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Ya.utc presentation


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this is a presentation for everyone but its make for "Univer limited"

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Ya.utc presentation

  1. 1. TRUST THE BEAUTY & BUILD THE NATIONHead Office Corporate & training office168, Atlantic WazuddinTower 68-69,Concept tower (1st floor)Elephant Road (3rd floor) , Green Road ,Telephone No : 02-9673241 Dhaka -1205MOB:+8801936875929 Mob:+8801199488588 For Any kind of information please visit:www.univertravels.comWednesday, January 04,2012
  2. 2. Mission & Aim• It’s a sister concern of univer limited.• In order to eradicate poverty and elevate the quality of education in Bangladesh, we are promoting some of the electronics product from out company in to the market which will help to earn instant and long term profit through marketing the product and subsequently help to make the life solvent. We are also importing embroidery machineries which will help us to ensure the sustainability of the textile industries in rural areas. Currently, 10 daily products are available in market and in three months we are upgrading 5 more products. On the other side our reguler buissness tourism company are also running to provide tour entertainment.• We are strongly determined to achieve success in our buissness. Wednesday, January 04, 2012
  3. 3. Incorporation certificateTrade license
  4. 4. Our Project & Work • Electronics product. • Tourism company. • Agro project. • Univer goods. • With Many Necessary product.
  5. 5. Buisness plan•Regular style in Direct sale income.•Royality & Generation income.•Multilavel Marketing Process (mlm) with Revolbing Matrix.
  6. 6. How you able to earn• If you want to earn in reguler basis Univer Limited offering you for sale their product package.• On the other side univer limited offering to you start up multilavel marketing process with revolbing matrix for much income.
  7. 7. Understand & earn safely• When you will take a product package o r tour or register for a package you get a free business center for make money.• Buissness center give you a oppurtunaty for long time relation ship with UTC.• Now we showing our buissness style which name is Revolbing matrix.
  8. 8. UseRevolving Matrix Systemwith univer limited & earn money
  9. 9. Sponsor 2 people to join your small group by telling them all about the REVOLVING MATRIX products & services of UTC and the career growth.FIRST STAGE OF CAREER GROWTH Stage 1. Pearl of UTC When LEVEL 1 is filled with their directly invited members,while you are at the group top with 2 Dedar qualifications (marks), the current Rashel Pappu L-4 group is split into two new (Stage 1) Pearl of UTC group. Where as you Rashel Pappu Jasim Rony L-3 are upgraded to Stage 2 and Toufiq instantly get 9000/- taka in yourJasim Tanvir A_sobhan PunamImran Masum Murad L-2 UTC balance. L-1
  10. 10. HOW TOACHIVE Rashed Forhad Stage 2Stage Forhad Rina Sky Sky Joynal Moni1. Pearl oF Moni Tareq Rina Lipi Joynal DedarUTC Stage 1 After Split Dedar Rashel Pappu Rashel Pappu Jasim Rony Toufiq Rana Stage 1 Jasim Tanvir A_sobhan Punam Imran Masum Murad Lipi Rana Sujon Lipi Raju Saju Rani Reza Selim Saju Sujon Raju Reza Selim Rani
  11. 11. Congratulations! Dedar You’ve become Promossion Stage 1. Pearl of UTCCongratulations! You’ve become a Anchor of UTC Associate of the Corporation and have Achieve 9000/- taka And next target stage 2 promotion.
  12. 12. FACILITY our product & package is similar its easy for marketing. if anyone use our revolving matrix buissness plan ,they will must able to earn & spot commision syestem is also give money. We are always try to provide AC Transport,Hygienic Food Some special photos & Gift for our tourist. Satisfaction able Hotel ,Side seeing cover by our trans port with x-part Tourist Guide. set up trust ,do buissness & get money is our main basis. THANKS FORM UNIVER FAMILY