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Newsletter of Egypt Tourism Mar 2012


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Newsletter of Egypt Tourism Mar 2012

  1. 1. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority EGYPT THIS MONTHMarch 2012 Issue 33 New Valley Live Colors Egypt Treasures in the desert Fresh air, breathtaking landscape, green oases, adventure, archaeology and clean environment are all features that mark New Valley, the biggest region in Egypt that’s fast becoming an international tourist hub March . 2012 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter New Valley could sound unfamiliar to some who might wisened up to the visitor’s need; the hotel rooms are not be well-versed with the geography of Egypt. The region equipped with neither television sets nor air-conditioners. 21st Cairo International that makes up 44% of Egypt’s area and 66% of the western The cement-free houses in the entire region are built with Film Festival for Children desert, has for ages, came to be known as El Wahat (The natural materials and the organic food served is usually Oases), as it embraces the majority of the famous Egyptian supplied by the plantations, found next to each resort. 23-30 March oases, including El Baharia, El Farafra, El Dakhla and El Kharga. After a year full But there is more to the region than that, as it represents a New Valley consists of five divisions including El Kharga of events, the 21st significant lifestyle in a typical desert terrain. (the capital city), El Dhakla, El Farafra, Baris and Balat. Cairo International Film Festival for In New Valley, tourists and locals could target sightseeing Dakhla Oasis has a very long history. There are many sites Children will be in a region that is replete with several archaeological sites. to visit and several of them can be seen easily, though launched in March The diversity of its landscape varies from mountains and some will require the use of a 4x4 vehicle. Today there are 16 2012. dunes to valleys and plains, making it the paradise for safaris modern villages in Dakhla with increasing agricultural and The slogan of this and adventure lovers. Some also travel there in search of industrial areas. Growing, drying and packing of fruit and year’s festival is remedies in the hot and cold springs that dot the oases. other produce remain one of the region’s main industries, “The children’s world is changing” to cope with the along with its crafts of pottery, rug-making, basketware, changes, which brought by the Arab Spring that The region is pollution-free; fresh air, sunshine and serenity jewellery and wood-working. Apart from the wealth of echoes around the world. ensures a highly relaxing atmosphere. Resorts there have archaeology and the rich cultural heritage of Dakhla, The official competition sections have been there is also an abundance of hot and cold springs, famous changed, as well as out of the competition films, “Visionary Africa: Art at for their therapeutic effects, said to be a cure for many ailments. reveal what is happening in Egypt and the world. It is considered as the children’s message addressed to Work” opens in Cairo both children and adults in the whole world. Until 7 March at El Azhar Park Kharga is the most modernized of Egypt’s western oases. The main town is highly functional with all modern facilities. For more information, visit Free public access Although framed by the oasis, there is no oasis feeling to “Visionary Africa: Art at work” stops in Egypt after it; unlike all others in this part of Egypt. There are extensive thorn palm, acacia, buffalo thorn and jujube forests in the oasis surrounding the modern town of Kharga and many remnant wildlife species inhabit this region. In a region as rich and sizeable as New Valley, the visitor Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Addis Ababa, is spoilt for choice. But don’t fancy you can do a lot in a under the dense black layers that cover both mountain Ethiopia, before continuing on to other African short span of time. Scores of miles separate one area from and desert. The next stop would be the Crystal Mountain, capitals. the other. You will have to be prepared for tours that would a natural protectorate that boasts of transparent rocks, This project, organized jointly by the European require fitness and energy. For those who aim to relax, it which filter the sunrays into a colorful spectrum. Contrasting Commission and the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Centre is enough to be around the springs, walk amid the fields sharply with the Black Mountains, is the White Desert; white for Fine Arts) in Brussels, is an itinerant urban exhi- and enjoy the generosity of the residents, who can drive terrains that have been blanched due to the invasion of bition of contemporary African artistic practices, you around the local markets. For adventure-lovers, winter, masses of limestone. It seems no artist can improve on including artist residencies, showcases of local artists, autumn and spring are the ideal seasons. In summer the nature: the limestone-laden winds, which hit that part of and workshops on art and development in modern mercury could shoot up to 45C. the ‘wadi’ since time immemorial, sculpted some of the urban centers in Africa. Its intent is to focus on the rocks into shapes of birds, rabbits or mushrooms, and are importance of culture and creativity as motor for frequently used as meeting points by the Bedouin desert development and it was timed to celebrate the Sightseeing road trip guides. 50th anniversary of independence of several African countries. The drive to New Valley starts at the 6th of October City, The exhibition pavilion is designed by Ghanaian where the narrow and desert-dominated Wahat Highway El Farafra architect David Adjaye. Placed in the ‘green lung’ starts. A three-hour drive in infinite desert is eventually Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt of Cairo’s El Azhar Park, the pavilion is accessible to rewarded by the breathtaking scene of El Baharia Arriving at El Farafra town, you could take a break from all, and houses several exhibits: Depression. The Baharia is rich in plantations, palm-trees landscape that, though absorbing and mind-boggling at A selection from the photography exhibit “A Useful and spring waters, offering the first indications of life. The one time, will eventually drain your energy and encourage Dream,” celebrating 50 years of African photogra- hot springs in Ain Sigam should invite the tired newcomer to the search for a small relief. At the Farafara Museum, also phy, curated by Simon Njami unwind and take a dip. A meal at one of the palm-orchards known as Badr Museum, showcases the rare art of painting • The photo-documentary, Urban Africa, a decade at El Baharia should re-energize the traveler for the next with sand, a handicraft exclusive to the oases-dwellers. long personal survey by David Adjaye on the archi- drive to Farafra. Colorful sands are used to form shapes and scenes on high tecture of African capitals wide walls. The museum’s founder is world-famous artist • A showcase of young, upcoming Egyptian con- The Baharia-Farafra Road is a reservoir of natural wonders. Badr Abdel Moghni, who is hardly known in Egypt, in spite temporary artists, curated by Moataz Nasr, director The first of these are the Black Mountains. Those mark the of distinction notched in world art circles. Many traditions of DARB 1718 beginning of the Black Desert, one that has turned dark live on in Farafra such as beautifully embroidered dresses All works exhibited are reproductions. due to the effect of iron oxide. But as you move closer, and shirts, and products such as olives and olive oil of high you would see spots of the original golden sands shining quality. 2 March . 2012 March . 2012 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter What to see in New Valley Archaeology fans will certainly be in their elements in New Valley, which features several antiquities that range from Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman to Coptic and Islamic. The tombs at the Bahariya Oasis, which belong to the Roman period, were discovered between 2002-2003, to prove that life existed in this part of Egypt. The Romans were the first to settle in the area in a constructive manner. Several Roman mummies preserved in the ancient Egyptian fashion were unearthed. Those were of rich Roman merchants who owned wineries that relied on the grape plantations, which flourished in the oases. The ancient Egyptians, however, cared to established stability in that part of the country, which was considered an important defense-line against the inroads of the Nubians and Libyans. Fifty thousand Persian troopers led by Qambiz perished in the Great Sand Sea as they marched north towards Siwa to pull down the temple of Amon, though no sign of the army has ever been found, yet groups of the first Christians, who were badly persecuted by the Romans took shelter in the area and El Bagawat Tombs, located north of El Kharga, do bear witness to that era. Fayoum Art Center launches sixth annual Bahariya is also home to other amazing ruins such as Winter Academy Mövenpick Resort El the Temple of Alexander the Great, beautifully painted Ptolemaic tombs and very old churches. Behind the Sokhna hosts racers & Antiquities Department is a small museum housed in a organizers of World Cup former warehouse and contains five of the gilded Graeco- Rally Roman mummies that were recently discovered, preserved in glass cases, as well as a small collection of other artefacts found in the oasis. Kitines (2nd Century AD) which consists of six chambers with relief decoration in a mixture of Egyptian and Roman styles. Several archaeological sites are found in Dakhla, including the Deir El Hagar Temple as well as the El Mezwaka The village of Ballat was built during the Mamluke era and Tombs that date back to the Greek period. Deir El Hagar is perched on a mound. Inside the walls of this once busy (The Monastery of Stone) is a sandstone temple on the town, picturesque winding lanes roofed with palm fronds western edge. After being partially reconstructed during shelter dark ornately carved doorways of houses typical of the 1990s, it is now open to visitors. The temple represents the Islamic architecture in the oases during this period. The one of the most complete Roman monuments in Dakhla old houses consisted of two or three stories with mudbrick Oasis. The El Mezwaka Tombs consists of small soft stone The sixth annual Fayoum Winter Academy began walls plastered and painted in pink or ochre. Bread ovens ridges in which over 300 tombs were cut. The tombs are on February 3, 2012 at the Fayoum Art Center, run by and storage containers can still be seen on the roofs of some decorated in a mixture of traditional Egyptian and classical Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla. of the dwellings though few people live in the old town today. Mövenpick Resort El Sokhna was chosen as the first style. Two of the most interesting belong to Petubastis and The Winter Academy brings together artists from assembly point in Africa for London to Cape Town Petosiris for their exquisite colored frescos. across the world for six weeks of art workshops span- Amheida, on the western edge of Dakhla Oasis, is a vast World Cup Rally, launched in London by Sir James ning different genres, including painting, sculpture, archaeological site, reached via the loop road running Cameron. Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt El Qasr City, also located in Dakhla, has remained intact animation, printmaking, and more. Tour of Tunis from Mut to el-Qasr. As with many sites in the oasis there is a The London to Cape Town World Cup Rally is since it was built by the Ayubid dynasty. The alleys, gates, Village, where the academy is located, and visits to scattering of prehistoric material as well as an Old Kingdom designed to capture the spirit of the long distances houses, the school, the court and the prison are all originals. local pottery and ceramic workshops are available. settlement and evidence of Pharaonic and Ptolemaic world cup rallies of the 1970s, as well as to raise funds Many had lived in El Qasr and many are still living there to There is also the option to go horseback riding in the remains. But it is for its Roman ruins that Amheida is best to improve many conditions in many communities preserve the secrets of bygone times. In fact not only El surrounding areas and to visit nearby Qaroun Lake, known at present, in an area of 100 hectares occupied from along the route in Africa. Qasr, but the entire region is a fountainhead of mysteries Wadi Rayan and the Whale Valley. the 1st to the 4th centuries AD and constituting one of the After crossing the Mediterranean between Crete that is bound to fan your curiosity. Visitors can also explore the academy’s Caricature largest Roman settlements at Dakhla. The most spectacular and Alexandria, racers and organizers with their 53 Museum, the only one of its kind in the Middle East. discovery, near the centre of the town, is a large building classic vehicles started their long trip to South Africa Ezbet Bashendi village lies 4 kilometers from Tineida, to The Winter Academy aims to foster collaboration which has been excavated by the Dakhla Oasis Project. The from Mövenpick Resort El Sokhna. Upon arrival, they the north of the main road. The village was probably first and cooperation between artists of different nation- two-storey structure is as yet unidentified but contained 15 were greeted by a folkloric show, including dancing inhabited during the Christian era and Roman tombs lie alities and backgrounds. rooms, one of which was painted with classical wall scenes horses and traditional “Tannoura” before enjoying the under the foundations of many of the existing houses. Some The 2012 Winter Academy ends March 15. of the late 3rd to early 4th centuries. The paintings show special dinner at the resort. of these are accessible to the tourist including the tomb of a high degree of artistry which is very different from the 4 March . 2012 March . 2012 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter TripAdvisor 2012 Travelers’ Egyptian-Finnish Musical Choice Awards Egyptian Bridge Is Back Hotels Representing the largest internet travel community The Egyptian- worldwide, TripAdvisor announced the 2012 awards Finnish Musical based on reviews by millions of travelers sharing their Bridge, a brain- experiences. child of the famous Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Egypt is featured with Finnish pianist and three properties as 2012 Winners: Mövenpick Resort conductor Ralf & Spa El Gouna in the category Best 25 Hotels Egypt Gothoni, in coop- and Best Hotels Relaxation/Spa, Mövenpick Resort El eration with Cairo Quseir in Best 25 Hotels Egypt and Mövenpick Resort Opera House Taba in the category Best Hotels Relaxation/Spa. and the Foreign Sheraton Miramar Resort – El Gouna has also been Cultural Relations sector is back in Cairo for its 5th awarded the No. 1 hotel in El Gouna and was also Egyptian tradition, perhaps executed by travelling artists. popular ancient destination in Egypt. Qasr el-Ghweita has Edition late March-early April. featured in 12th position within the Egypt hotels. On the northern wall, a mythological scene depicts the one of the nicest locations around Kharga Oasis, on top A team, consisting of world renowned maestros Seven hotels in El Gouna and Taba Heights were legend of Perseus rescuing the beautiful Andromeda who of a circular mountain. Walking up to the temple, it looks and performers, will be participating in this bridge selected amongst the top 25 hotels in Egypt. The cat- is about to be devoured by a sea-monster, while to the right impressive and massive. Which probably was the intent including seven professional and three students . It egories included the best in hotel facilities, service, of the door is the Homeric scene of the ‘Return of Odysseus back in the days of villains and competing tribes. Standing includes Opera director Eija Tolpo, Dr. Mark Gothóni, relaxation and spa offerings, and bargain deals. to Ithaca’ from his long voyage which brought him to inside the holiest of the holy, looking out, you actually see Gabriele Fontana, Hartmut Höll, Kristian Attila and Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria also won “Best hotel Egyptian shores. The eastern wall of the chamber contains right through the fortified village and into the valley below. Yuko Miyagawa (PRINCESS OF KONOE). experience & above expectations.” other smaller portrayals of classical mythological figures in The Musical Bridge will include an opera concert Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises, Egypt’s hospitality two registers. The largest of these on the southern side of The Necropolis of Al-Bagawat is one of the earliest for the most famous opera Arias and three musical group was awarded 23 TripAdvisor “2012 Best Hotel’s” the site that contains between two and three thousand surviving and best-preserved Christian cemeteries in the concerts for chamber music and orchestra for works Award. burials, mostly pit-graves but also some decorated tombs. world. About 1km north of the Temple of Hibis, it’s built on by Brahms and Mozart. Each of Iberotel Makadi Beach-Hurghada, Iberotel A few of the more elaborate structures have above-ground the site of an earlier Egyptian necropolis, with most of the - 29 March: Chamber Music Concert – Small Hall 8pm Coraya Beach Resort, Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina-Marsa chapels with vaulted ceilings and painted reliefs depicting 263 mud-brick tombs appearing to date from the 4th to the - 31 March: Opera Concert– Small Hall 8pm Alam, Iberotel Palace-Sharm El Sheikh, Iberotel traditional Egyptian funerary scenes. 6th centuries AD. While many of the domed Coptic tombs - 1 April: Orchestra Concert – Small Hall 8pm Dahabeya-Dahab received the “Top 25 Hotels” are fairly plain, a few have vivid murals of biblical scenes - 2 April: Gala Concert, Small Hall 7pm award. While the “Top 25 Hotels for Service” award The Dakhla Oasis is also considered to be one of the most inside and some have ornate facades. went to Iberotel Makadi Beach, Iberotel Makadi Oasis attractive oases in Egypt. The oasis boasts over 500 hot All Concerts are free admission Club, Sol Y Mar Club Makadi-Hurghada, Iberotel springs, including Bir Tarfawi and Bir Al-Gebel Hot Springs. The Chapel of the Exodus, one of the oldest tombs, has Dahabeya-Dahab, Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort, Sol the best-preserved paintings, including the Old Testament Y Mar Dar El Madina-Marsa Alam & Iberotel Palace- About 20 km south of Kharga is the temple Qasr story of Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh. al-Ghweita built between 250 and 80 BCE. It was dedicated which is visible through some 9th-century graffiti. Next to Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars has been awarded the to the Theban triad Amon, Mut and Khonsu. The 10 metre it is the Chapel of Peace and in it there are pictures of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for the Year 2012 high walls are nearly intact, the houses have high walls still Jacob and the Virgin and the two priests Bola and Nekla . comfortable rooms. for achieving a rating of 4. standing and the temple is about as complete as any other On the other tombs there are drawings and colorful writing Hamdalla Sahara City is 15 km south of Al Kharga. It has Moreover, the “Best Hotels for Relaxation & Spa” that narrate the stories of Christian history in Egypt. Another domed bungalows with neat rooms and private bathrooms. award went to Iberotel Palace, Jaz Mirabel Park , Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay -Sharm El Sheikh, Jaz Oriental Resort Egypt International Boat large family tomb has a mural of Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and the smaller Chapel of the Grapes (Anaeed al-Ainab) is Pioneers Hotel offers a level of comfort. A swimming pool, fitness area, outdoor Bedouin style café, billiards and & Jaz Almaza Beach Resort-Marsa Matruh. Show named after the images of grapevines that cover the walls. a children’s playground. Additionally each of Iberotel Palace & Iberotel 7-10 March 2012 Minamar Hotels in Bahariya is located nearby the lake Lido -Sharm El Sheikh, Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort- Gabal El Teir was called so because birds gather in there that is created from natural springs. Nestled between the Marsa Alam were awarded among the “Top 25 Egypt International by sunset in large quantities. To reach there you head majestic pyramid mounts of the Western Desert and the Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt Bargain Hotels”. Meanwhile the “Trendiest Hotels in Boat Show will offer a behind el Bagawat cemetery for about 20 minutes on a beautiful Bahariya Lake. Egypt” award went to Iberotel Lido-Sharm El Sheikh, unique show of equip- dirt road inside the desert then you go hiking for another 10 Tarfa Desert Lodge, is located in Dakhla Oasis. The Jaz Crystal Resort & Jaz Oriental Resort-Mersa Matruh. ment and services minutes. This area is famous by its caves dating from Coptic luxurious lodge is ideal for romance, relaxation and solitude. The Travelers’ Choice Award has become a most ranging from water era with Coptic drawings and texts on its walls. Recommended renowned recognition in the travel industry, as it is sports through surfing, The Magic Springs near al Tarfa lodge are recommended purely based on travelers’ opinions. Every year the 25 water skiing, and div- for a bathe in its sulfuric waters. It has a unique feature; Top Hotels of each country are selected in different ing technologies, to Where to Stay as per the speculations it could reach down to as deep categories, based on the TripAdvisor popularity index, charters, motorboats, and luxurious yachts. as 1224 meter, but you can hardly tell because the spring as well as the reviews and opinions of the TripAdvisor This is one of the most important specialized events Some of the hotels that visitors may found pleasant to stay projects water bubbles that continue to pop on the surface. users. of its kind. The expo will be held for four days at Cairo in are mentioned below, however, there are several other The area is modestly equipped with a small cafeteria and International Convention & Exhibition centre (CICC). 2 and 3 star hotels found on websites a bathroom. You could also immerse yourself in another Kharga Oasis Hotel is a 3 star hotel with a lush palm- natural water spring, is located at a distance of only a five- filled garden that separates the chalets. Generous and minute drive from Al Tarfa lodge. 6 March . 2012 March . 2012 7
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter EGYPT COUNTRY PARTNER in ITB Berlin 2012 Egyptian tourism will be witnessing a prime event during In 2011 and during the first months of 2012, the Egyptian Over and above, intensive advertising campaigns, experience of an old Egyptian souk. March 2012, as Egypt has been named Country Partner in Tourism Authority has promote Egypt as a country partner in aiming the Trade sector, were launched in major German the ITB Berlin 2012, which will take place during the period the ITB Berlin in all exhibitions and international forums, such publications specialized in tourism and travel, as well Egypt welcomes visitors to the ITB, with an opening from March 7th to March 11th, 2012. Egypt will be the first as the IMEX held in Germany in May 2011, and the WTM as, organizing a number of trips for major German tour ceremony on 6th March at 6pm at the ICC International Arab Country to be hosted as a Country Partner in the ITB held in London in November 2011. Besides, a promotional operators and travel agents. Congress Centre that reflects the fusion at the heart of Berlin. campaign for the event is set on the official website of the the country -History, Culture, Spirituality, Colour, the Senses Egyptian Tourism Authority”” and also In terms of advertisement aiming the public, the Egyptian and the People are all joined together . As guests enter The ITB Berlin hosts around 170,000 visitors, and is through various social networks. Tourism office in Frankfurt prepared an intensive campaign Hall they will be welcomed by Egyptian representatives considered the largest international congregation for to cover the fair before, during and after, using all traditional who will take them on a journey of stunning visuals. Along experts in the tourism industry. This prime event provides Furthermore, the Egyptian Tourism Office in Frankfurt and non-traditional means of advertising to support Egypt’s their journey guests will enjoy a panorama representing Egypt with an ideal platform and a unique opportunity to has been participating in all important events taking media presence, starting January 2012. Also, The Egyptian “Egypt – The Place and the Time” .Egypt’s diverse list of present its diverse touristic portfolio , which makes it one place in the various cities of Germany, especially the Tourism Authority organized several events, in Egypt and attractions is showcased in the 3D film where it showcases of the world’s most attractive holiday destinations all year Tutankhamen exhibition in Wiesbaden held in June Germany, to promote this important occasion. superb beaches, spectacular desert scenery and a wealth round to the German and international markets . 2011, the World Equestrian Festival held in August 2011, of historical sites dating back thousands of years. the Berlin International Economics Conference held in On another note, Egypt’s Pavillion will be held at Hall Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt In this respect, a marketing strategy has been developed September 2011, the Global Forum for the Development No. 23A of the International Congress Center in Berlin in Following key-note speeches, guests can enjoy a to maximize coverage and promotion, before, during and and Enhancement of Communication between the air an area covering 2526 m² with the participation of 120 performance combining typical Egyptian folk customs after the event. The marketing approach, in collaboration carriers and airports in October 2011, as well as, the 4th travel agencies and hotels. The “Unique Fusion “and “All- into one dance presentation – “The Colours of Egypt”. with German Tour Operators, includes intensive advertising Annual Golf Tournament, initiated in Germany and was Round Welcome” will be the main themes further expressed Representing Upper Egypt comes Saidi; encompassing the campaigns through non-conventional and conventional ended in Hurghada, Egypt, with a closing ceremony at through the design of the Egyptian Hall where the Ankh White Med is Askandrany and expressing mysticism is Zar. advertising channels, as well as a public relations strategy Habo Temple in Luxor in December 2011, in the presence iconic symbol of life, one of the Pharaonic icons of ancient The evening continues in a more contemplative mood that has been launched since the beginning of 2011. of a huge media coverage. The Egyptian Tourism Office Egypt will be the consistent visual cue for Brand Egypt in the with a ballet performed by the Cairo Opera House entitled The campaign focused on wide participation in all in Frankfurt, also exploited all major events held by the ITB, over and above exhibiting touristic products in Egypt “In Spite of Everything” (“Malgré Tout”). This moving work major touristic and cultural events, the launching of press German Chamber of Commerce to promote this event , and a model of an Egyptian bazaar will be set, displaying reflects the new beginning in Egypt after the 25th January conferences and workshops. as well as other cultural activities across Germany. handicrafts products and folkloric activities, to reflect the Revolution . Then the mood changes again, as an true Egyptian spirit, offering tourists a unique and lively impromptu “Moulid” or “local festival” breaks out. 8 March . 2012 March . 2012 9
  6. 6. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterBegin Begin If all this makes you all this makes you want tryvisitStayingnow, try 4.1 you’re invited to drop into invited to drop into to eat at Brandenburgh If want to visit Egypt now, to Egypt in Hall Staying in Hall 4.1 you’re the Time the Time to eat at Brandenburgh Around the ITB Around the ITB out the daily Lucky Draw daily Lucky – 15.30. Adventure Booth. Here you can stretch out under stretchYou can enjoy something completely different by out the from 15:00 Draw from 15:00 – 15.30. Adventure Booth. Here you can out under You can enjoy something completely different by yourIf youaround the ITBway around the ITB and want If you ever lose way ever lose your and want Here’s your chanceHere’s like achance to or to lie a Pharaoh or to lie sip authentic tent, sip authentic Arabic dining in a typical Egyptian Ramadan tent. The to live your Pharaoh live like a Bedouin tent, a Bedouin Arabic coffee and coffee and dining in a typical Egyptian Ramadan tent. The back to the Egyptian Hall, look for to find your way to find your way back to the Egyptian Hall, look forthe Fun when thewhen the the Fun on the beach belonging to a luxury resort, or a luxury resort, orhenna tattoo. try a henna tattoo. on the beach belonging to to maybe try a to maybe get out into the desertout into the desert forWereal adventure. We get for a real adventure. a Over the Over the week-end, make sure colourful design ofcolourfulreflects of the tent reflects the fact that the tent design the fact that the Ankhs. Colourful Ankhs with designsAnkhs with designs inspired the Ankhs. Colourful inspired Egypt celebrates the holy celebrates the holyway, inbyunique way, main tourist destinations act asdestinations act as Egypt month in a unique month a Egypt’s four by Egypt’s four main tourist promise you’ll return with a story to tell! with a story to tell! week-end, make sure to time your stop to time your stop the spiritual with the festive. Colourful festive. Colourful business business is done is done promise you’ll return for one of the special Lucky Draws taking place, combining for one of the special Lucky Draws taking place, combining the spiritual with the signposts, helping you find your way to Hall 23A way to Hall 23A lamps called “fanoos” decorate“fanoos” and lamps called streets decorate streets and signposts, helping you find yourEgyptians are known across the region for theirthe region for their Egyptians are known across win a unforgettable an unforgettable trip Friends and families get together after get Photosafter As you continue to As you continue to walk around ITB lookchance to with an chance to win trip to walk around ITB look out for with a out for homes. to homes. Friends and families together to cherish Photos to cherishgreat sense of humour,sense of Egypt as the with Egypt as the great so with humour, so Before you leave Before you leave Congress the International the International Congress the chance to take achance to take a memorable photo by Egypt the memorable photo by Egypt sunset to celebrate the end of the day’s fasting. the day’s fasting.home, make sure home, make sure you have your sunset to celebrate the end of Centre to goOfficial Partner Country of ITB 2012, you canITB 2012, you can Official Partner Country of Centre to go you have your spotting the Egyptian Walking Carnival “Egypt Carnival “Egypt spotting the Egyptian Walking And the charitable provide free meals for the less meals for taken to carry the spirit of Egypt with spirit of Egypt with you. And the charitable provide free photo the lessexpect a good mix expect a good mix of business and pleasure! In of business and pleasure! In Saturday: 10.03.2012Saturday: 10.03.2012 photo taken to carry the you. Everywhere”. Differently-dressedDifferently-dressed groups are Everywhere”. groups are well-off, so that everyone can shareeveryone can share in the spirit of well-off, so that in the spirit offact, the fusion of different elements is what this fact, the fusion of different elements is what this Pose by our legendary monuments around the Pose by our legendary monuments around thecountry does best, so comedoesexplore the many explore the many country and best, so come and playing musical instruments and giving everyone giving everyone 14:3013:00 - 13:30; 14:30 – 15:00; 16:30-17:00 occasion. Choose from dishes such as lentil playing musical instruments and 13:00 - 13:30; – 15:00; 16:30-17:00 the the occasion. Choose from dishesITB or as lentil Northern go to the Northern Entrance and stand by such go to the ITB or Entrance and stand byfacets of this fascinating land. fascinating land. facets of this the chance for a great picture witha great picture with them. the chance for them. soup, baladi salad, shish tawouk, konefa and soup, baladi salad, shish tawouk, konefa and Pillars or rendezvous inside rendezvous inside the Sunday: 11.03.2012Sunday: 11.03.2012 the Pharaonic the Pharaonic Pillars or the many others. Ramadan is a great time to is a great time to EntranceSouthern Entrance to have a memorable photo many others. Ramadan visit Southern visitWhy not start Why not start by visiting the official by visiting the official Come and revive yourself in Hall 4.1, Come and revive yourself in Hall 4.1, 14:3013:00 - 13:30; 14:30 - 15:00; 15:30 - 16:00; for a completely different kind of holiday kind of holiday 13:00 - 13:30; - 15:00; 15:30 - 16:00; Egypt to have a memorable photo Egypt for a completely different with a replica of Merit Amoun himself. Amoun himself. if you’re feeling tiredyou’relittle bored after a little bored after long if or a feeling tired or long with a replica of MeritEgypt Booth inEgypt Booth in Hall 23A? Hall 23A? business meetings. Performances here business meetings. Performances here experience. experience.Stop by the entrance and take a look throughtake a look through the Stop by the entrance and thegiveaways, maps and brochures then make your Before you leave each corner, don’t forgetcorner, don’t forget to look the fusion of Egypts culture and arts. culture and arts. giveaways, maps and brochures then make your Before you leave each to look represent represent the fusion of Egypts way over traditional Egyptian for the Egyptian for the specialway over to where there is a to where there is a traditionalspecial souvenir to collect. souvenir to collect. Witness the spiritual whirling ofspiritual whirling of Tanoura, colorful Witness the Tanoura, colorfulBazaar. Here you can watch craftsmen practicecraftsmen practice Bazaar. Here you can watch Folk Dances from both the White Medboth the White Med and Upper Folk Dances from and Uppertheir skills, creating sand art, bead jewelry and bead jewelry and their skills, creating sand art, Egypt, and the vivid pounding the vivid pounding of Nubian Drums Egypt, and of Nubian Drums For more on what you’ve juston what you’ve just seen, take a look Upper Egypt. Performances take place For more seen, take a look at from at from Upper Egypt. Performances take placecalligraphy. If you feel lucky, spin the wheel of spin the wheel of calligraphy. If you feel lucky,fortune and you might win oneyouthe artisans’ our the artisans’ streaming live video feed from video feed from to the schedule below: schedule below: fortune and of might win one of giant screen our giant screen streaming live according according to thehomegrown artefacts. homegrown artefacts. the Red Sea - Sharm el Sheikh,Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, the Red Sea - Hurghada, Gouna, Souma Bay, from a Nile Cruise – a Nile Cruise – Gouna, Souma Bay, from Wednesday: 7.03.2012 Wednesday: 7.03.2012Egypt has four main touristic four main touristic regions which are between from Abu Simbel, Egypt has regions which are between Luxor and Aswan,Luxor and Aswan, from Abu Simbel,represented in the represented in the four cornersfrom Cairo and environs - the Pyramids, thethe Pyramids, the four corners of the Booth. At of the Booth. At from Cairo and environs - 11:00 - 11:30 Tanoura Show 11:00 - 11:30 Tanoura Showone corner venture deep into the Westerninto the Western Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, Downtown, Old : 8.03.2012 one corner venture deep Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, Downtown, Old Thursday Thursday : 8.03.2012Desert; here you Desert; here you dressed in guide dressed in and the the Citadel and the city at night. will find a guide will find a Cairo, the Citadel Cairo, city at night.traditional Bedouin costume Bedouin costume who can describe traditional who can describe 11:00 - 11:30 Nubian Drums Nubian Drums 11:00 - 11:30the various terrainsthe various terrainsthe sands. amongtakesands. at the take a look at the LED screen displaying and sights among and sights Then the a look Then LED screen displaying Friday: 09.03.2012 Friday: 09.03.2012At another corner, visit the Red Sea – find where Sea – find whereEgyptian people to Egyptian people to attendees at At another corner, visit the Red tweets from the tweets from the attendees atbest to go snorkelling to go snorkelling or diving, which are best or diving, which are 13:30 - 14:00 Folk Dancing14:00 Folk Dancing 13:30 - the ITB. Please, feel free to tweet us back. to tweet us back. the ITB. Please, feel freeunspoiled or fun beaches and which resorts are which resorts are unspoiled or fun beaches and Saturday: 10.03.2012 Saturday: 10.03.2012for the luxury for family-friendlyororfamily-friendly or the or the luxury theeco-minded. Theneco-minded. Then press on to discover press on to discover more Stay in themore Boothin the Egypt Booth to enjoy performances 12:30 Tanoura Show Egypt Stay to enjoy performances 12:00 – 12:00 – 12:30 Tanoura Show representing the fusion of Egypt’s culture, of Egypt’s culture, artsabout the treasuresabout the treasurestheAlexandria and the White of Alexandria and of White representing the fusion arts 16:00 - 16:30 Folk Dancing16:30 Folk Dancing 16:00 - Pop in on TutankhamunTutankhamun in Hall 10.2 Pop in on in Hall 10.2Med. As you would expect with would expect withand spirituality. From 12.30-15.30 daily you can Med. As you Egypt, beaches Egypt, beaches and spirituality. From 12.30-15.30 daily you can Here replicas of theHere replicas of the fabulous treasure hoard from fabulous treasure hoard frommeet antiquity here in aantiquity a unique blend. Finally, Tanoura mystical Tanourafolk meet unique here Finally, catch mystical catch and colourful Sunday and colourful folk:11.03.2012Sunday :11.03.2012 his undisturbed tombundisturbed tomb are displayed. It’s let us knowFinally, letthink. We what you think. We always love to hear from everyone his are displayed. It’s the Finally, the what you us know always love to hear from everyoneexperience the majesty of the Nile Valley, a of the Nile Valley,from Upper Egypt and Nubia as well as Nubia as well as 14:00 Tanoura Show experience the majesty series dancing a series dancing from Upper Egypt and 13:30 – actually being actually on Experience Egypt. Experience Egypt. Hope to meet 13:30 – 14:00 Tanoura Show closest thing to closest thing toinside the being inside Facebook pageour Facebook page Hope to meet you there soon! you there soon! on our theof unique Pharaonic uniqueaccessible from aaccessible from a hear lively Nubian drums a of sites Pharaonic sites hear lively Nubian drums and a recital on and a recital on a world-famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Museum in Cairo. world-famous Egyptiancruise along the blue waters of the Nile itself. of the Nile itself. cruise along the blue waters traditional harp. traditional harp. 15:00 - 15:30 Nubian Drums Nubian Drums 15:00 - 15:3010 March . 2012 March . 2012 11
  7. 7. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter CALENDAR ORIENTAL FUSION - Foo2 2el soto7 band. Renee Harris Dance Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Company, Cairo Opera Tel: (02) 3346 1071 House Time: 10 pm M a rc h 2 0 1 2 4th - CLASSIC MUSIC - Cairo Symphony Al Masar Gallery, Baehler’s Mansions, Orchestra. Art Katherine Bakhoum, Safar Khan 157b, 26 July St. Zamalek. Alexandria Opera House Gallery Tel: (02) 2736 8537. Tel: (03) 480 0138 1st - 10th - WINTER GARDEN - The Japanese Time: Opening hours Sat - Thurs. 11 am to 9 pm. Time: 8 pm Foundation presents the first of its kind exhibi- Fridays by appointment tion under the name MICROPOP. Curated by FUNK JAZZ - Michelle Rounds. Midroi Matsoi, the exhibition is by young Japa- 11th - 29th VOICES OF SYRIA - A group exhibi- Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza nese artists that have started in the 1990s tion of dissident Syrian artists, who are currently Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Gezira Arts Center, 1 Sheikh El Marsafy St. Zamalek living and working in Syria, despite the difficult Time: 10 pm Time: Exhibition is open daily except Fridays from situation. 15th - JAZZ CONCERT - Elisabeth Lohninger Time: 1 pm 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm - 9 pm Through this exhibition the already well-known 6th - ARABIC POP AND ROCK - Mariam and Quartet from Austria. artists will have the possibility of gaining an Abou. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza 29th - ROCK - Egouz Band. 1st - 21st - GIZA THREADS - Rana ElNemr takes even broader international visibility. By selling Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza a poetic approach to her subject. their artworks, they will be financially supporting Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 9 pm Tel: (02) 3346 1071 This new body of work weaves together layers of other independent Syrian artists, who have been Time: 8 pm Time: 10 pm fragile ephemeral visual narratives, which began deeply affected by the circumstances in their 16th - JAZZ CONCERT - Elisabeth Lohninger in the Governorate of Giza in 1999. home country. 8th - ORIENTAL PERCUSSIVE JAZZ - Yehia Quartet from Austria. 31st - WORLD MUSIC - Taxi Band. Townhouse Gallery, 10 Nabrawy St, off Champolion, Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Khalil. Cairo Jazz Festival, Azhar Park Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Downtown 8 Champollion St. Downtown. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 3570 2975 Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Tel: (02) 2576 8086 Tel: (02) 2578 4494 Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 7.15 pm Time: 10 pm Time: Opening at 7pm. Gallery hours daily 11 am to Time: 10 pm 1st - 31st - 30 DAYS RUNNING IN SPACE - A 8 pm except Fridays 11th - INSTRUMENTAL JAZZ - Ahmed Nazmy 20th - WORLD MUSIC - Noha Taha project of Egyptian Artist Ahmed Bassiouny, who Trio ft. Bassel Rajoub. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Theater was killed on 28 January 2011 during the “Fri- Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 3346 1071 day of Anger” in Tahrir Square. The project was Opera Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 8 pm 4th - MAGIC OF BORLOUS - This is a new play presented to the Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Time: 10 pm by Sabeel for the Arts. The performance explores Bienniale in 2011. 7th - 9th & 11th TO 13th TOSCA - Cairo Opera 12th - CLASSIC MUSIC - Philharmonic Cham- 22nd - FUNK, SOUL & BLUES - Deja’vu band. how women’s rituals by Lake Borolus in North- Sharjah Art Gallery, American University in Cairo, Company and Orchestra. An opera in three acts ber Orchestra. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza ern Egypt affect the life of the village and upset New Cairo Campus. The Photographic Gallery, American University in by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 3346 1071 the balance of power in society, challenging the Tel: (02) 2615 1221 Cairo, New Cairo Campus. Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Time: 10 pm norms and traditions. Time: Gallery open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Tel: (02) 2615 3318. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm This multi-media performance, written and Thursday, 11 am - 5 pm Time: Gallery hours Sun-Thurs 10 am to 4 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 24th - ORIENTAL JAZZ CLASSICAL - Tony Kal- directed by Dalia Bassiouny, presents some rare Time: 8 pm 13th - ACOUSTIC COMEDY - High on Body Fat. das. peasant songs in addition to new ones. 3rd - 31st - PARALLEL VISIONS - A selection of 4th - 29th - SWEEPING FROM THE SHOP - by Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Factory Space, Townhouse Gallery, 10 Nabrawy St, the works of 27 talented art students from AUC. artist Mostafa Razzaz, whose works has been Modern Dance Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Tel: (02) 3346 1071 off Champolion, Downtown Kasr El Shama’ St. Fustat. Old Cairo. exhibited both nationally and internationally with Time: 8 pm Time: 10 pm Tel: (02) 2576 8086 Tel: (02) 2615 1221 great acclaim 15th - RENEE HARRIS DANCE COMPANY (USA) Time: 7 pm Time: Gallery open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Picasso Art Gallery, 30 Hassan Assem St. off Brazil, - Rennie Harris, the artistic director and chore- 14th - JAZZ CONCERT - Elisabeth Lohninger 25th - MODERN VOCAL JAZZ - Adam Miller Thursday, 11 am - 5 pm Zamalek ographer, celebrates hip-hop culture on his own Quartet from Austria. For the first time in Egypt Band. 5th - 7th - SABIL THEATER COMPANY Time: Exhibition is open daily except Sundays from terms by using some of the world’s most influen- experience one of a kind jazz experience. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Kinding Sindaw’s multimedia dance theater pro- Live Colors Egypt 4th - 29th - VAN LEO - A RARE LOOK - Since 10 am- 9 pm tial forms of movement, music and storytelling to Alexandria Opera House, 22 Horreya St. Alexandria Tel: (02) 3346 1071 duction juxtaposes Tausug dance, music, martialLive Colors Egypt the beginning of World War II, Armenian photog- revolutionize contemporary concert dance. Tel: (03) 3570 2975 Time: 10 pm arts and epic storytelling with Mark Twain’s satir- rapher Van-Leo photographed Egyptian stars, 22nd - 29th - EAST...WEST - In this exhibi- Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm ical anti-imperialist writings. artists, poets, cabaret entertainers and Western tion, artist Taha Hussein is inspired by the Tel: (02) 2739 0132 27th - ROCK N ROLL - The Cadillacs (Debut). Gomhouria Theater, Abdeen Square visitors- all drawn to his studio by the lure of his thought and philosophy of pioneering German Time: 8 pm 14th - ARABIC SONGS - Laila Tarek Bahgat. Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: (02) 2739 0132 glamorous portraits. poet “Wolfgang Goethe” (1748 – 1832 AD), who Malak Gabr Arts Theater, American University in Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Time: 8 pm Van-Leo’s work includes portraits celebrities, as embraced his relationship to the East. Cairo, New Cairo Campus. Time: 8 pm well as unique views of Cairo and the Pyramids. Through the paintings, the artist is inspired by Music Tel: (02) 2615 1221 10th - 15th DOUBLE FACE MAN - A perfor- The Gallery will also display some of his memo- several European & Oriental artists, thus estab- Time: 1 pm 28th - MUSIC CONCERT - Nathan Fischer (gui- mance by Artistic House for Theater. rabilia, including his correspondence, his camera lishing a dialogue with their own personal 3rd - CLASSIC MUSIC - Cairo Symphony tar), Neveen Allouba (soprano) and Ines Abdel- Gomhouria Theater, Abdeen Square and personal effects. characters, which is represented in his own Orchestra. 14th - DUBSTEP - DJ Slim. daiem (flute). Tel: (02) 2739 0132 What makes this exhibition unique is that never adaptations of famous paintings by Michael Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Malak Gabr Arts Theater, American University in Time: 8 pm before has Van-Leo’s wide oeuvre of work has Angelo, Matisse, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Cairo, New Cairo Campus. been shown to the public before. and Bronzino. Time: 8pm Time: 10 pm Tel: (02) 2615 1221 12 March . 2012 March . 2012 13