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Introduction of tango! (en)

  1. 1. Introduction of support tool to flight-thinkingFeb. 18th, 2009, given at Yahoo! Japan by Developers Designers 安川 要平 福島 朋樹 Leader (Yohei Yasukawa) (Tomoki Fukushima) 伊藤 恭英 Other Members 西野 正雄 平 勇樹 1
  2. 2. Background  Example Situations  You have to think new ideas for weekends game, but a note in front of you is pure white.  Although you desire making it fun and interesting, such ideas dont come up with at all.  For breaking through a big wall of creativity, you wanna investigate it from various collected ideas.  Just create something new!But, how to make something new? 2
  3. 3. Background The column of “Pick a Word, Any Word” suggested an approach to create it (Carl D. Cravens in Approach  Flashing an idea using aggregated info  Ex. If wanna know of new-fashioned names, looking over address books, name-list of babies.  Getting crucial ideas from a lot of information that are seen by chance. This is a base concept of tango!3
  4. 4. Background Why is eventuality needed?Traditional ways of brainstormingcan be expansion of thinking, butcannot be flight of thinking. e.g. Food × WarThe web application creating NEW from neverimagined pair of words is 4
  5. 5. tango! overview  What can「    」do?→just picking up info randomly from aggregations Basic Functions:  Display details of word in pop-up window  Can select conditions to pick up: Length of words Word category: noun, verb, adjective Partial match words 5
  6. 6. tango! overview Advanced Functions:  Featuring with “Nico-ranker”: RSS tango!  Able to pick up from not only dictionaries.  Save your favorite words: Saved tango!  Can collect words used for flight-thinking.  Share your saved words with users: Share tango!  Help breakthrough by collaborating with others.  Can contact any user if you want. 6
  7. 7. Demonstration Demonstration of tango! (screen-shots)7
  8. 8. Demonstration8
  9. 9. Demonstration9
  10. 10. Demonstration10
  11. 11. Future Issue Use-cases ofPro.: as a source of ideasAma.: as a training tool of thinking→ tango! is now developing application. There are some future developments. Add new conditions or source of information  Name, Food, positive/negative conditions may be added.  proverb, idiom may be added into database. Expanding Share tango!, make Game tango!.  Ex. Make a sentence using given words within 20 sec, then the11 sentence is evaluated by other log-in users. Cf. kotono-pa! Online
  12. 12. Summary  Background  Expansion of thinking → Flight of thinking  tango!s Functions  used when you want new crucial ideas  Basic functions are now run on the URL below  RSS tango! can expand a type of resources  Share tango! help collaboration with others  Future Issue  Expanding Share tango!, Game tango! can be developed, where users make new from game.12 ※ If you are interested in developing or designing, please visit↓
  13. 13. Other slides for supplement13
  14. 14. tango!の概要 新規性:フレームワークの前段階 個人の思考能力に託される  tango!は与えられた条件で言葉を提供するのみ。どうい う経路を辿るか, どのような結果にたどりつくかはその 人次第 効果(Effect):  ひらめき誘発剤  偶発的に発生した単語×単語による新しいひらめき  条件付き抽出でさらに効率よく  思考の訓練  一見関係のない言葉と言葉を繋げようとする試みによって,新た 14 な創造を引き起こす。
  15. 15. tango!のシステム構成 Developing Environment Google Web Toolkit 1.5.3 Cypal for studio Eclipse jee-ganymede-SR1-win32 Apache Derby Java SDK 1.6.0 TomCat 6.0使用したAPI:Yahoo! API 形態素解析
  16. 16. tango!のシステム構成 辞書データ配列の構造体 読み方 【表記】―説明 整列前辞書データ(あ.txt~ん.txt) 読み方 (表記)―説明 String.split(“【” |“】”|“(”|“) ① 表記.length() ② 読み方.replace(“ ”,””) ① ② ③ ④ ③ そのままコピー ④ 説明.replace(“―”,””) 文字数,読み方,表記,説明 整列後一時辞書データ(wordList.csv) ⑤ そのままコピー ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑤ ⑥ ⑥ YahooUI形態素解析 文字数,読み方,表記,説明,品詞 整列後辞書データ(wordList.txt) String.split(“,”)で分割し ArrayListに格納して使用整列前辞書データ出展:もじぴったんDB
  17. 17. word tango!のWidget配置 Dock Panel Header Panel Dock Panel Setting Panel ScrollTO Tango Word Word Relational WordP Level Class Word Table Box Box Word Panel TableCE ・・・・・・・・・・・・NT ・E ・ ・ Word PanelR Footer Panel