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Teras nusantara products and price v1.2


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Teras nusantara products and price v1.2

  1. 1. PT Teras NusantaraBandung2013TERAS NUSANTARA TOURISM PACKAGESAND SERVICESThis document contains descriptions about company’s business, tourismpackages as products, pricelist, and other outdoor and tourism services.
  2. 2. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 1Email : relations@terasnusantara.comTERAS NUSANTARA TOURISM PACKAGES ANDSERVICES“The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.”~ Alan Ashley-PittINTRODUCTIONTeras Nusantara is under PT. Teras Nusantara whose core businesses are tourism area operator andservices provider, especially in recreation, tour guide, travel management, adventure arrangement,education tourism, villa, outbound training and corporate gathering. With human resources whomare experienced in nature explorations, extreme sports, outdoor activities and travel management,Teras Nusantara conducts businesses by 3S company’s core values: safety, service and sustainabledevelopment.As a country which is geographically and ecologically strategic, Indonesia is rich in nature andculture. Indonesia’s geographic location and the formation of its archipelago make it possesses somany exotic regions which are unique and different that draw visitors from all over the world.Beside the beauty of nature, Indonesia also has an abundance of arts and cultures. There are manyfamous tourism destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Borobudur, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, etc.which have been Indonesia tourism icon. However, there are more exotic yet not well-knownplaces than the famous ones. Therefore, with our motto “Brings You the Unexplored”, TerasNusantara comes to introduce and to preserve ‘the unexplored’ parts of Indonesia.
  3. 3. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 2Email : relations@terasnusantara.comPACKAGESFollowing are our services explanation. We categorized our packages into five different terrainsdistinguished by altitude and topography.A. Mountain and JungleActivity : Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Short CoursesAltitude : 1200 – 3000 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Activity criteria : High impact activities and wild environment.Available packages :A.1. PapandayanDuration : 2D1NAccommodation : CampingTrekking difficulty : MediumFeatures : Volcano, Crater, Dead Forest, Eidelweiss FieldFacilities : Meals, Guide, Porter, Insurance, Ticket, Snack, Camping Utilities,Medical SupportPapandayan is an exotic volcano which has many interesting spots. As an active volcano, it hascrater area which actively produces hot sulfuric gas and hot water spring. Besides, it also has avery wide Edelweiss (the eternal flower) field called Tegal Alun and a dead forest called HutanMati meters below. It is called so because of the eruption happened in 2002 has left an epic areawith black colored dead trees and white colored land covered with volcanic ashes.This trip includes visiting those wonderful places and a night camp in Pondok Salada area. PondokSalada is a broad grassy field that usually used by hiker to spent a night camping. This location alsohas a well preserved clean water source.Volcano Trekking
  4. 4. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 3Email : relations@terasnusantara.comDead ForestEidelweiss Field at Tegal AlunIf customers want to stay at cottage, we can arrange a custom trip with Darajat as an alternativeplan instead of camping. It is a cottage on the hill top with hot water pool and water boom. InDarajat, customers will enjoy beautiful scenery of highland while hot sulfuric water calms theirbody and their children playing in the water boom arena.A.2. Tegal PanjangDuratioan : 2D1NAccommodation : CampingTrekking Difficulty : MediumFeatures : Volcano, Crater, Tropical Jungle, Savanna, MeadowFacilities : Meals, Guide, Porter, Insurance, Ticket, Snack, Camping Utilities,Medical SupportAbout three until four hours walking from the crater of Papandayan, we will meet a place calledTegal Panjang, a wide savanna hidden in the middle of tropical forest. This place is like aheaven on earth. It is still virgin because not many visitors know about it. At a certain times, thewhite grass flowers will bloom at some areas and make this place become more beautiful.Unfortunately, the meadow usually will get burned naturally at dry season.
  5. 5. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 4Email : relations@terasnusantara.comThis trip includes trekking to crater, Tegal Panjang, and a night camping. If you want to go to otherplaces in Papandayan, we can arrange a custom trip with 3D2N duration.Morning at Tegal PanjangGrass Bloom on Wet SeasonA.3. Tangkuban Parahu via SukawanaDuration : 5 Hours Hiking on an Alternative TrackAccommodation : NoneTrekking Difficulty : MediumFeatures : Volcano, Crater, Tea Plantation, Forest, Bandung Basin InsightFacilities : Meals, Guide, Porter, Insurance, Ticket, Snack, Medical SupportTangkuban Parahu is another exotic volcano which is located at northern part of Bandung. LikePapandayan, it is also an active volcano that has giant craters which actively produces hot sulfuricgas. We have an alternative route to climb Mount Tangkuban Parahu starting from one of itsbases called Sukawana. It is an alternative track that has beautiful scenery and quiet journey,different from the main track which is usually crowded with visitors. Tangkuban Parahu has a nicelegend/folk story to talk about and also is an amazing geological site to discuss about.
  6. 6. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 5Email : relations@terasnusantara.comThis trip includes hiking from Sukawana across tea plantation to crater of Tangkuban Parahu andshort discussion about Bandung Basin theory, from legend and scientific perspective. If youwant to include a night camping in Sukawana, we can arrange a custom trip with 2D1N duration.Crater of Tangkuban Parahu seen from alternative routeBeautiful scenery of the alternative track of Tangkuban ParahuA.4. ManglayangDuration : 2D1NActivities : Soft Trekking, Orienteering Short Course, Bandung Basin InsightAccommodation : CottageTrekking Difficulty : EasyFeatures : Forest, Hill, Pine Field, Giant Rocks, Bandung City High View, CottageFacilities : Cottage, Meals, Guide, Insurance, Ticket, Snack, Course Facilitator,Medical SupportManglayang is a mountain located at the east side of Bandung city. As one of mountains formationsurrounding Bandung city, Mount Manglayang has a lot in common with Burangrang, BukitTunggul, and Tangkuban Parahu. There is a tourism site named Batukuda with beautiful pinefields and giant rocks inside the area.
  7. 7. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 6Email : relations@terasnusantara.comBandung is geographically and geologically unique. This place is like a giant bowl surrounding bymountains. This fact brings interesting scientific hypothesis and also urban legend about ancientBandung. The most popular theory is that whole Bandung area is used to be a giant ancient lake.On the other hand, urban legend about Tangkuban Parahu also supports that theory of the giantlake. The story of Sangkuriang who tries to build a giant boat and form a giant lake is reputedlyhappened in Bandung area. We will discuss it at the top of Padaimut hill where we can seeBandung as a bowl-like area.This trip includes staying at cottage, trekking to Batukuda, trekking to Padaimut hill top, shortcourse about basic orienteering and Bandung Basin Insight.Bandung City View from Padaimut Hill TopOrienteering Short Course
  8. 8. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 7Email : relations@terasnusantara.comB. Highland PlaygroundActivity : 2D1N Family Camping and Nature WalkingAltitude : 1200 – 1800 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Activity Criteria : Low impact activities, for all ages and gathering eventGeneral Features : Permanent toilet, Games, Barbeque, Camp FireAvailable destinations :B.1. Ranca Upas - CiwideyAltitude : 1800 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Features : Air temperature 18-23 Celcius degrees, Java deer conservation area, birds,jogging track, outbound games, hot spring, lakeFacilities : Camping Utilities, Meals, Guide, Insurance, Camping Ground Ticket, HotSpring Tiket, Snack, Medical SupportRanca Upas is a very good choice for outdoor gathering or just family picnic. Its well-maintainedcamping ground is very suitable for those who seek fresh air with good view of wild nature yeteasy to reach and has good facilities. We provide camping arrangement services at Ranca Upas.We can watch and interact with Java deer at the conservation area. There is a hot springfacility which customer can enjoy spending time at.Deer in Ranca UpasThis trip includes camping at Ranca Upas camping ground, enjoying hot spring pool, watching Javadeer, and nature walking. If you want to go other tourism spots around Ciwidey, like Kawah Putih,Situ Patengan, and Ranca Bali tea plantation, we can arrange a custom trip to those tourismsites as requested.
  9. 9. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 8Email : relations@terasnusantara.comB.2. Cibodas LembangAltitude : 1200 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Features : Air temperature 18 Celcius degrees, outbound arena, wall climbing,swimming pool, riverFacilities : Camping Utilities, Meals, Guide, Insurance, Camping Ground Ticket,Snack, Medical SupportCibodas is a village located in Lembang, north of Bandung city. There is a very big integratedoutbound area called Madani Leadership Center with complete outbound facilities, includingcamping ground, outbound games arena, and many more. This area is divided into two areas by ariver. It also has good electricity, water supply, and sanitation facility.Madani Leadership CenterThis trip includes camping at Madani Leadership Center camping ground, playing outboundgames, and nature walking. If you want to go other tourism spots around Lembang, like Maribaya,Kampung Gajah, and many more, we can arrange a custom trip to those tourism sites asrequested.B.3. Capolaga SubangAltitude : 1200 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Features : Air temperature 18 Celcius degrees, waterfalls, outbound games, foodstallFacilities : Camping Utilities, Meals, Guide, Insurance, Camping Ground Ticket,Snack, Medical SupportCapolaga is an outbound area located between Subang and Bandung. It has many camping areasand outbound facilities. There are three waterfalls in this area we can visit, not too far fromcamping area. Walking to waterfalls spot with your family will be a good way to introduce nature toyour kids. This area also has a flying fox installation, food stall, and sanitation facility.
  10. 10. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 9Email : relations@terasnusantara.comPlaying at the waterfallWell-maintained footpath, safe for childThis trip includes camping at Capolaga camping ground and nature walking to waterfalls spot. Ifyou want to go other tourism spots around Subang, like Tangkuban Parahu, Ciater, and manymore, we can arrange a custom trip to those tourism sites as requested.
  11. 11. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 10Email : relations@terasnusantara.comC. Rural AreaActivity : Education Tour and RelaxationAltitude : 1000 – 1200 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Activity criteria : Rural life education, back-to-nature activity, relaxationAvailable package :C.1. CilengkrangDuration : 2D1NActivities : Oyster Mushroom harvesting, Etawa Milk-producing Goat farm visitAccommodation : CottageAltitude : 1200 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Features : Cottage, Oyster Mushroom, Etawa Goat Farm, From-nature Food andBeverage, City Light ViewFacilities : Cottage, Meals, Guide, Insurance, Snack, Courses Facilitator, CourseProducts (milk and mushroom), Medical SupportCilengkrang has been known as one of the milk-producing village. Not just cow’s but also goat’smilk. We will visit one of middle-sized goat farm here. Customers will be given insight about theexcellences of goat’s milk compared to other milk, husbandry process, and goat’s milk benefitsfrom economic view. The most interesting part is playing with attractive and adorable milch goats,milking, and feeding baby goats. All goats here are so clean and well nursed. Children can play withthem without fear of being dirty. At the end, we will taste goat’s milk and buy other derivativeproducts.Interaction with Etawa Goat Feeding Baby Goat
  12. 12. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 11Email : relations@terasnusantara.comOyster Mushroom Harvesting ActivitiesBeside Etawa Milk-producing Goat farm visit, customer will do oyster mushroom harvesting. Ourbase camp in Cilengkrang has been developing oyster mushroom for consumption. We will bringyou to see mushroom planting medium and harvesting by yourselves. After harvesting, you willtaste mushroom-based foods available such as crispy fried mushroom or sautéed mushroom.
  13. 13. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 12Email : relations@terasnusantara.comD. UrbanActivity : City Trails and SightseeingAltitude : 700-800 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Activity criteria : Alternatives, for special interest in city history, art, and cultureAvailable packages :D.1. Bandung ClassicDuration : 5 HoursActivities : City Trails to Historic Spots in Bandung and MuseumsFeatures : The ‘Firsts’ in Bandung, Museum of Asia Africa Conference, The GreatMosqueFacilities : Meal, Guide, Insurance, InterpreterBandung is well known as Paris van Java. It is called so because of its history as a transit city forHollander. There are so many historical places in Bandung we can visit. Many old buildings are wellpreserved such as Asia Africa building.Braga Street and oldies buildingsThis trip includes city walking and visiting historical places. You will be accompanied withcompetent interpreter to tell you stories behind every place you will visit.D.2. Bandung ArtisticDuration : 5 HoursActivities : City Trails to Art and Culture Spots in BandungFeatures : Saung Angklung Udjo,Facilities : Meal, Guide, Insurance, Interpreter
  14. 14. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 13Email : relations@terasnusantara.comForeign tourists playing “angklung” at Saung Angklung UdjoBandung is also known as the center of art, culture, and creative industry. From traditional culturesto contemporary arts. We will visit some places with exotic culture such as Saung Angklung Udjo,Hong, and learn about Bandung traditions. Along the trail, you will be accompanied by competentinterpreter to help you learn.
  15. 15. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 14Email : relations@terasnusantara.comE. RiverActivity : White Water RaftingAltitude : 500 – 600 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l)Activity criteria : For challenge junky, teamwork sport, high impact activityAvailable destinations :E.1. Cimanuk Short TripDurations : 3-4 HoursActivity : White Water Rafting in Cimanuk River Mid LineRiver Grade : II – IIIFeatures : White water rafting with experienced guide, Wild river surrounding withcliffs, Natural hot springFacilities : Raft and equipments, Experienced guide, Rescue team, Localtransportation, Insurance, Meal, Traditional snack, Hot spring ticket,Medical supportRiver Cimanuk is located in Garut, laying from the Bayongbong to Cibatu. This river has uniquecharacteristic. It is surrounded by high cliffs. The source of the water is from Mount Cikuray. Thewidth of the river varies between 5-30 meters. For rafting trip, the river is divided into 3 lines whichare: the upper line (Padarek - Bridges RSU), the mid line (Patrol – Leuwi Goong), and the bottomline (Leuwi Goong - Limbangan). However, among the three lines, the most common and safe isthe upper line and the mid line. There will be many games which are fun, educational, andchallenging that can be done during the rafting. In Cimanuk river rafting package, in the midstof rafting, we will treat you with light snacks special from the village along with a variety of hotbeverages that can be enjoyed at the riverside while you taking a break.In Cimanuk Short Trip package, customers will experience rafting for about 3-4 hours from thevillage of Patrol to the bridge of Leuwi Goong, a riverside break with traditional snack, enjoyinghot spring pool, and taste traditional meal before going home.Cimanuk Reverse Stream
  16. 16. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 15Email : relations@terasnusantara.comE.2. Cimanuk Long TripDurations : 4-5 HoursActivity : White Water Rafting in Cimanuk River Upper LineRiver Grade : III – IVFeatures : White water rafting with experienced guide, Wild river surrounding withcliffs, Adventurous journey, Traditional snack and beverageFacilities : Raft and equipments, Experienced guide, Rescue team, Localtransportation, Insurance, Meal, Traditional snack, Hot spring ticket,Medical supportFor those who want to experience the rush of adrenaline and wildness of rafting, the Long & WildRafting package in Cimanuk is a best choice. Upper line of Cimanuk has a large water dischargedue to the declivity and large rocks creating extreme and tight rapids. Rafting start from the Bridgeof Padarek which is the upstream of River Cimanuk and end up in a point near public hospital ofGarut. Within 4-5 hours of rafting, customers’ adrenaline is pumped endlessly because of rapidsthat they will encounter in this line is tight and extreme. To the soul whose thirst of challenge, werecommend to try this route. However, although it is quite extreme, we will provide maximumsafety, especially with a very experienced instructors and an agile rescue team.After this tired activity, we will bring you to Cipanas natural hot spring to relax your muscle. Andafter that, we will serve you with traditional Sundanese cuisine to fulfill your hunger.One of Cimanuk RapidsE.3. PalayanganDurations : 1-2 HoursActivity : White Water Rafting in Palayangan RiverRiver Grade : III – IV+Features : White water rafting with experienced guide, Wild river surrounding withpine forestFacilities : Raft and equipments, Experienced guide, Rescue team, Localtransportation, Insurance, Meal, Traditional snack, Medical supportPalayangan River is located in Pangalengan. Its water comes from Cileunca dam and is quite clean.The river is surrounded by pine forest that makes the scenery perfect and the atmosphere calm.
  17. 17. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 16Email : relations@terasnusantara.comRiver Palayangan has several rapids that have high inclination so that it is very challenging andextreme. So we only hire best team for your safety, especially for instructor and rescue team.This trip includes 1-2 hours extreme rafting, with a riverside break.OTHER SERVICESA. Outdoor Guide and ExpertFor other destination not listed in our packages, we can arrange a custom trip for you. We can alsoaccompany you for your self-managed trip as a guide. For your outdoor event, we provide anyoutdoor assistance service you require.B. Cottage and Camping Ground for RentWe have exclusive cottage called Rumah Lereng with two rooms, a living room, a bathroom, and akitchen. You can see Bandung city from above. Besides, we have a traditional building called Joglo.It is suitable for gathering and can accommodate up to 20 people staying. We provide traditionalmeals with natural ingredients obtained from local farmer if requested.Rumah JogloRumah Joglo’s Javanese interior
  18. 18. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 17Email : relations@terasnusantara.comRumah LerengBandung city view from Rumah LerengC. Outbound TrainingWe provide service to arrange and manage outbound training for company or organization. We uselearn-from-nature concept and high impact yet fun activities for long term character improvement.
  19. 19. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 18Email : relations@terasnusantara.comPRICELISTCode Package Min. Pax Small Group Medium Group Large GroupA Mountain and JungleA1 Papandayan3 3-7 8-11 >11IDR 539.000 IDR 506.000 IDR 484.000A2 Tegal Panjang3 3-7 8-11 >11IDR 583.000 IDR 550.000 IDR 528.000A3 Tangkuban via Sukawana6 6-11 12-16 >16IDR 198.000 IDR 181.500 IDR 170.500A4 Manglayang5 5-8 9-13 >13IDR 528.000 IDR 489.500 IDR 467.500B Highland PlaygroundB1 Ranca Upas4 4-8 9-14 >14IDR 330.000 IDR 291.500 IDR 275.000B2 Cibodas Lembang4 4-8 9-14 >14IDR 330.000 IDR 291.500 IDR 275.000B3 Capolaga Subang4 4-8 9-14 >14IDR 330.000 IDR 291.500 IDR 275.000C Rural AreaC1 Cilengkrang4 4-8 9-15 >15IDR 605.000 IDR 550.000 IDR 528.000D UrbanD1 Bandung Classic4 4-9 >9IDR 275.000 IDR 264.000D1 Bandung Culture4 4-9 >9IDR 275.000 IDR 264.000E RiverE1 Cimanuk Short Trip5 5-12 13-24 >24IDR 407.000 IDR 396.000 IDR 385.000E2 Cimanuk Long Trip5 5-12 13-24 >24IDR 440.000 IDR 418.000 IDR 407.000E3 Palayangan5 5-12 13-24 >24IDR 341.000 IDR 330.000 IDR 319.000Cottage Rental:1) Rumah Lereng : 800.000 / night.2) Rumah Joglo : 800.000 / night.*Meals can be provided if requested with additional fee.Note:• All prices above are including 10% tax.• Every price is customizable. We can always discuss it if you more prefer something else.• Special discount for larger group. Contact us for detail.• Prices can be changed anytime without early notice.• For other services whose prices are not mentioned above, please contact us for price detail.
  20. 20. Copyright @ Teras Nusantara 19Email : relations@terasnusantara.comPARTNERSHIPWe offer a partnership for personal agent. There is a special fee for bringing customer to us.Contact us for more information about this personal partnership.CONTACTFor information, reservation, and trip consultation, please kindly contact us here.Teras Nusantara Head OfficeCigadung Raya Barat Street no. 2, Cigadung, BandungWest Java, Indonesia 40191Phone : (+62 22) 8252 2652Mobile : +62 857 2262 4182Blackberry Msg : 274EBE0CEmail : relations@terasnusantara.comWebsite : www.terasnusantara.comTwitter : @terasnusantaraFacebook Page : Teras Nusantara