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First Draft Trailer Feedback


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First Draft Trailer Feedback

  1. 1. 1) What do you think the genre of the film is? How can you tell?2) What do you think the plot is? How can you tell?3) What could be added to the trailer to make the plot andnarrative clearer?4) The target audience for this film is females from the ages 18-25.Do you think the film would appeal to this demographic? Why?5) Could you tell through the trailer the main character haspsychological issues? If so, how?6) What issues do you think were raised and what themes do youthink were represented?7) Do you think this trailer holds typical conventions of apsychological thriller or a horror film? If yes, give examples.8) Would you go see this film? If so, why?9) Overall, what questions does this trailer leave you asking?10) How would you improve this trailer?Target audience - Viewer questions
  2. 2. 1) What do you think the genre of thefilm is? How can you tell?• Thriller because of scary/suspense filled music.Quick action shots and the character dialogue• Horror/psychological thriller (through titlefont, sound, name of film)• Horror (name of film, shots, dark room locationand sound)• Mystery/thriller (soundtrack = sense of someonebeing chased)• Psychological thriller – sense of paranoia, heavybreathing, darkness, disorientatedcharacter, camera movement (quick shots vs fastcuts)
  3. 3. 2) What do you think the plot is? Howcan you tell?• Main character is being followed, but she doesn’t die buthas an accident. Something to do with her psychologicalstate. You can tell because in trailer the camera follows heraround.• Photographer sees something, and is being followed…• Character is being followed by someone• Lady is being followed/stalkedfollowing an accident• The girl thinks someone is after heror that she did something
  4. 4. 3) What could be added to the trailerto make the plot and narrativeclearer?• A better establishing shot• Avoid repetitive shots as this confuses viewers• Consistency of view point (camera)• More narrative explanation
  5. 5. 4) The target audience for this film isfemales from the ages 18-25. Do youthink the film would appeal to thisdemographic? Why?• Yes because their age group is represented inthe trailer• Yes, although main character maybe appearsyounger in the trailer
  6. 6. 5) Could you tell through the trailerthe main character has psychologicalissues? If so, how?• Yes, a form of paranoia, although this isjustifiable if the character is beingfollowed/stalked• Yes by her panicked state, asking lots ofquestions… Or is she just scared though?• No• Yes she seems paranoid
  7. 7. 6) What issues do you think wereraised and what themes do you thinkwere represented?• Psychological themes such as memory• Vulnerable females represented• Spiritual or psychological themes• Light/dark, images related issues, sense ofbeing watched
  8. 8. 7) Do you think this trailer holdstypical conventions of a psychologicalthriller or a horror film? If yes, giveexamples.• Yes, because of the sense of being chased or out ofcontrol• Yes through the fact she is being chased in a fastpace• Yes in terms of the chase and pace of the trailer• Yes colour themes (red and black) and solitary likecharacter which may seem depressed
  9. 9. 8) Would you go see this film? Ifso, why?• Definitely because it looks intriguing and veryinteresting, making you want to watch it.• Probably, it seems intriguing.• Yes because a lot of suspense is present
  10. 10. 9) Overall, what questions does thistrailer leave you asking?• Where is she going?• Why is she alone?• Who is the guy (stalker)?• What was the accident?• Had she been in an accident when she saw the photographs?• Who is following her and why?• What did she see?• Will she escape or be captured?• What happens to her character?• Yes it looks more interesting than other horrors. There is alsosuspense as viewers want to find out who is following her in thetrailer.
  11. 11. 10) How would you improve thistrailer?• More slow motion shots• Change the font in the titles, seems to much like comic sans• Too much bike footage going backwards• Cut out the shot where she drops the picture – looks like she doesn’t like what she sees or isjust really clumsy• Make it less repetitive so there is space to include some more unused footage• Make more fast cuts into slow cuts• Explore with other possibilities for the establishing shot, play with the idea of contrast• Add a green screen at the beginning• Use even shorter clips (a couple of seconds for each clip) and cut between different imagesto build pace. For example, just a flash of Olivia on the ground, or looking at herreflection, spread through the trailer. Watch some more professional trailers to remindyourself of how short each shot can be. Images in a trailer need suggest events, not explainthem.• Consider beginning the trailer with the shot into the camera lens. Also, this is one of manymoments that will be fantastic when you have spent a bit more time on more ruthlessediting: don’t let the camera zoom out of the lens again at the end of the clip!