Different Types of Lathe Machines by Yash Machine Tools


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Yash Machine Tools offers various lathe machines including light duty lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, heavy duty lathe machine, CNC lathes and tool room lathes etc.

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Different Types of Lathe Machines by Yash Machine Tools

  1. 1. WelcomeToYash Machine Toolswww.yashmachine.com
  2. 2. Lathe MachineLathe is a machine tool used to carve axis symmetrical objects. Shaping hard objects likemetals, wood or glass is for what a lathe machine is generally employed in variousindustries. However apart from shaping and cutting, lathe can also used for several othertasks too which include functionalities like drilling, turning, knurling, grooving, threadingetc.
  3. 3. Types of Lathe MachinesThere are different kinds of lathe machines that are sold but based are on theirfunction and technique used to make them .That enables output that is precise andtimely.Turret lathesGang-tool latheComputer numerical controlled (CNC) lathesCenter LatheMultispindle LathesToolroom lathes
  4. 4. Turret lathesThe turret lathe machines are available in both semi-automatic as well as fully automaticmodels. The fully automatic are quite popular among the large-scale industrialmanufacturers who want quicker metal forming processes and need to minimize theproduction costs at the manufacture units.
  5. 5. Gang-tool latheIt has tools on a row set on a cross slide that has a long table that is flat characteristic ofmilling machine. The tools are set and indexed for each cycle of cutting. It is similar to turretlathe but is linear in terms of tool indexing instead of being rotary.
  6. 6. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathesThese are precise, accurate and are easilyset. They use carbide tooling common inmodern operations. The parts are firstdesigned using CAD (computer aideddesign) and/or manually then fed into themachine memory where it will continueproducing the specific parts till the designis changed. The computer numericalcontrolled (CNC) lathe machine is underthe watch of an operator periodically.
  7. 7. Center LatheAlso known as bench lathe or engine lathe. They have two heads moving towardsthe fixed work piece position and have holes at their edges.
  8. 8. Multispindle LathesThese are very precise lathes that areelectronically controlled. Their operationsare carried out on an electronic spindlethat is on a screw lathe machine. Severalexecutions can be done by the spindleand ensures high effectiveness andefficiency toolroom lathe.
  9. 9. Toolroom lathesThey are used in toolroom work, a kind of centre lathe with the best features thatensure effective machining to produce quality work output.
  10. 10. ConclusionDifferent types of Lathes are used in different industries to perform machining that involves spinning ametal block before deforming or cutting it. It shapes the work piece that can either be a metal or wooddepending on the lathe. Using adjustable metal rails the headstock and tailstock hold the material as it ismoved.
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