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Prayers Of Wisdom Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Prayers Of Wisdom Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. Sanskrut Prayer No.1 Shulkaam brahmavichaarasaaraparamam aadyam jagadvyaapineem Veenapustakadhaarineem abhayadaam jadyandhakaarapahaam Haste sphaatikamalikaam vidadhateem padmaasanesansthitaam Vande taam parameshvareem bhagavateem buddhipradaam shaaradaam Which means Oh enlightening Shaarada goddess, who is fair complexioned & means full of SATVAGUNA [conscientiousness], the essence of the knowledge of self realization, the source of energies encompassing the whole universe, holding the VEENA and book, destroyer of
  3. 3. darkness of ignorance and thereby making us fearless, holding the rosary of SPHATIK beads, sitting on lotus I prostrate in front of you and offer my salutations to you. Sanskrut Prayer No. 2 GURURBRAHMAA GURURVISHNU GURURDEVO MAHESHVARAA GURUH SAKSHAAT PARABRAHMA TASMAI SHRI GURUVE NAMAH GURU is a cosmic principle BRAHMAN or the origin of the universe which embodies all the qualities of the three deities BRAHMA, VISHNU and MAHESH representing three GUNAS viz. SATVA, RAJA and TAMA.
  4. 4. SATVA is nothing else but crystal clear conscience governed perceptions, feelings and actions. RAJA is ego driven perceptions, feelings and actions and TAMA means ignorance driven perceptions, feelings and actions. GURU principle manifests through either human body, scriptures, through dreams and even through various manifestations in the nature! The guru principle is said to embody three deities or three gunas because a loving guru takes us beyond the three gunas viz. SATVA, RAJA and TAMA because guru takes us from the ignorance to knowledge.