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Presentation on business communication


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this presentations IS about the topic "WRITING" business communication

Published in: Business
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Presentation on business communication

  1. 1. Presented ByYATIN KUMAR
  2. 2.  Writingreveals one ability to think clearly and to use language effectively. example : memos, bulletins, reports, instruction card, magazine.
  3. 3.  Narrative Writing Descriptive Writing Expository Writing Argumentative Writing Improper Writing Research and Term Papers
  4. 4. Tellingabout events , story elements, Dramas Dialogue , Emotional Writing.
  5. 5. Classificationprocess cause and effect relationship.
  6. 6. Touncover details, uniquecreating, Surprise, Attractive, Questionable Facts.
  7. 7. Analytical, Opinion for, against a view point.
  8. 8. Extemporaneous composition Quick but effective in a short length
  9. 9. Investigative writingdevelopment of knowledgetowards other specific toindividual subject.
  10. 10. THANKS