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E tv general flyer


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Published in: Education
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E tv general flyer

  1. 1. AWORLD OF KNOWLEDGE IS SIMPLYA MOUSE CLICKAWAY... When your School subscribes to TV Recordings you get full access to this resource rich content, a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips and it’s only a mouse click away. For information on how to access eTV contact us at
  2. 2. Over 20,000 video titles growing daily and yours to view and use. The Basic Service is always free to join on request by any educational institution in NZ. The free sections -  Live Streams of selected television channels, the Library do not attract any sign up or ongoing access fees.   Check out over 40 local, SKY and international TV Channels for the latest recordings and the thousands of recordings made since 2008 which we permanently keep, as well as the collections in the Library. Do a Search for your subject, a topic or simply something that interests you and eTV will return a myriad of videos available to watch and use straight away. If you want to watch live television from around the world, we have live streams from selected domestic and international channels available too. You can watch, embed or download video from your classroom, office or your home or anywhere else in the world you may be as eTV delivers directly to you from the Mac and Pc compatible with no requirement for special hardware For information on how to access eTV contact us at Also available on iPads,Android devices and smart phones Check out our new ‘Curriculum Collections’. Short programs and clips sourced from around the world specifically matched to the New Zealand curriculum, short and snappy to save you time in the preparation of your unit and lesson plans. Please feel free to come and speak to us on the eTV stand to learn more about this fantastic service