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2011 Women in Leadership Thought Leader Series


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2011 Women in Leadership Thought Leader Series

Published in: Business, Education
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2011 Women in Leadership Thought Leader Series

  1. 1. World-class management and leadership training via webcast, DVD, and/or LMS. The Women in Leadership CollectionEnable your female leaders to:• Discover their true self• Gain confidence and visibility• Catalyze breakthrough changes• Create sustainable results for your organization
  2. 2. e-Learning Services THe women in leadersHip collecTion Specifically designed to help your women leaders achieve their personal and professional best In recent years, the face of leadership has evolved from a hierarchical, command and control model to a more collaborative and inclusive leadership model—one that involves the full partnership of both male and female leaders. The Fortune 500 firms with the best track record of promoting women to high positions are up to 69% more profitable than the median 500 firms in their industries. The time is now to invest in the development of your female leaders to keep your leadership talent pool stocked and your organization’s bottom line healthy. The Women in Leadership Collection enables your female leaders to catalyze breakthrough changes, accelerate their development, gain visibility, discover their true self, and create sustainable results for their organization. A convenient and cost effective way to bring some of the world’s most accomplished female leaders to your organization. Featuring four 90-minute on-demand presentations Marilyn King Betsy Myers expert in the field of exceptional advisor to Barak Obama’s human performance, on: presidential campaign and Envisioning the Gold: An executive director of the Center Olympian’s Challenge to Business for Public Leadership at Harvard, Leaders on: Authentic Leadership: How You Can Take the Lead Marilyn Tam Gail Evans best-selling author and global award-winning speaker and leadership expert, on: former executive vice president of How to Use What You’ve Got to CNN, on: The Power of Working Get What You Want Women Working Together2 For more information, call 781.402.5555, email or visit
  3. 3. The most effectiveTHe women in leadersHipcollecTion “ way to do it, is to do it.” —Amelia EarhartWho should consider: • Executive officers, presidents, and vice presidents • Directors and managers of business units and line functions • Vice presidents, directors, and managers of HR, diversity, women initiatives, sales, marketing, and leadership developmentReceive the following supporting materials: • A participant guide containing complementary reading, pre- and post-program activities, self assessments, and more • A facilitator guide providing a framework to allow your internal facilitators to construct 2-4 hour training experiences with the presentations as centerpieces • Marketing collateral including a speaker backgrounder, program clips, and marketing flyers to help promote the presentations internally to ensure full participationPerfect for: • Lunch and learns • Monthly or quarterly learning sessions • Networking events for chambers of commerce, regional leadership groups, company affinity groups, and others looking for content targeted to women leaders Copyright © 2010 Linkage. All Rights Reserved. By Sue Keely Graphic recordings from Linkage’s 2009 Women in • Self-directed learning for leaders looking for learning Leadership Summit opportunities that can be done at their own convenience or after attending a live event such as Linkage’s Women in Leadership Summit ( 3
  4. 4. Gail Evans on THe power of women working TogeTHer From early childhood Gail Evans is an award-winning speaker and author, and the former Executive Vice “ on, boys and girls play with different sets of rules. And President of CNN. In her time at the network, Ms. Evans was responsible for program and talent development at all of CNN’s domestic networks, overseeing national and because men created international talk shows and the Network Guest Bookings Department. In this position, Ms. the rules in the game Evans became fascinated with the evolving role of women in business and often wondered of business, and where the other women were in the executive meetings she frequently attended. After because women are retiring in 2001, Ms. Evans devoted her time to empowering women in the workforce. She has given lectures to many of the world’s leading companies including GE, JP Morgan only now trying to be Chase, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, KPMG, and BellSouth. effective competitors, we will prosper only In this program, learn: when we are familiar • The importance of staying true to your expertise and not falling victim to with those rules.” impersonating well-respected male executives • How to build a strong professional network by leveraging the connections you already have in and out of the office —Gail Evans • The most effective words to use when describing your work or the work of a female colleague • The value of looking to your female peers for sharing honest opinions about each other and the culture of your organization • The impact one female executive can make on her organization and her neighborhood by making every effort to hire highly qualified women About the session: While much has been said about women breaking through the “glass ceiling,” in truth, there are still only a handful of women in executive roles. Gone are the days where women need to fend for only themselves; today’s businesswomen must actively assist and empower the other women in the room so that every woman can be a success. In doing this, women must consciously make an effort to build a solid network of female peers and redefine what it means to be a woman in a leadership role. Furthermore, women in today’s business world must reprogram the way they speak about themselves, their careers, and their female colleagues. In this presentation, Gail Evans will share her astute observations about the way men and women present themselves and their accomplishments in a corporate setting, and offer tried and true tips to help businesswomen join together for a common goal: leadership success. For a free preview of Gail Evans’ program, visit /Gail_Evans Copyright © 2010 Linkage. All Rights Reserved.4 For more information, call 781.402.5555, email or visit
  5. 5. Betsy Myers on auTHenTic leadersHip: How you Life isn’t about finding can Take THe leadBetsy Myers served as a senior advisor to Barak Obama’s Presidential Campaign “ yourself, life is about creating yourself.”as Chief Operating Officer. During this campaign, Ms. Myers was also the senioradvisor and chair of Women for Obama and she worked with the Democratic —Betsy MyersNational Convention’s Women’s Leadership Program. Ms. Myers will share with youthe remarkable insight she gained from this role on what it means to stay true tooneself, and how leading a life filled with truth and trust benefits the organization aswell as oneself. Before working on the presidential campaign, Ms. Myers was theExecutive Director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy Schoolof Government. At the Center for Public Leadership, Ms. Myers cultivated the ideaof leadership from the heart. Prior to her positions with President Obama’s campaignand with the Center for Public Leadership, Ms. Myers was a senior official in theClinton Administration as President Clinton’s senior advisor on women’s issues.In this program, learn: • The impact that changing your attitude can have on your career and the people around you • The necessity to get past our fears of change • How to allow yourself to ask questions necessary to benefit your team and company; how maintaining curiosity throughout life will help you grow into your true self • The need to understand our passions to discover what drives us forward in our personal and professional livesAbout the session:Over the past fifty years, leadership programs, universities, and scholars haveconducted more than one thousand studies to determine definitive styles,characteristics, and personality traits of an ideal leader. Not one of those studiesproduced a clear profile of an authentic leader. Just what characteristics andleadership styles are necessary to be an authentic leader? As a woman who has hadcareers in the private, corporate, and political arenas, Ms. Myers knows that being anauthentic leader requires tremendous self-awareness and the right team of peoplewho will act as your support group. Ms. Myers has drawn her inspiration to succeedfrom a broad collection of people: her colleagues, public and political leaders, andclose family and friends. Ms. Myers knows that leading an authentic life plays acritical role in the making of an authentic leader.For a free preview of Betsy Meyer’s program, visit Copyright © 2010 Linkage. All Rights Reserved. 5
  6. 6. Marilyn King on envisioning THe gold: an olympian’s cHallenge The step most people To business leaders Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian (Munich, 1972 & Montreal, 1976) in the grueling five “ never take is the first one. Daring to imagine in very great event Pentathlon (100 meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, 800 meters). Her 20-year athletic career includes five national titles and a World Record. An automobile detail that which accident in 1979 rendered her unable to train physically for her third Olympic Team. you truly desire is Using only mental training techniques, she placed second at the Olympic trials for the an act of supreme 1980 Moscow Games. This extraordinary experience and the resulting research led to courage. While a 17-year career as an expert in the field of exceptional human performance. Her work is a powerful example of applying skills learned through sports to the areas of business, leadership books education, and peace. abound in today’s corporate libraries, During this program you will learn: few business experts • How to “Begin Your Day the Olympian Way”—a process to manage your have mastered the art mindset to elevate your personal and professional performance to the highest level of tapping the power of the human spirit.” • The three elements necessary for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things —Marilyn King • How to develop “Your Story of Now” to mobilize the energy and creativity of your team or organization • Why the ability to “speedshift” is a core competency of effective leaders About the session: Leadership and sports have always been linked. Great athletes, like great leaders, envision a compelling goal and take bold steps to reach it. Passion—and having a mission that matters—is what drives athletes and great leaders. They wake up each morning with a clear image of what they intend to achieve. Just like an athlete, what and how you think determines your ability to reach your personal potential and release the untapped potential of your organization. Today’s organizational leaders must manage their individual and organizational mindset to access the energy and creativity that is required to achieve at the highest level. The business implications of mindset management are clear: organizations must adopt a mindset that is quick to adapt to change which leads to corporate sustainability. The connection to leading is clear, “by these references to mindsets, we are referring to the potential of leaders, to the transformation of mindsets, and to the transformation of perspectives that may rest at the heart of large-scale sustainability gains.” For a free preview of Marilyn King’s program, visit Copyright © 2010 Linkage. All Rights Reserved.6 For more information, call 781.402.5555, email or visit
  7. 7. Marilyn Tam on How To use wHaT you’ve goT To geT wHaT Explore the unfamiliar you wanTThroughout her career, Marilyn Tam has held executive roles at numerous world- “ and new in your work and in your life; incorporate theclass companies, including Aveda, Reebok, Nike, May Department Stores, BritanniaSportswear, and Miller’s Outpost. After a string of successful entrepreneurial attributes you findendeavors, Ms. Tam is currently co-leading HealthWalk, a cutting edge healthcare that can enhance yourservices and products company. Ms. Tam is the author of How to Use What You’ve skills and interactions;Got to Get What You Want, which has been highly revered by entry-level employees take risks – you willand executives alike. Ms. Tam is an advisor to the country of Bhutan, working withgovernment officials to transition the country into the 21st Century while retaining its learn and advancecultural and environmental heritage. Ms. Tam was recognized as one of the Top 30 when you do.”Female Entrepreneurs in the USA by Fempreneur Magazine.During this program you will learn: —Marilyn Tam • The importance of staying true to your unique skills and expertise, even when others may doubt you and your talents • How to craft your personal mission and learn to identify companies and colleagues who align with that objective • The balance between fighting for what you believe in and being flexible when following your mission • The value of breaking outside of your comfort zone and gaining a global perspective on your organization and job functionAbout the session:People possess a wide array of unique and beneficial characteristics that will naturallyaid them in the business world as well as their personal life. Sure, formal educationand professional training will only enhance those innate abilities but the good newsis that each one of us already has all the tools we need to conquer our dreams. Thatmeans we don’t have any excuses not to go for that big promotion, tackle that majorproject, or to switch careers entirely to focus on our goals. To truly be successful,we must silence our inner doubts, ignore outside criticisms, and fight for what webelieve. Ms. Tam will share tips to help you find your “leadership edge,” which will helpyou differentiate yourself in the corporate world. Ms. Tam will also explore the role apersonal and professional mission plays in one’s career and discuss the importance offinding a company whose corporate mission closely aligns with your personal mission.For a free preview of Marilyn Tam’s program, visit Copyright © 2010 Linkage. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. Participation options Group participation options: participation via the following mediums: Partial list of Linkage • Webcast—enables a widely dispersed audience to view the broadcasts by bringing the eLearning clients: content to the desktop. This medium allows participants to view the broadcast via web allmerica financial lubrizol streaming at one viewing station. fees listed below include webcast at one viewing station only. please call for pricing for webcasting at multiple locations. corporation american Home products mastercard • DVD—The best choice for organizations not requiring live programming. This option enables facilitators to determine how to best position the broadcasts within their unique amgen medtronic organization. This option afford maximum flexibility in that you can view the broadcast during times most convenient for you and your teams within the defined viewing period. aT&T microsoft • LMS—an excellent choice for those companies who already own an lms. combine the bausch & lomb mcdonald’s convenience and value of the dvd option with the flexibility of webcasting. receive an corporation berlex labs lms compliant file to host for your entire organization for the length of your licensing monsanto term. we will work with your iT team for a quick and seamless upload of the broadcast and The boeing support materials company nasa The campbell soup new york life company Pricing information nokia cisco northwestern Single Speaker: $500 Entire Collection: $1,750 computer sciences mutual all fees include participant materials, facilitator guide, speaker backgrounder, sample market- corporation panama canal ing materials, and technical support assistance. constellation authority energy pemco financial dell pfizer, inc. discover procter & gamble disney university rockwell dow corning automation florida power & solvay light pharmaceuticals Payment, cancellation, and restrictions: all registrations must include payment or a copy gap, inc. sprint of a purchase order. broadcast content will not be delivered until payment has been received. genentech Toyota motor sales Additional services general mills Tsmc • Facilitation—linkage helps your organization connect distance learning to corporate genworth us census bureau initiatives and development goals. opt to have a linkage facilitator work with your orga- financial nization to enhance the learning experience and impact of the session(s). please ask your university of account manager about bringing a skilled linkage facilitator to your location. Harley davidson california • Leadership tools—linkage provides your organization with management tools such as Hewlett-packard us army The Toolkit for developing leaders, which can be used in connection with the broadcast(s). ingersoll rand us epa These tools help managers drive their own learning, develop their people, work with their teams, and impact organizational change. intel us fda Jc penney us navy>> Maximize your organization’s leadership training impact by registering today Jp morgan chase usda Call 781.402.5555 or visit key span energy us steel kohl’s university of notre dame Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. lawrence We provide clients around the globe with integrated solutions that include strategic consulting services, livermore va learning customized leadership development and training experiences, tailored assessment services, and benchmark research. Linkage’s mission is to connect high performing leaders and organizations to the national university futures they want to create. With a relentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers conferences, learning summits, open-enrollment laboratory workshops, and distance learning programs on leading-edge topics in leadership, management, human resources, and organizational world bank development. More than 200,000 leaders and managers have attended Linkage programs since 1988. los alamo’s wyeth natural 0974.11 laboratories Linkage / Burlington, MA / 781.402.5555 / ATLANTA BOSTON NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO ATHENS BANGALORE BRUSSELS HAMILTON HONG KONG ISTANBUL JOHANNESBURG KUALA LUMPUR KUWAIT CITY MExICO CITY ROME SEOUL SHANGHAI SINGAPORE SYDNEY VILNIUS