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Evaluation q 7

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminarytask, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progressing from it tothe full product?
  2. 2. • The main thing which Ifeel I have achieved isthe ability to use softwarebetter. At the beginningof my preliminary task,my Photoshop skills werelimited and the product Icreated wasnt verygood. After practice andtutorials on Photoshop, Imanaged to use a varietyof different tools in orderto make the product lookmore professional andauthentic which was themain aim of the task..The PreliminaryThe Final ContentsMe using skills on Photoshopin order to create the Contentspage for my magazine
  3. 3. • It is clear to see where my skills have changed anddeveloped from start to end as the final product looks a lotmore professional and more aesthetically pleasing to thetarget audience. I have made sure I have used my modeland information on the cover to appeal to the target readerusing costume, makeup and hair as well as bands whichthey will be interested in as it will make them want to buythe magazine.PRELIMINARYMAGAZINEFINALMAGAZINE
  4. 4. • From doing my preliminaries I have also learnedto use different technologies such ascameras, lighting equipment and, ofcourse, Photoshop. Using these I increased myknowledge as to how magazines are made andalso how to use skills I have gained in order tocreate a product that looks professional andauthentic.ORIGINALIMAGEENHANCEDIMAGEAs you can see from theimages, I learned how to use theenhancing tools on Photoshop inorder to make my images lookbetter and more professional tomake my magazine look moreauthentic overall.
  5. 5. • On my final product I used avariety of different tools and effectswhich I worked out how to use. Ithink that this makes the finalproduct look a lot moreprofessional in comparison to mypreliminary work. The images aresharper and the overall look of theproduct is more authentic.MY MAGAZINE COVEREFFECTIVE DUE TO SHARPIMAGES MAKING IT LOOKAUTHENTICImages ofsuccessfulartists are verysharp andenhanced tomake thephotograph lookmoreprofessionaland the modellook better.
  6. 6. • In comparison to my prelim, the way I have edited the cover to make it lookmore professional as I have done a lot of research to realise how themagazine should look. I have also further researched magazines whichrelate to the music genre I have chosen which ensures my magazine isfitting and will look authentic enough to be sold on shelves alongside othermagazines. When doing the preliminary work I hadnt done any researchinto magazine conventions and I believe that this has helped me to create abetter product overall which makes it more professional and more attractiveto my target market.A range of successful magazines and my magazine, showingthat it doesn’t look bad amongst other professional, REALmagazines
  7. 7. • An example of this is using exposureand contrasting in order to make theimage more striking and to make themagazine stand out more to readers.Before, the colours which I used werevery simple and understated meaningthat it looked fairly boring. I believe thatthe cover of my magazine is very eyecatching and is attractive to theintended audience (as opposed to myprelim which was supposed to beaimed at students who may not havebeen attracted to the magazine)• From my research I found that a lot ofthe images had been enhanced inorder to make them look smoother andmore professional and so I wanted todo the same on my magazine. I didn’tdo this in my preliminary task whichone of the reasons why it didn’t lookauthentic enough or professionalenough to pass for a real schoolmagazine• If I had the skills then that I now havethen it would have looked a lot better.My preliminary (showntop left) looked dark anddreary- not somethingthat a magazine shouldlook like!During this evaluationquestion I quickly editedthe exposure on theimage and it looked a lotmore professional(bottom left) meaningthat through thedevelopment of theseskills I can make thingslook more professionaland make a betterquality product thanbefore.Quick changeon Photoshop
  8. 8. • My understanding of the way which magazines are createdhas improved as during the research and planning I lookedinto magazines. This involved analysis of covers, contentspages and double page spreads. This helped me tounderstand the conventions of magazines and helped me torealise how I needed to layout my magazineI have tried to make elements of my magazine similar to others as well as usingconventions taken from my analysis of existing products. Here I have followed theQ magazine DPS by having an image of my artist filling one page and the writingon the other page which I think works well, is effective yet is still clear for thereader.
  9. 9. • The double page spread shows using techniques such as exposure, shadows, textalignment, creating patterns within text which all helped to create a moreprofessional product overall. This was achieved through the development of skillsthat I gained from doing my preliminary work as well as research and planning.• I also realised the techniques, features and conventions used in order to appeal to achosen audience. Features such as the golden spiral for photographs as it controlsthe readers focus on the page as well as being able to make the page aestheticallypleasing to the target reader.Me using skills developed from mypreliminaries in order to create mymagazines double page spread.
  10. 10. • My knowledge grew further during planning when I was creatingdrawn plans and computer versions of the plan. Working out whereeverything would look best and what i wanted it to look like overallwas challenging however with time and practice I became a lotmore aware of the layout of my magazine and how i wanted tomake it look. This then helped me achieve my final productCover design drawnand then scanned intothe computer. Thiswas used as atemplate whendesigning my draftmagazine.Draft magazine following thedesign draft template
  11. 11. • Showing the contents pages from my preliminary work and myfinal project it is clear to see the differences as I havedeveloped my skills on Photoshop• First of all I believe that the final contents page is more suitedto my target audience as I think that they will relate more tothe images, text and layout/overall look of the page
  12. 12. • I think that my preliminary work isquite boring and does not relatewell to the target audience of schoolstudents as they will be more likelyto want to look at somethingexciting and fun (full of pictures,text, stories, etc) and thereforedoesnt fit the target audience well.• School students don’t enjoy lookingat things which are really boring andtherefore this wouldn’t appeal to myaudience• However, I think that the stories andfeatures that I have shown on thecontents page to be within themagazine would be appealing tothem as they would want to readthese things. I took this forward andused exciting features that wouldappeal to my target audience in myfinal magazine
  13. 13. • Also the layout looks moreprofessional. The final designshows that I have researchedcarefully into the way whichmagazine contents pages havebeen laid out in real magazines.I did this in order to achieve anauthentic looking magazinecontents page and I feel thatwith a few tweaks it could lookvery professional and authentic• I would want to change thecolour on the background inorder to make it more fun to lookat as I think that this wouldrelate to my audience more.They would want to read themagazine which is the mainpurpose of the product,
  14. 14. • The preliminary layout wasntunprofessional or scatty, it wasneat which was good as it wasclear for the audience to readhowever the neatness andlack of images/colour made itlook really boring andtherefore not good enough tobe considered a real magazine• My draft magazinecontents was reallycrowded and messywhich made it reallydifficult for my audienceto read. For my finalmagazine I needed totone it down and makethe page less busy.A mixture of too simple/boring andtoo crowded and busy making a goodcontents page,DRAFTPRELIMINARY FINAL
  15. 15. After comparing my magazine contents pages to other existingcontents pages I don’t think that mine look to bad. I think that they lookfairly authentic which was the main point of the project and I think that,like the others, my magazine contents appeals to my target audiencewhich will make them want to read and buy my product.
  16. 16. • I have learnt that using images of better quality (and using the right people!)ensure a more professional and genuine look to the magazine. Using thecamera and other equipment that the school provided I managed to creategood quality images to use throughout my magazine in order to ensure thatthe magazine looked as good, high end and professional as possibleThis is a good quality image of George which I used in my preliminary,however the pose and the costume (etc) wouldn’t appeal to my audience.Also he probably isnt the best person to use to appeal to students as thewhole image looks a bit boring.This image of Chloe which I used in my draft. It is agood image as she looks relaxed and would appeal tomy target readers however the quality is awful andthe costume would need a few tweaks in order tomake it good enough.These images used in my final product were a lotbetter quality and would appeal/relate to my targetaudience more than the others. The quality of themmakes them more professional and the costumesreflect the genre and the readers well.
  17. 17. • From looking at the cover ofmy magazines, developmentin skills and ideas is clearlyshown. The moreprofessional (neater) layoutand the more relevant topicsshows development in myunderstanding of the conceptand target audience as wellas developing skills in takingphotographs and usingtechnology (Photoshop) inorder to bring my producttogether and have continuitythroughout which, Ibelieve, makes my productmore professional andtherefore more suited to mytarget audience.