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  1. 1. Don’t Cry for me todayI wouldn’t want it that way,
  2. 2. Be strong and Smile,
  3. 3. For you will see me in a while
  4. 4. I know you miss me
  5. 5. But now in Heaven I will be,
  6. 6. Do not keep your sad face
  7. 7. I am in a much better place
  8. 8. Yes, my life wasnt long
  9. 9. But I am begging you to bestrong
  10. 10. Cherish life as I watch youfrom above
  11. 11. As I remember all of the goodthings
  12. 12. I come to see I’ve gotten mywings
  13. 13. Don’t cry for me today I am on my way
  14. 14. Soaring through the sky…
  15. 15. I watch all of you tellingme goodbye
  16. 16. Babe,I know your keeping me safe and looking down onme watching me. Im trying to be strong for you babycause i know thats what you want. No ones love cancompare to our TRUE LOVE we still and will alwayshave. Nothing not even you leaving can ruin our love.Thats how strong it is.<33 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH andim never going to stop saying that.Our love goes onforever cause were here for eachother. love youbaby.Mwah <333333333333333333333 -Alicia Vennell
  17. 17. R.I.P.brian I love uu soooo much nothin wont bethe same with out u u will always be in my heartno matter what u were my best friend we weresoo close like brother and sister our timestogether would never be replace at all immamiss hangin out with u in basketball when I hadlate pratice imma miss goin over ur house brian Imiss ur crazy silly funny nice (more words) selflike I said before noththing would be the same Ilove u and u will be in my heart and thoughts atall times ♥ -Sabrina Pantoja
  18. 18. I didnt know you too well, but I know you well enough to missyou. We all miss you. You were my brothers best friend morelike a brother to him. We are all hurting. You are too young forthis. But this is whats best for you. Now, you can take care of allof us. You can answer our prayers. Watch down on all of usBrian, especially my brother && Alicia. They love you. We alllove you. Rest well. Rest easy. ♥ Rest in peace -Ashley SchollenbergerI remember how i could talk to you about ANYTHING and youdalways understand. you never judged always helped. Im goingto miss you so much Brian. I love you so much bestfriend. Iknow God will take care of you. Watch over us. My last words toyou were Goodbye Broski but i never thought it would be mylast. R.I.P i love you -Yasmine Franqui
  19. 19. R.I.P Brian Kennedy you are my bestfriend and i will never forget you. you were my bestfriend, more like a brother. i will miss you bro you will always be remembered.. i love you bro -Jonathan SchollenbergerYou know your loved when people you werent evenclose with are crying. Im gonna be crying all day. Icant believe youre gone. I love you soo much n i missyou ! School isnt the same without you. -Anna Graziano
  20. 20. I love you Brian! I will never forget my dirty minded buddy. Meand you were like a team and could always make everyonelaugh at lunch. We have so many memories together. And I willnever forget ANY of them! R.I.P. Brian. Watch over me. I promiseI will never forget you! EVER !!!! :( -Kaylin MiddletonR.I.P. brian. you are such a great friend. i will miss you soomuch. you were always there for everyone. you were thebest friend anyone could ever ask for. i love you like a bro. iwill miss you soo much -Tori Lugiano
  21. 21. Gone to soon.We will all missyou so much.We love youBrian. Wealways will.Watch over us,be our guardianangel. We willsee you soon.Rest easy mysweet angel