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  • Heineken - Global Marketing

    1. 1. Berna Okcu Fatma Ucurum Melike Coskun Yavuz Selim Yasar
    2. 2. Founded in Amsterdam in 1863 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken The Brief History of Heineken
    3. 3. Represents a new generation of leaders. In1909 Henry Heineken, son of Gerard , takesover the management. Pioneer of a new managementstyle: socially awareand outward
    4. 4. Alfred 'Freddy' Heineken, grandson of the founder, enters the business as a In1939,
    5. 5. global marketing policy: ‘Beer can travel’ "I don't sell beer, I sell warmth" was the motto became 2.largest brewer in the world a brand new logo introduced. Heineken brand name gained strength built-consistent top quality, engaging people through their own culture Vision of ‘Freddy’
    6. 6. One of the world’s great brewers aims to be a brewer with the world’s best portfolio. £2,949 Million net profit in 2012 Available in 178 countries around the world with 125 brewing plants 76191 employees, 200 brands of beer.
    7. 7. Wherever you are..
    8. 8. you are able to enjoy one of our brands. Wherever you are in the world,
    9. 9. • Project Comet (1991) and Project Mosa (1993) commissioned to clarify Heineken’s brand identity and the implications for TV advertisings. 15.2 83.1 90.9 97.9 105.1 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 1993 1998 1999 2000 2001 Inmillionsofhectolitres Years Total Beer Sales Project Comet & Project Mosa
    10. 10. 73.8 85.7 96.7 100.5 111.9 119.8 125.8 125.2 145.9 164.6 171.7 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Inmillionsofhectolitres Years Consolidated Beer Volume The Growth of Heineken.
    11. 11. Ifyou put the bottles produced in one year next to each other the line goes around the world 4 times. Heineken built its own power plant to cut the cost of power they use.
    12. 12. Reason Heineken’s brand image was not being consistently projected in the brand’s communications around the world. Solution Established in 1991, to enhance Heineken’s competitive advantage by more consistently projecting the brand as ‘the world’s leading premium beer.’ Result Concluded that Heineken’s desired brand image was «good taste» that would be built on five core brand values Project COMET
    13. 13. The product should be shown in slow-pouring shots where its golden color, sparkling texture an refreshing coolness would celebrate its taste Taste
    14. 14. Premiumness The production quality of every execution should be at the level of excellence to be expected of a premium brand
    15. 15. Traditi on Heineken should be the preferred brand of people who believed in true values and whose brand choices reflected their personal value set
    16. 16. Tone of voice was thought to be especially important in conveying this value because winners are confident and relaxed Winning Spirit
    17. 17. Heineken should not be portrayed as a solitary beer or a mass-gathering drink. Friendship
    18. 18. Reason focus groups in eight countries to understand what male beer drinkers meant by taste and friendship in relation to premium beer drinking? Project MOSA Solution Project Mosa established in 1993 to clarify which expressions of taste and friendship could be used by the Heineken brand advertising? Expressions of taste which ‘appealed to the head’ Expressions of friendship which ‘appealed to the heart’ Result
    19. 19. a drink for friends, coming together and enjoying good times.International brand that connects people, excludes nobody and that it is ‘for everyone’. “consumers can count on Heineken as a friend” Friendship
    20. 20. Premium BeerTrue Friends meeting people fancy meals savoring elegant parties intimate moments and places friendships and important relations joyful, personal, luxury social conditions
    21. 21. Respect & Trust for individuals, society and the planet Heineken Africa Foundation Requests for for funding of of projects can can be made by employees employees of of local operating companies of of Heineken in in Sub-Sahara Sahara Africa Evaluation Methodology y for Alcohol Alcohol Intervention on Projects Hereford’s Alcohol Arrest Arrest Referral Scheme Being developed to to identify health and crime savings savings as well well as other other social and social and economic benefits.
    22. 22. Brand Vision Staying agressively in front of the market. Stimulating worldwide conversation about the brand. Five million Facebook fans Different brand perception across the countries.
    23. 23. Heineken’s Good Taste Brand Vision Brand Image Advertising Desirability, Exclusiveness & Believability
    24. 24. Highest standard Highest quality Strict control
    25. 25. Brewing beer is a 100% natural process. HEINEKEN got its start when its founder fundamentally improved the process by which beer was made in a brewery that had existed for 251 years. Brewing Skills The basic recipe is still closely guarded quality ingredients perfectly controlled brewing process.
    26. 26. No sell or supply any product or service from website. Strong local distributors Availability Heineken International does not themselves supply any products or services to customers.
    27. 27. Even non-heineken drinkers are getting closer to the brand Sports sponsorship:
    28. 28. CL Trophy Tour
    29. 29. never drink and drive get a limo ride to home! Enjoy Responsibly Dubai Rugby Seven: water instead of beer..
    30. 30. Consumer-inspired, customer-oriented and brand-led Capture the opportunities in emerging markets Leverage the benefits of HEINEKEN’s global scale Drive personal leadership Grow the Heineken®brand Heineken latest..
    31. 31. Consumer-inspired, customer-oriented and brand-led: Halloween sponsorship
    32. 32. Drive Personal Leadership graduate recruitment schemes long term international career. International Graduate Programme (IGP)