Monitoring and measurement


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Monitoring and measurement

  1. 1. It is the usage of the computers or microprocessor – based devices to monitor or measure physical variables over a period of time. a device or arrangement for observing, detecting, or recording the operation of a machine or system, especially an automatic control system. the extent, dimensions, quantity, etc., of something, ascertained especially by comparison with a standard
  2. 2. In this section you should know what type of sensors you will be using , to check out the various physical variables : • Temperature • Pressure • Humidity • Moisture • Light • Sound • Blood pressure • Ph scale ( acidity ) Temperature sensor Humidity sensor Ph sensor Sound sensor Pressure sensor Moisture sensorLight sensor
  3. 3. Sensors , are input devices used to input data about the physical changes in the environment , that has been monitored / detected. * You should know that monitoring and measuring systems are not like control systems.
  4. 4. The computer is continually monitoring the sensors , in this case the sensors are sending the data continually . This data is in the form of analogue type , thus , it will be converted to digital data , through ….. ADC “ ANALOGUE – TO – DIGITAL CONVERTER. Which as a result the interface box is biult , and the sensor is plugged to it , and both are plugged to the computer.
  5. 5. Output on a printer or speakers if the output is sound. • Measuring software • Data logging software. • The systems in total are called data logging systems.
  6. 6. Monitoring systems are highly used in hospitals. The monitor is attached to the patient , and then attached to the computer . • Pulse rate • Rate of breathing • Blood pressure • Body temperature • Amount of oxygen in the blood. Each patient is having its own monitor , which is connected to the main display monitor for the nurses. In these monitors various ranges are given , and if the range of the patient is below or above those ranges , the alarm will start ringing.
  7. 7. The monitors are used in this field , through which the computers are used to collect data only : • Wind speed , using the rotor to generate pulses , proportional to the wind speed. • Wind direction , using angel sensor. • Temperature , using temperature sensor • Barometric pressure , using pressure sensor • Rainfall , using tipping mechanism • Humidity , humidity sensor • Sunshine , light sensor. Data is collected in the database , or in spreadsheet. It helps in observing global warming , and forecast the weather.
  8. 8. Climate is measured over a very long period of time. The collected data will be plotted in a graph for different variables over a period of time.
  9. 9. This is used to warn the public , or authorities of a very high level of pollutants. Noise levels are monitored, and river monitored : • Ph of the river • Temperature of the stream • Dissolved oxygen • Turbidity and water levels.
  10. 10. There are many scientific experiments take place , with the presence of the monitors, espicially the chemical experiments , which last for few seconds or over a long period of time. Using sensors provide : • More accuracy • Enables automatic or immediate processes. The data collected from the experiment , will be in the spreadsheet , to make graphs , so it can be imported into word – processing or desktop – publishing software for the inclusion in the txt report in the findings.