakatfitrah’ but what I want to share here is the most meaningful time is the celebration of Eidul-Fitr. 2
  3. 3. After all above, the best moment is celebrating the Eid ul – Fitr. It is very muchcommercialized in Malaysia. The big promotion will be all over the shopping malls andsupermarkets. The Muslims will buy new clothes and supplies. This is the best part wherelast time I will go to the ‘Pasar Hari’ with my father to buy some new clothes and it is thetime where I can choose ‘Baju Melayu’ for my ‘Hari Raya’ day. Everything will be new.The ‘Hari Raya’ songs will be played in the radio and the television. The town people traditionally return to their hometown to celebrate Eid ul-Fitrwith their family and friends. The roads will full of cars all over the way to north, southand east. The traffic will be bad especially two days before Eid ul –Fitr. The bad thingsare there will be a lot of accident during the traffic. Road safety campaigns are oftenlaunched by the government ahead of the festivals in effort of lowering the discomfortingnumbers of accident. On the eve of the celebration, family members especially mother and housewifewill be busy preparing food, cakes, ketupat, lemang and a various delicious to be servedon the day of Eid ul-Fitr. The favourite meal in my village is lemang, ketupat andrending. It is compulsory to be served on that day. If the women will busy at the kitchen,the men will busy clearing the house compound, wash the windows and even paint thewalls. At night, I will lit up the oil lamp all over the house. On the early morning of Eid ul –Fitr, when I was young, I will wake up early,pray the Subuh prayer then help my mother preparing the breakfast. That is the first dayMuslims will take the breakfast after fasting for a month. After that, I will put my new‘Baju Melayu’ and go to the mosque for Eid ul-Fitr prayer. Before we do the prayer, althe Muslims will recite ‘takbir’. Once the prayer is done, it is also common for Muslimsin Malaysia to visit the grave of their loved one. I used to visit my parents grave duringthis time with my siblings. The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives or serving visitor who come to myhouse. When I was young, I used to go to the entire house in my village to collect moneyor we called it ‘duit raya’. In this day, the adults are extra generous. Children will begiven money a much like RM 1 or 50 cents. I used to take this advantage to go all aroundmy village to collect ‘duit raya’ with my friends. Even now, these traditional activities arestill going but only in the village area. None of urban children will go to the house around 3
  4. 4. their neighborhood to collect money. Children these days like to sit at home and watchtelevision programme. It is should be a very joyous day for children. Now days, during the Eid ul-Fitr, all my siblings will gather at our hometown.That is the most meaningful time where we will seek forgiveness among ourselves. It isalso the time where I will train my son to become a good manner person, generous andalways respect to the elders. After that I will bring my son to visit his grandfather’s andgrandmother’s grave. Then, he will follow his cousins go to house by house seeking ‘duitraya’ as what I am doing when I was young. For me, Eid ul-Fitr is one of the most meaningful events for Muslims. It iscelebrated all over the world even in Iraq where the war is on or Palestine where everyday we heard about the Zionist attack the Muslims. It is the day to enjoy the winning aftera month fasting. It is the day that Muslims are generous, forgiveness and kindness. InMalaysia, there will be a lot of Muslims opens the house for their friends to come and eatvariety of foods. Sometimes I had to attend five open houses of my friends in a day. Thegovernment were also do the event that called ‘Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri Kebangsaan’and all the races in Malaysia which able to come and enjoy the foods. The open houseinvitation will continued for a month of Syawal. It is my grateful if all the event and activities in Ramadan and Syawal will keepon. Although the celebration are different between the countries all over the world but themain things is to thank to our God for the winning after a month fasting. Amin.Words : 1533Pages :4Lines : 119Paragraphs : 22 4