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Apps and the UX


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Apps and the UX

  1. 1. APPS AND THE UXBy Yasser Monkachi
  2. 2. The UserA User is a human being whooperates a computer in the realworld.
  3. 3. The ExperienceThe apprehension of an object,thought, or emotion through thesenses or mind.
  4. 4. The User Experience !The quality of experience aperson has when interactingwith a specific design.
  5. 5. UX is Not UI“UX is the intangible design of astrategy that brings us to asolution.”
  6. 6. The UIThe user interface, or UI, of adevice is the look and feel of theon-screen menu system.
  7. 7. The UX StrategyDesigning with users in mind is a trickything. Not only does it require of us a soundunderstanding of who our users are, but theactual act of translating what we knowabout them into a well-designed product isnot always an obvious or easy path.
  8. 8. The UX Maturity Model
  9. 9. Apps & The UXGoogle has decisively bridged the UX gapfor this user segment with the Catalogsapp.UX MAG
  10. 10. Apps & The UX
  11. 11. The UX EcosystemA UX ecosystem is a set ofinterdependent relationships thatemerge between componentswithin an informationenvironment.
  12. 12. Apps & The UI
  13. 13. Apps & The UI
  14. 14. Apps & The UI
  15. 15. Apps & The UI
  16. 16. APPS AND THE UXThank you !