Evaluation q 7


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Evaluation q 7

  1. 1. Looking back at yourpreliminary task, what doyou feel you have learnt inthe progressing from it to thefull product?
  2. 2. • The main thing whichI feel I have achievedis the ability to usesoftware better. Atthe beginning of mypreliminary task, myPhotoshop skillswere limited and theproduct I createdwasnt very good.After practice andtutorials onPhotoshop, Imanaged to use avariety of differenttools in order toThe PreliminaryThe Final ContentsMe using skills on Photoshopin order to create the Contentspage for my magazine
  3. 3. • It is clear to see where my skills have changedand developed from start to end as the finalproduct looks a lot more professional and moreaesthetically pleasing to the target audience. Ihave made sure I have used my model andinformation on the cover to appeal to the targetreader using costume, makeup and hair as wellas bands which they will be interested in as it willmake them want to buy the magazine.PRELIMINARY MAGAZINEFINALMAGAZINE
  4. 4. • From doing my preliminaries I have alsolearned to use different technologies suchas cameras, lighting equipment and, ofcourse, Photoshop. Using these Iincreased my knowledge as to howmagazines are made and also how to useskills I have gained in order to create aproduct that looks professional andauthentic.ORIGINALIMAGEENHANCEDIMAGEAs you can see from theimages, I learned how to usethe enhancing tools onPhotoshop in order to makemy images look better andmore professional to makemy magazine look more
  5. 5. • On my final product I used avariety of different tools andeffects which I worked outhow to use. I think that thismakes the final product looka lot more professional incomparison to my preliminarywork. The images aresharper and the overall lookof the product is moreauthentic.MY MAGAZINE COVEREFFECTIVE DUE TOSHARP IMAGES MAKINGIT LOOK AUTHENTICImages ofsuccessfulartists arevery sharpand enhancedto make thephotographlook moreprofessional
  6. 6. • In comparison to my prelim, the way I have edited the cover tomake it look more professional as I have done a lot of researchto realise how the magazine should look. I have also furtherresearched magazines which relate to the music genre I havechosen which ensures my magazine is fitting and will lookauthentic enough to be sold on shelves alongside othermagazines. When doing the preliminary work I hadnt done anyresearch into magazine conventions and I believe that this hashelped me to create a better product overall which makes itmore professional and more attractive to my target market.A range of successful magazines and my magazine,showing that it doesn’t look bad amongst other
  7. 7. • An example of this is usingexposure and contrasting in orderto make the image more strikingand to make the magazine standout more to readers. Before, thecolours which I used were verysimple and understated meaningthat it looked fairly boring. I believethat the cover of my magazine isvery eye catching and is attractiveto the intended audience (asopposed to my prelim which wassupposed to be aimed at studentswho may not have been attractedto the magazine)• From my research I found that alot of the images had beenenhanced in order to make themlook smoother and moreprofessional and so I wanted to dothe same on my magazine. I didn’tMy preliminary(shown top left)looked dark anddreary- notsomething that amagazine should looklike!During this evaluationquestion I quicklyedited the exposureon the image and itlooked a lot moreprofessional (bottomleft) meaning thatthrough thedevelopment of theseskills I can makethings look moreprofessional andmake a better qualityproduct than before.Quickchange on
  8. 8. • My understanding of the way which magazines arecreated has improved as during the research andplanning I looked into magazines. This involvedanalysis of covers, contents pages and doublepage spreads. This helped me to understand theconventions of magazines and helped me to realisehow I needed to layout my magazineI have tried to make elements of my magazine similar to others as well asusing conventions taken from my analysis of existing products. Here Ihave followed the Q magazine DPS by having an image of my artist fillingone page and the writing on the other page which I think works well, is
  9. 9. • The double page spread shows using techniques such asexposure, shadows, text alignment, creating patterns within textwhich all helped to create a more professional product overall. Thiswas achieved through the development of skills that I gained fromdoing my preliminary work as well as research and planning.• I also realised the techniques, features and conventions used inorder to appeal to a chosen audience. Features such as the goldenspiral for photographs as it controls the readers focus on the pageMe using skills developed frommy preliminaries in order tocreate my magazines doublepage spread.
  10. 10. • My knowledge grew further during planning when I was creatingdrawn plans and computer versions of the plan. Working outwhere everything would look best and what i wanted it to looklike overall was challenging however with time and practice Ibecame a lot more aware of the layout of my magazine andhow i wanted to make it look. This then helped me achieve myfinal productCover designdrawn and thenscanned into thecomputer. This wasused as a templatewhen designing mydraft magazine.Draft magazine following thedesign draft template
  11. 11. • Showing the contents pages from my preliminarywork and my final project it is clear to see thedifferences as I have developed my skills onPhotoshop• First of all I believe that the final contents page ismore suited to my target audience as I think that they
  12. 12. • I think that my preliminary workis quite boring and does notrelate well to the targetaudience of school students asthey will be more likely to wantto look at something excitingand fun (full of pictures, text,stories, etc) and thereforedoesnt fit the target audiencewell.• School students don’t enjoylooking at things which arereally boring and therefore thiswouldn’t appeal to my audience• However, I think that the storiesand features that I have shownon the contents page to bewithin the magazine would beappealing to them as they
  13. 13. • Also the layout looks moreprofessional. The finaldesign shows that I haveresearched carefully into theway which magazinecontents pages have beenlaid out in real magazines. Idid this in order to achievean authentic lookingmagazine contents pageand I feel that with a fewtweaks it could look veryprofessional and authentic• I would want to change thecolour on the background inorder to make it more fun tolook at as I think that this
  14. 14. • The preliminary layoutwasnt unprofessionalor scatty, it was neatwhich was good as itwas clear for theaudience to readhowever the neatnessand lack ofimages/colour made it• My draft magazinecontents was reallycrowded and messywhich made it reallydifficult for myaudience to read.For my finalmagazine I neededto tone it down andmake the page lessbusy.A mixture of toosimple/boring and toocrowded and busy making agood contents page,DRAFTPRELIMINARY FINAL
  15. 15. After comparing my magazine contents pages to otherexisting contents pages I don’t think that mine look to bad. Ithink that they look fairly authentic which was the main pointof the project and I think that, like the others, my magazinecontents appeals to my target audience which will make
  16. 16. • I have learnt that using images of better quality (and using theright people!) ensure a more professional and genuine look tothe magazine. Using the camera and other equipment that theschool provided I managed to create good quality images to usethroughout my magazine in order to ensure that the magazinelooked as good, high end and professional as possibleThis is a good quality image of George which I used in mypreliminary, however the pose and the costume (etc) wouldn’tappeal to my audience. Also he probably isnt the best person touse to appeal to students as the whole image looks a bit boring.This image of Chloe which I used in my draft. Itis a good image as she looks relaxed andwould appeal to my target readers howeverthe quality is awful and the costume wouldThese images used in my final product were alot better quality and would appeal/relate to mytarget audience more than the others. Thequality of them makes them more professionaland the costumes reflect the genre and the
  17. 17. • From looking at the cover ofmymagazines, development inskills and ideas is clearlyshown. The moreprofessional (neater) layoutand the more relevanttopics shows developmentin my understanding of theconcept and targetaudience as well asdeveloping skills in takingphotographs and usingtechnology (Photoshop) inorder to bring my producttogether and have continuitythroughout which, I