Medical Device-Polymers & Plastics


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Join us in learning the newest trends and technical advances in the use of Polymeric Materials in Medical Applications; speakers are from premier institutions such as the world-class Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA, ABBOTT Vascular, JOHNSON & JOHNSON-Cordis, BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, MEDTRONIC, REVA Medical, MiMEDX, BECKTON DICKINSON, ROCHE Diagnostics and more.

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Medical Device-Polymers & Plastics

  1. 1. www.mediplastconference.comThe theme for this year’s 2-day conference on “Polymers & Plastics in Medical Applications” is to bring theparticipants up to speed on the newest trends and technical advances in the field of Medical Devices as itrelates to Polymeric Materials.The target audience is Medical Device producers, Molders of Sub-Assemblies, Plastic & Additive suppliers,Equipment & Prototype Designers, Regulatory professionals, Sales, Marketing, and Business Developmentleaders throughout the entire supply chain of the Health-Care industry. The conference has been structured toprovide ample opportunity for networking to encourage the sharing of new ideas and concepts throughout thevalue chain.Conference ChairsDr. JaiPal Singh, CSO / VP-Research, Saint Joseph’s Translational Res., Institute, Atlanta, GA 30313Dr. Daniel Bolton, Market Develop Mgr., Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN 37662 FEBRUARY 29 - MARCH 2, 2012 CAESAR’S PALACE LAS VEGAS, NV, 89103, USA
  2. 2. CONFERENCE SCHEDULEOptional Pre-Conference Course9:00-12:00 Conference Schedule High Growth Strategies for Medical Start ups: Creating the Next Blockbuster Prof. Gary Lynn, Distinguished Service Professor Stevens Institute of Technology, USA Named One-of-Ten Top Management Gurus in the World ………….Business 2.0 Magazine Named One-of-Seven Leading Thinkers in Technology Innovation Management……IAMOT Author of Blockbusters: Five Keys to Developing Great New ProductsOver 60% of new technology ventures fail. There are five(5) critical practices that separate the high-growth companiesfrom the rest. You will learn these tested strategies that will help you develop new medical products more success-fully, for less investment – and do it faster. Topics covered will include (i) identify your ideal customer (ii) articulateyour customer value proposition - clearly and succinctly (iii) size your market - accurately and believably (iv) identifyand secure channel partners (v) create an accurate growth schedule, (vi) value your company, and (vii) raise externalfunding faster and easier.2:00-5:00 Regulatory Considerations for Selecting Materials for Medical Devices Dr. Linda Braddon, President, Secure BioMed Evaluations, USAAll too often in the design of a new medical device, regulatory considerations do not come to the forefront untilafter the device is designed. By performing a regulatory impact review of your material choices very early inthe design process, a new medical device company can expedite their time to market and reduce the regulatoryburden. By performing simple activities early in the process, such as identification of FDA friendly materials,manufacturers can reduce the burden of proving safety of their medical devices and decrease the time to prod-uct launch. An overview of materials selection in the light of regulatory approval, will be presented.7:30-8:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast8:15-8:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks8:30-9:15 Keynote Address Plastics in Medical Technology: Highlights, Challenges & Opportunities Prof. Aman Mahajan, M.D., Ph.D., FAHA Chief of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Director- Interventional Cardiology Operations Director - PeriOperative Echocardiraphy Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USAPolymeric Materials represent one of the greatest innovations in science & biotechnology that have ledto advancement in almost every field of medicine. This keynote presentation will discuss the parallelgrowth in plastics and medical technology and how several landmark technological advances indifferent fields of medicine were made possible by use of plastics. Topics will include how innovationsin the field of plastics have contributed to the advancement of surgical equipment and techniques, criti-cal care and life support hardware, and radiologic evaluation with the advent of MRI and how changesin these fields have shaped the current practice of medicine. Presentation will also address how theevolution of plastic technology in and out of the hospital have lead to decreasing rates of infection andmedication-related error. Furthermore, challenges & opportunities for medical devices of the future willbe mentioned.
  3. 3. 9:15-9:30 Coffee break Session I: Polymers in CARDIOVASCULAR Devices Polymeric Materials in Medical Devices: Challenges & Opportunities Dr. Patricia Davis-Lemessy, Manager-Polymers, Cordis-a Johnson & Johnson Company, USA Assessment of Polymer Coatings for Drug Eluting Stents Dr. Barbara Huibregtse, Director-Preclinical Sciences, Boston Scientific, USA The Importance of Polymer Biocompatibility for Long-Term DES Outcomes and Safety Dr. Josiah (Cy) Wilcox, Chief Scientific Officer, Medtronic Cardiovascular, USA Novel BioResorbable Polymer based Drug Eluting Scaffolds Dr. Joanzy Zeltinger, VP-Scientific Affairs, Reva Medical, USA Role of BioResorbable Polymeric Scaffold in Vascular Systems Dr. Syed Hossainy, Director-Innovation Incubator & Volwiler Fellow, Abbott Vascular, USA Self-Expanding BioResorbable Scaffolds for Peripheral Artery Disease Dr. Maria Palasis, Exe VP & Chief Technology Officer, Arsenal Vascular, USA New Approaches to Define Biological Response of Biopolymers and Drugs used in Vascular Stents Dr. JaiPal Singh, Chief Scientific Officer, Saint Joseph’s Trans Res. Institute, USA Innovative Plastic for Cardiovascular & Renel Devices Dr. Brock Thomas, Sr. Appl. Development, Eastman Chemical, USA Gopal Saraiya, Global Segment Leader-Med Devices, Eastman Chemical, USA Session II: Polymers in ORTHOPAEDIC Devices High Strength Collagen Polymers for Orthopaedic Applications: Creating Biomimetic Tendons Dr. Thomas Koob, Chief Sci. Officer & Exe VP, MiMedx Group, USA Biomaterial Innovation Takes Shape: Drug Delivery Device Forming Possibilities Utilizing Extrusion Technologies Anthony Listro, Managing Director-Delivery Science, Foster Corp, USA High Performance Biocompatible Implantable Plastics Michael Wallick, Technical Support Manager, Invibio, UK Failure Modes in Polymers for Orthopaedic Applications: Material Requirements/Design Constraints Dawn Lissy, President & CEO, Empirical Testing Corp., USA
  4. 4. Session III: Advances in MATERIALS & COATINGSControlling Polymer Surface Properties for Tailored Biological InteractionsDr. Theresa Hermel-Davidock, Manager-R&D, Beckton Dickinson, USADiagnostic Devices: Addressing Chemical Resistance of Plastics in ClinicalEnvironmentsMatt Sauers, Principal R&D Engineer, Roche, Diagnostics Operations, USANovel Approaches to Address Chemical Resistance & Toughness:Advances in Thermoplastic Alloys & DesignDr. Steve Blazey, Technical Director, Diamond Network Polymers, USAAntiMicrobial Acrylic: A New Medical Polymer Compound for Medical DeviceApplicationsDr. Zhen Zhu, R&D Manager, Evonik Cyro, USAAntiMicrobial Solutions for Next Generation Medical DevicesTroy Mohr, VP-Business Develop, BioMerics, USAAlternative to PVC Plasticizer DEHP in Medical Applications: Eastman 168™Dr. Mark Holt, Manager-Plasticizers Market Develop, Eastman Chemical, USASession IV: Advances in MANUFACTURING: Devices & MaterialsState-of-the-Art Additions to Molding Machines for Medical ApplicationsDr. Juergen Giesow, Regional Manager, Arburg, USAProcess Monitoring & Control for Medical MoldersShane Vandekerkhof, Business Develop Mgr, RJG Inc., USAMedical Devices & Packaging: Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional ThermoformingAndy D’Esposito, Tek Packaging, USASession V: REGULATORY Requirements for Medical PolymersFDA Medical Device Approval Process: An OverviewDr. Linda Braddon, Secure BioMed Evaluations, USA