Music Magazine Questionnaire


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Music Magazine Questionnaire

  1. 1. Music Magazine Questionnaire
  2. 3. The results showed that the most common age of people interested in music magazines were between the ages of 17-19. I will therefore aim my music magazine at this specific age group by including things that will interest them the most. I will therefore ask additional questions that will determine what are the most popular products, brands of clothing and artist that they listen to so I can make a summary of what to include in my magazine
  3. 4. From my results I found that R’n’b and Hip Hop were the most popular genre of music for the selection of people that answered my questionnaire. It was closely followed by rock and alternative. I want to make my magazine appeal to either R’n’b and Hip Hop or Alternative or maybe even both.
  4. 5. I generally found that not many people read the music magazines that I listed. NME was the most popular, along with vibe and URB which again reflects on the results of the genre of music. If I want my music magazine to be popular and successful then I want to aim it at the most popular genre of music, therefore attracting more readers.
  5. 6. Looking at these results, it seems that readers are attracted to the freebies that come with the magazine, I think that I will include this in the first edition of my music magazine and also have an offer stating that if the reader subscribes annually then they will receive a reduced price and also free products and offers every issue.
  6. 7. From the results I found that peoples favourite clothing varied a lot, although quite a few of the brands were highstreet and very well known. Nearly all of the brands that were listed are easy to purchase and are usually in most shopping malls etc. There were a few brands, like Lipsy, Criminal Damage and Billionaire Boys Club that are more expensive and less high street than the others. Brands like this, especially Billionaire Boys Club really reflect the type of music the person listens to and is also similar the what the artists wear. I think to attract customers I will advertise for high street and also brands like BBC to attract all types of readers. I will carefully pick the brands I advertise depending on the genre of music I focus my magazine on.
  7. 8. Nearly all of the people that answered this questionnaire illegally downloaded. I asked additional questions from this asking what source they used to illegally downloads and the most common answer was things such as Limewire, Bearshare and Frostwire. Another common answer was using a Youtube conversion website, which converts any video on Youtube to an MP3 file. To reduce illegal downloading, I will advertise offers on music downloads and also free downloads to encourage people to the purchase music instead of download illegally.
  8. 9. Itunes is the most popular of people accessing their music. This software is free to download of the Apple website and can be used on most computers. I think the reason this is the most popular is because it is free and easy to use. Youtube was another popular answer, I asked the people that answered youtube why they preferred it to other way of listening to their music and they said, you don’t have to wait to download it and you can access it easily. They also said it was good to see the video along with the music.
  9. 10. Most people don’t spend more than £5 on music magazines in a month, I will therefore try to encourage sales by including things that will make them want to purchase this specific magazine. I will also make it of an affordable price so that my target age range (17-19) will be able to buy this.
  10. 11. The percentage of people that answered this questionnaire said that they preferred to purchase any music they wanted online instead of in store. Nowadays a lot of stuff can be done online, it is more convenient and easily accessed which encourages people to purchase online. I will include links in my magazine to the best music download sites and also advertise any offers of cheap downloads or free downloads.