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Linkage Online - Bringing World Class Development To You

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Linkage Online Bringing World Class Development To You

  1. 1. Linkage Online. Bringing world-class leadership development to you. Online.To ensure that your leaders and managers are equipped with the skills and tools to be effective intoday’s business environments, targeted training and development programs are essential. Leadingorganizations are turning to the power of Linkage Online, a unique suite of virtual and blended learningsolutions. » Facilitated virtual training » Blended learning solutions » Interactive, licensable toolkits » LIVE and on-demand broadcasts via satellite, the web, and LMS
  2. 2. Contents Facilitated virtual training Change Leadership Online ...........3 Management Skills Online .............4 Linkage’s Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program....................................................5 Blended learning solutions Connecting as a Leader: Communicating for Impact ...............................................6 . Interactive, licensable toolkits Change Leadership Toolkit .......................................................7 . Managing Organizational Transitions Toolkit ...............................7 Individual Transition in Organizations Toolkit ........................7 Live and on-demand broadcasts The Thought Leader Series ..........8 . The Women in Leadership Collection ......................9 The Management The benefits Collection ............................................10 . • Significantly reduce employee travel costs and time spent out of the office • Get maximum value with exceptional program quality and low cost per person Linkage was named a Top 20 Leadership • Interact with experienced facilitators and peers facing similar business chal- Training Company by lenges Training Industry in 2009 and 2010. • Increase your touchpoints through ongoing learning2
  3. 3. FaCILITaTEd VIrTuaL TraInIng linkageinc.comChange Leadership Online Tuition:Change Leadership Online is a highly participative and collaborative program com- $1,695 for open-enrollmentprised of seven online facilitated sessions conducted by an expert change consultant offeringsfrom Linkage. This program provides in-depth exposure to critical change leadershipconcepts and includes pre- and post-program assignments to ensure participants move To discuss a private offering for your team or multiple deliveries, pleasebeyond simply understanding to real application of their learning. Each participant will call 781-402-5555.receive a detailed participant guide and access to models and tools in Linkage’s virtualclassroom.Throughout the program, participants will develop an individual Change Action Plan Scheduling information:based on a critical change initiative they are responsible for driving within their organi-zation. Participants will be able to transform their business through the application of These live open-enrollment sessionsbest practices while they develop their Change Action Plan—This is action learning in its are held from 1:00–2:30 pm EST.truest form. Duration: 7 live sessions up to 90 minutes in length; sessions areTopics explored include: scheduled on a weekly basis where possible.• Driving change For start dates visit www.linkageinc.• Making the case for change com/onlinechangeleadership• Securing support We highly recommend registering• Communicating the vision and strategy for change for this program a minimum of 4• Removing barriers weeks prior to the start date to begin the pre-work assignments.• Coaching through change, and measurementNote: This program is not open to independent consultants or consulting firms. Did you know?Who should attend In addition to our open-enrollment virtual and blended learning solu-Leaders and managers charged with driving change within their organization, HR/ tions, you can arrange for private OD professionals responsible for guiding the organization through change; teams are sessions for your intact teams for encouraged to attend large-scale rollouts.How you will benefit• Learn a step-by-step process for leading successful change• Unlock resistance and remove obstacles to change• Assess personal and organizational readiness to take on the challenge of change• Interact with your classmates in a virtual classroom setting• Walk away with a powerful Change Action Plan developed throughout the program Very practical, useful and easily applicable. Loved that so many actual tools “ were provided. Andi Parks Frescura // Vice President, HR—Recruitment & Development, The Huntington National Bank 3
  4. 4. FaCILITaTEd VIrTuaL TraInIngManagement Skills Online Tuition:To kick start this offering, each participant will complete a detailed online assessment $1,595 for open-enrollmentthat provides their management profile including key strengths. Then, each participant offeringswill create and add to an individual Management Development Action Plan targeted totheir own development goals. To discuss a private offering for your team or multiple deliveries, please call 781-402-5555.Topics explored include:• Management versus leadership• Creating an aligned agenda Scheduling information:• Coaching for performance These live, open-enrollment• Developing and retaining talent sessions are held from 1:00–2:30• Building a high performing team pm EST. Duration: 5 live sessions up to 90This highly participative program is comprised of five, online facilitated sessions minutes in length; scheduled on aconducted by an experienced consultant from Linkage. This program provides in-depth weekly basis where possible.exposure to critical management skills concepts, and includes pre- and post-programassignments to ensure participants are prepared for immediate application on-the-job. For start dates, visit managementskillsonlineNote: This program is not open to independent consultants or consulting firms. We highly recommend registering for this program a minimum of 4Who should attend weeks prior to the start date to begin the pre-work assignments.Managers who want to improve how they manage others; teams are encouraged to at-tend Additional custom modules may be added to private sessions.How you will benefit• Identify and commit to a developmental “plate” of responsibilities Did you know?• Align your agenda with organizational strategy for greater impact In addition to our open-enrollment • Learn to effectively provide challenging feedback in coaching conversations virtual and blended learning solu-• Transform your business through the application of best practices to manage others tions, you can arrange for private • Walk away with a Management Action Plan to drive stronger results within your team sessions for your intact teams for large-scale rollouts.4
  5. 5. FaCILITaTEd VIrTuaL TraInIng linkageinc.comLinkage’s Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Tuition:Certification Program $1,995 for open-enrollmentWould you like to deliver high impact coaching to your clients using a world renowned offeringsleadership instrument? Become certified to roll-out one of the industry’s best-in-class To discuss a private offering for yourtools—Linkage’s Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) based on Linkage’s team, please call 781-402-5555.High Impact Leadership Model™ (HILM). Used by over 50,000 emerging, middle,and senior leaders, this online 360-degree assessment instrument was developed inpartnership with Warren Bennis to measure critical skills and competencies of highimpact leaders ranging from Strategic Thinking to Focused Drive. Scheduling information: These live, open-enrollmentHigh Impact Leadership Model™ (HILM) sessions are held from 1:00–2:30This program is designed to certify participants in pm EST.using the LAI™ and providing feedback to their Duration: 4 live sessions up to 90clients through four facilitated online sessions, minutes in length; sessions area coaching planning session with a Linkage scheduled every two weeks whereMaster Consultant, and in-depth pre- and assignments focused on a For start dates please visit www.“live coaching case.” Topics include an of the LAI™ model, learning We highly recommend registeringhow to coach using strengths and for this program a minimum of 6development areas as noted in the weeks prior to the start date toLAI™ Assessment Report, and begin the pre-work assignments.applying the instrument to If your organization is consideringyour coaching case. All par- a large-scale roll-out of the LAI™ticipants will receive special Assessment, ask us about certifyingdiscounts to administer the LAI™ Assessment. your internal team to provide coaching and feedback.Who should attendInternal and external consultants who are experienced coaches; internal leadershipdevelopment and organizational development professionals, and HR generalists Did you know? Each facilitated or blended learning solution brought to you by Linkage How you will benefit Online is led by in-house consultants • Gain a better understanding of key leadership skills and competencies through the with an average of 15 years of expe- use of a proven tool rience in the field.• Learn to use the LAI™ with a “live case” and receive feedback on your progress• Prepare to coach others using the LAI™ through a collaborative planning session with a Linkage Master Consultant• Receive a detailed implementation kit to help you with your assessment roll-outs 5
  6. 6. BLEndEd LEarnIng SOLuTIOnSBlended learning offerings combine the best of virtual learning and in-person facilitation Tuition and scheduling informationConnecting as a Leader: Communicating for Impact Call to arrange a private session for your team.Effective leaders use every conversation to highlight their points of view, achieve goals,influence change, impact behaviors, and strengthen relationships. This acceleratedblended learning program leverages a two-day face-to-face program, along with our vir-tual classroom to help leaders improve their communication strategies, maximize theimpact of every interaction, and achieve business results. This unique format combinesface-to-face and online learning for the optimal learning experience.Who should attend Five Communication Style Dimensions Model™Leaders who need to gain trust and commitment through effective communicationtactics Open vs. ReservedBenefits & outcomes• Receive a personalized 360-degree assessment report and confidential one-on-one Optimistic vs. Skeptical coaching on your communication style• Benefit from proven techniques to implement essential communication principles Emotional vs. Analytical• Practice and receive coaching on the delivery of your real-life change message• Use verbal and nonverbal communication to drive change, build trust, and have Directive vs. Receptive powerful conversations Spontaneous vs. DeliberateProgram curriculumBlended online—pre-work • Complete Linkage’s comprehensive 360-degree C-SAIL™ Assessment (see the Five Communication Style Dimensions Model™) • Develop a leadership message based on a real-life critical message you need to communicateTwo-day program • Day 1—get to know your communication style as a leader • Day 2—practice developing and delivering an impactful leadership messageBlended online—post-work • Participate in a virtual coaching session to target your development areas as iden- tified in your C-SAIL™ results • Receive feedback on a recorded delivery of your actual leadership message (from pre-work) • Participate in two development webinars on communication challenges such as Building Trust and Commitment and Overcoming Communication Barriers • Walk away with an Interactive Communication Toolkit to help you prepare for future messages6
  7. 7. InTEraCTIVE, LICEnSaBLE TOOLkITS linkageinc.comThese toolkits are designed to help you and your team successfully manage change and transition initiatives, and sustain and track progress.They are a great fit for organizational rollouts and support ongoing learning and retention in partnership with our training solutions.Change Leadership Toolkit Managing Organizational Individual Transition in Transitions Toolkit Organizations Toolkit13 best practice tools and approaches forsuccessfully leading change with your Offered in exclusive partnership with Wil- Offered in exclusive partnership with Wil-team and within your organization. liam Bridges & Associates liam Bridges & AssociatesA partial list of tools in this toolkit: 10 tools designed to equip managers 10 tools designed to give employees with effective methods for helping teams effective methods for more successfully• Tool 1—Drivers of Change Map transition through change. transitioning through change. A template to inventory and surface the forces that are driving the need A partial list of tools in this toolkit: A partial list of tools in this toolkit: for change.• Tool 2—Pre-Implementation • Tool 1—How “FIT” Is Your Team? • Tool 1—Individual Transition Survey A survey of the readiness of your Readiness Assessment A survey that considers how well team to deal effectively with a specific An assessment that measures your thought-out the current change initia- change. resilience in undertaking a specific tive is to plan accordingly. • Tool 2—Transition Map change.• Tool 3—Business Case for Change A process to enable you to: a) collect • Tool 2—Changes in Your Life A template for constructing a compel- observations about the reactions of A template for categorizing and cap- ling business case. team members to a specific change turing current changes in key areas of and; b) gauge where each of your team your life.… and 10 other tools designed to help members are in relation to their ac- • Tool 3—Resilience Building Plan make your next change initiative a ceptance of the change. A process for identifying how you are success. • Tool 3—Personal Impact Analysis impacted by change and healthy ac- A framework for considering the im- tions that can help you cope. pact of a specific change on individu- als on your team. … and 7 other tools to equip your em- ployees to successfully face transition Did you know? … and 7 other tools to help you manage head-on. Our licensable toolkits provide your through transition. leaders and managers with access to tools, assessments, and resources specifically designed to fast track their development. Both transition toolkits are a complement to transition programs offered through Linkage. Call 781-402-5555 to learn how you can use these toolkits to make your next change initiative a success. To receive a sample mini toolkit and special savings on Linkage online, click here. 7
  8. 8. LIVE and On-dEMand BrOadCaSTSThe Thought Leader Series Tuition:Participate in interactive management and leadership training via satellite, webcast, and/or Group participationDVD Full annual seriesLinkage’s Thought Leader Series is a convenient and cost-effective way to bring world- of live events ........................ $3,000renowned leaders right to your desktop. The programs can be viewed by satellite or LIVE spring series ................. $2,000webcast and include an interactive Q&A session with the presenter. With state-of-the-art support materials and resources, these 90-minute live programs can be easily LIVE fall series ...................... $2,000integrated into existing leadership and management development programs. Full library of 90+ on-demand broadcasts ...... $30,000Linkage’s flagship High Impact Leadership Model™ (featured on p. 5) serves as thefoundation in the selection of all speakers in the Thought Leader Series. Many compa- 8-pack on-demand............... $3,000nies identify areas of the model that need to be covered within their organization and 4-pack on-demand............... $2,000combine our upcoming program lineup with our extensive on-demand library to con-struct a customized, focused internal leadership series. The Thought Leader Series library All fees include participantconsists of 90+ best-selling programs and offers a keynote retail value of $4.5 million at materials, facilitator guides, sample marketing materials, and technicala fraction of the cost. support assistance.Linkage’s Thought Leader Series faculty includes:• Madeline Albright• Benazir Bhutto Scheduling information:• Clayton Christensen Duration: 90-minute live and• Keith Ferrazzi interactive leadership development• Thomas Friedman programs via LMS, satellite, or webcast—each including a• Malcolm Gladwell 30-minute Q&A session with• Marshall Goldsmith the speaker. Following the live presentations, the Thought Leader• Daniel Goleman Series is made available on demand• Doris Kearns Goodwin via the LMS, Web, or DVD.• Patrick Lencioni For an updated listing of all• John Maxwell upcoming live programs, visit www.• Rosabeth Moss Kanter• Tom Peters• Noel Tichy• And many moreWho should attendOrganizations looking to help their leaders and managers achieve better results byinteracting and learning directly from some of the world’s most influential leaders8
  9. 9. LIVE and On-dEMand BrOadCaSTS linkageinc.comThe Women in Leadership Collection Tuition:Our exclusive on-demand collection for female leaders Group participationThe face of leadership has evolved from a hierarchical , command and control model to Single speaker option.............. $500a more collaborative, and more inclusive leadership model—one that involves the full Entire collection option ......... $1,500partnership of both male and female leaders. The Fortune 500 firms with the best trackrecord of promoting women to high positions are up to 69% more profitable than the All fees include participantmedian Fortune 500 firms in their industries. The time is now to provide your female materials, facilitator guides, sampleleaders with the skills, tools, and confidence they need to be successful, and to keep marketing materials, and technical support assistance.both your leadership talent pool stocked and your bottom line healthy.This on-demand series is specifically designed to help female leaders achieve theirpersonal and professional best. Participants will catalyze breakthrough changes, acceler- Scheduling information:ate their development, gain visibility within their organization, discover their true self,build invaluable connections, and create sustainable results for their organizations. Duration: Four self-paced modules (not concurrent)—programThe Women in Leadership Collection includes: completion within one year.• Betsy Myers, advisor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and executive direc- tor of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard on Authentic Leadership: How You Can Take the Lead Did you know?• Gail Evans, award-winning speaker and former executive vice president of CNN, on Our live and on-demand broadcast The Power of Working Women Working Together collections bring valuable content • Marilyn Tam, best-selling author and global leadership expert, on How to Use What and perspective from world-re- You’ve Got to Get What You Want nowned presenters to your leaders at a fraction of the cost.• Marilyn King, expert in the field of exceptional human performance, on Envisioning the Gold: An Olympian’s Challenge to Business LeadersWho should participateFemale leaders who want to focus on the development of critical capabilities for suc-cess, and who want to build their credibility and level of confidence to impact results 9
  10. 10. LIVE and On-dEMand BrOadCaSTSThe Management Collection Tuition:Our exclusive on-demand leadership collection designed for managers $999 for 3-month access to 5 on- demand leadership programsThe role of a manager can be complex, challenging, and yet, extremely rewarding.Learning how to master key management skills is critical to addressing challengingdevelopmental situations, managing competing priorities, and improving business re-sults. With Linkage’s Management Collection, leverage self-directed leadership programs Scheduling information:that can be easily integrated into your existing leadership and management develop-ment programs. Duration: Five self-paced presentations (not concurrent)Designed to prepare you to meet critical expectations by clarifying what is expected of For start dates, visit in your managerial role, the Management Collection is a tremendous resource for to help you drive greater performance as a team leader. Each content areafrom this Collection features world-class faculty and invaluable leadership insight care-fully aligned with Linkage’s High Impact Leadership Model™ to help maximize thepractical application of your learning back on the job.The Management Collection includes:• Keith Ferrazzi author of Never Eat Alone, on Relationships for Group Success• Nick Washienko leading expert on executive communication and former director of the Professional Development Program of Boston University, on Effective Leadership Communication• Michael Useem author of The Go Point—When It’s Time to Decide, on Reaching the Go Point• Marshall Goldsmith author of Wall Street Journal best-seller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, on Coaching for Leadership• Tony Schwartz author of The Power of Full Engagement, on Building Individual & Organizational Capacity in the Age of OverloadWho should participateThe Management Collection is designed for emerging leaders looking for best practiceinformation from top thought leaders10
  11. 11. For more information: Call 781.402.5555 Mail Linkage 200 Wheeler Road Burlington, MA 01803 » Change Leadership Online Visit linkageonline » Management Skills Online » Leadership assessment Instrument (LaI™) Online Certification Program » Connecting as a Leader: Communicating for Impact » Change Leadership Toolkit » Managing Organizational Transitions Toolkit » Individual Transition in Organizations Toolkit » The Thought Leader Series » The Women in Leadership Collection » The Management Collection Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. We provide clients around the globe with integrated solutions that include strategic consulting services, customized leadership development and training experiences, tailored assessment services, and bench- mark research. Linkage’s mission is to connect high performing leaders and organizations to the futuresthey want to create. With a relentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers conferences, learning summits, open-enrollment workshops,and distance learning programs on leading-edge topics in leadership, management, human resources, and organizational development.More than 200,000 leaders and managers have attended Linkage programs since 1988. 1010.11Linkage / Burlington, Ma / 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.comaTLanTa BOSTOn nEW YOrk San FranCISCO aThEnS BangaLOrE BruSSELS haMILTOn hOng kOng ISTanBuL JOhannESBurg kuaLa LuMPur kuWaIT CITYMExICO CITY rOME SEOuL ShanghaI SIngaPOrE SYdnEY VILnIuS