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The last mover advantage (startup class slides)


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Slides by students in class #4, last mover advantage in eToro Startup Course

Published in: Technology, Business
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The last mover advantage (startup class slides)

  1. 1. The Last MoverAdvantage
  2. 2. The last mover advantageI. Escaping CompetitionII. Lies People TellA. Avoid the DOJB. Market LiesC. Market Share LiesD. Cash and CompetitionIII. How To Own a MarketIV. Creating Your Market A. Choosing the Right Market B. Monopoly and Scaling C. Some Examples
  3. 3. How benefic is it to be in a competitive field? - Mara When you give your “all” to one field, one goal where competition is fierce you believe that failing is the end of you/of your career. WRONG: Peter Thiel missed an interview for the carrier he prepared his whole life and a few years later invented PayPalWalt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he "lacked imagination and had
  4. 4. dont be the first... be the best!;
  5. 5. IRA
  6. 6. For a company to own its market it must have some combination of: Brand Scale cost advantages Network effects Proprietary technologyYoni Assia
  7. 7. A persons or companys aspirations can only be reached when competence, vision and reality work together. Dara Sandow - Vandel
  8. 8. Moving first isn’t always an advantage. Think about poker. If you’re the last to bet, you have the most information. The endgame is where the most decisive moves are made.Ido Frishman
  9. 9. MonopoleIn England the Crown issued letters patent providing any person with a monopoly to produce particular goods. Mostly issued to people how were prepared to pay for it. Asi
  10. 10. MiMiriMijsakdjhkaj Miri Kedem
  11. 11. Only 32 pieces on the board and 64 squares those pieces can occupy • Know the relative value of your pieces. • Know how your pieces work best together. • Know the phases of the game and have a plan. • Talent matters; there is more to success than luck. • Chess is a brutal mental game. So is life. Make your moves carefully.Estrella Demonte
  12. 12. Were not a monopoly.. the regulator is!