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Cultural and social meanings of food vietnam


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A short powerpoint on the typical foods eaten in Vietnam

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Cultural and social meanings of food vietnam

  1. 1. Cultural and Social Meanings of Food
  2. 2. Vietnamese Breakfast  Pho- Vietnamese people eat pho for breakfast. Pho is a rice noodle soup with vegetables, broth, herbs and beef or chicken. This is healthy because it contains 3 food groups- grain, protein and vegetables.  Another popular food that Vietnamese people eat is salty cakes with minced pork and dried shrimp. This is not as healthy as pho because it contains added salts.
  3. 3. The Origins of Pho  Pho originated form Northern Vietnam during the mid- 1880s. The famous Vietnamese dish is thought to have been influenced by Chinese and French cuisine because the rice noodles and spices came from China and the French introduced the eating of red meat.
  4. 4. Vietnamese Lunch  Bahn mi- Bahn mi is a sandwich that consists of carrots, cilantro, onions, daikon (white radish) with pork or chicken on a French roll.
  5. 5. Vietnamese Dinner  Bo Luc Lac- Bo Luc Lac is a dish with cubes of beef that are seared from a skillet. This can be served with vermicelli noodles or rice. This is healthy as it consists of protein and grain.
  6. 6. Drinks  Typical Vietnamese desserts include:  Milk  Coconut milk  Water  Jasmine tea
  7. 7. Dessert  Che Vietnamese Dessert soup- Che Vietnamese dessert soup consists of a variety of beans and glutinous rice cooked in water and sugar. It can be served hot or cold in bowls, glasses or over ice.