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Berlin wall


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The fall of Berlin wall which boosted international trade..

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Berlin wall

  1. 1. TThhee BBeerrlliinn WWaallll YYaasshhrraajj TTaahhiillrraammaannii NNaaiinnaa SShhaarrmmaa
  2. 2. Condition iinn EEaasstt BBeerrlliinn dduurriinngg tthhee 5500ss At the end of World War II, Berlin, was divided into four quarters, each controlled by the Allies and the Soviet Union. The Communists in East Berlin were making it increasingly difficult for transportation between East Berlin and West Berlin. They feared that too many skilled workmen were moving to parts of West Germany.
  3. 3. PPuurrppoossee ooff tthhee WWaallll Many people in East Berlin saw that life in West Berlin was much better and that people in West Berlin had much more freedom. From 1949 to 1961, as many as 2.6 million people escaped to West Berlin. To prevent more people from fleeing Communist control into West Germany, East Germany build the Berlin Wall, completely encircling West Berlin.  The purpose was to cut off West Berlin from the rest of East Berlin.
  4. 4. Many people in East Germany tried to escape into West Germany. However, there were guards at the Wall at all times. Thousands of people were arrested or even shot down for attempting to cross the Wall
  5. 5. TThhee FFaallll ooff tthhee BBeerrlliinn WWaallll In September 1989, a string of protest demonstrations broke out all over East Germany. This was the start of what the East Germans call the “Peaceful Revolution”.
  6. 6. By November, 1989, protests had increased significantly. Soon enough, the East Germans were forced to open a number of new border crossings. From then on, Germans were allowed to cross from the East to the West without a visa.
  7. 7. On June 13th, 1990, the East Germans officially started dismantling the Wall. The Fall of the Berlin Wall was the first step to the reunification of Germany. The dismantling continued until November 1991. Only a few sections and towers were left standing as memorials.
  8. 8. When the Berlin Wall fell, it lead to the end of the What Impact Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Have? Cold War. The Fall of the Berlin Wall also symbolized the end and dismantling of the Communist Block in Eastern Europe, namely Germany. The Communists ceased to be such an influential party in Germany after reunification.
  9. 9. The union of east and west lead to increase in population and a bigger market, which was an opportunity for other What Impact Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Have? countries. Huge increase in foreign direct investment and cross border trade of goods, services and labor. Lead to the enhancement of Europe’s position in the International affairs.
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