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University of the South

  1. 1. 1 University of the South Medical Internships 2011 (as of 11-18-10) Applications are due February 15, 2011 Sewanee students are fortunate to have alumni committed to providing worthwhile internships in the medical field. Students are also highly encouraged to pursue the creation of internships in a field of their interest. Some of the internships that you create may qualify for funding through the Stephenson, Lilly, or Science Research funds. Listedbelow are alumni who will offer internships in the summer of 2011. Eventhoughthese internships are listedon Tigernet (forcommunication purposes mainly), each applicant should submit the followingto the Office ofCareer Services by February 15, 2011:  A resume  An unofficial transcript (obtained from the Registrar’s office – do not wait until the last day to request)  Two recommendations (form or letter)from professors  A cover letter (addressed to the physician) fully describing why the student is interested in the internship. CareerServiceswill submit all applications to theappropriate physician for their review. (Applicants may well diminish their chance for the internship by submitting their package to the doctor on an individual basis before the deadline date.) Call Melissa Webb, Internship Coordinator at Career Services, if you have any questions (x1353). Dr. Winston Cameron, C'73, will serve as the sponsor should a Sewanee student be selected to participate in this outstanding learning opportunity with the Winchester, Virginia medical community. During the 8 week program, interns will rotate through several areas, experiencing the medical environment. All hospital rotations will be conducted at Winchester (Virginia) Medical Center. Students will spend 2-3 weeks of concentrated clinical experience, shadowing physician preceptors, health care professionals, and observing invasive procedures as well as office based practice. Students will also spend 2-3 weeks working directly with clinical research staff on current clinical trials underway, including investigational drug and device trials. Physician: Dr. Winston Cameron Valley Health Summer Internship Winchester Medical Center 1840 Amherst Street Winchester, VA 22601
  2. 2. 2 Finally, 2 weeks will be dedicated to the completion of a research project. Interns will be given a research project and assigned a physician mentor, at the beginning of the program and intern will work on their project throughout the 8 week program. Work will involve data collection, critical thinking, analysis and a written abstract. Findings and abstract will be presented by the intern to the research (Dr. Cameron continued) group and physician mentor at the conclusion of the internship. Work on the research project may result in publication in a medical journal, or presentation of research at a medical symposium. Time frame: 8 weeks Stipend: $2000 Qualifications:  Rising junior or senior  GPA of 3.0  3-5 page essay, typed and double-spaced addressing why the student is interested in the medical field, what qualities/experiences make them a good intern candidate, and what they hope to gain/accomplish from this experience.  Application Form (see Melissa Webb at x1353 for info on the application form) Carolinas Cancer Care, a full-service cancer practice, offers the opportunity for a Sewanee student to shadow one of the physicians (most are hematologists and/or oncologists) on staff, and to be fully exposed to the daily practice of medicine through: observations of the physician and patient relationship, participation with hospital rounds, tumor boards, patient care, office duties, observing operating room procedures, and visiting outside practices for exposure to different fields of medicine. More about Carolina Cancer Care may be found at their website: Time frame: 6 weeks minimum Stipend: $3000 Qualifications: A sincere interest in learning more about a busy medical practice’s day to day routine and about the actual practice of medicine. Physician: Dr. S. Jean Chai Carolinas Cancer Care, P.A. 411 Billingsley Road, Suite 103 Charlotte, NC 27211
  3. 3. 3 (Dr. Delozier continued) Dr. Delozier, C’77, a noted plastic surgeon specializing in craniofacial surgery, will offer an exposure to a wide variety of medical specialties in Nashville, Tennessee. Clinical research projects will be conducted with the possibility of publication. A previous Sewanee intern described her internship with Dr. Delozier in this way: “Dr. Joe DeLozier III is a plastic surgeon and reconstructionist. I got to follow him at his clinic, consulting patients and doing surgeries as well. I also got to follow him during his surgeries at Baptist Hospital, the majority of which consisted of operations on breast cancer patients. I also got to work with him on a paper about a procedure that he was improving: Latissimus Dorsi procedure. We are still in the midst of getting the paper published. Dr. Delozier III is a very kind, patient, and knowledgeable person in addition to being a great physician. He is honest and upfront with his patients, and he’s absolutely great at what he does. Dr. Delozier III was very open, and we talked between appointments and traveling between his clinic and Baptist surgeries. I was allowed to scrub in on some surgeries as well. The staff is very welcoming and nice. My internship was one of many different experiences. I got to see first hand the awesomeness of surgery through a renowned surgeon who introduced me to his love of taking care of his patients. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is committed to medicine and wants to learn more about the field of surgery.” Time frame: negotiable (six week minimum) Stipend: $500/week Qualifications:  Strong communication skills, both oral and written  A sincere interest in patient care  Seriously committed to exploring a career in medicine  Preference goes to a rising senior Physician: Dr. Paul Erwin Professor and Director, Center for Public Health Policy and Research University of Tennessee A302 Bailey Educational Complex 1122 Volunteer Blvd, E Knoxville, TN 37996-3400 Physician: Dr. Joseph B. Delozier, III 209 23rd Avenue, North Nashville, TN 37203
  4. 4. 4 Dr. Erwin, C’79, Professor and Director of the Center for Public Health Policy and Research at the University of Tennessee, offers an internship working directly with the three core functions of public health: assessment, policy development, and assurance. A recent Sewanee intern described her internship in the following way: “During the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to be an intern for Dr. Paul Erwin in the Center of Public Health at the University of Tennessee. When I first began my time with Dr. Erwin, I was not prepared for the wide range of (Dr. Erwin continued) experiences I was about to have: from working in a health department to participating in programs with the community and seeing different forms of primary research in action. I was even able to put together a research project of my own. Dr. Erwin could not have been a better guide through the entire process. Both he and his assistant were extremely welcoming and always willing to help with whatever questions or problems I experienced. The environment of the office was one that allowed me to be independent in exploring ideas that I found interesting; Dr. Erwin was always willing to discuss any ideas I had for possible experiences both inside and outside the office during my time there. During my experience in the Center for Public Health, I was able to deepen my understanding of health care and cultivate my skills as an independent researcher.” Time frame: 8 to 10 weeks Stipend: $2500 Qualifications: None specified Dr. Evans, C’90, an internist and a pediatrician, offers an internship in a fast-paced practice set in a rural environment. Interns will be allowed to shadow the doctor and the office’s physician’s assistant, Nancy Caterina, C’87; to conduct medical research appropriate for publication; and to assist in any way deemed necessary and appropriate. In addition to a stipend, Dr. Evans will also provide housing and most meals. Dr. Evans is married to Dr. Pam Mann Evans, C’91, a gynecologist, and the interns will also be allowed to shadow Dr. Pam Evans. The interns (up to 2 each summer) will be expected to participate in the demanding schedule of a country doctor in a large clinic, including some night calls, and emergency room staffing, to get a sense of “life in the trenches.” Other duties may include reviewing charts, reviewing and presenting a poster for publication, and seeing the business side of the practice. Physician: Dr. Paul Evans 641 R.B. Wilson Drive Huntingdon, TN 38344
  5. 5. 5 A former intern wrote about his experience as an intern with Dr. Evans: “Dr. Paul and his wife, Dr. Pam Evans, invited me to live in their house with their two small boys and big dog for the duration of the internship. Getting to observe the daily sacrifices and privileges that occur in the doctors’ home and their family was extremely valuable. Both cared very much about giving me advice and answering questions. I learned a lot about medical school, residency, and career practice that one cannot find in a book. Four days per week were spent in a small clinic connected to a small hospital, and one day per week was spent in the emergency room. I accompanied Dr. Paul during patient visits, and I even took patients’ histories and vital signs by the end of my time with him. Through this I was able to see how the doctor interacted with patients on a social level (which was perhaps the most important component of this type of medicine.) I also spent time with his office staff, learning what was needed to run a small clinic. I recommend this internship to anyone who is seriously interested in learning the social and business aspects of rural medicine.” Time frame: Six weeks (Dr. Evans continued) Stipend: $1500 (plus housing and meals provided in his home. The Evans family has a basement apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and a separate entrance.) Qualifications:  Interest in learning how a medical family juggles multiple responsibilities  Desire to interact with the Evans family, including meals Dr. Gaskin, C’63, is a part of a general surgery group in Birmingham. He specializes in treatment and research of breast cancer and surgical oncology. Alabama residents are encouraged to apply. One former intern for Dr. Gaskin said, “I conducted research for Dr. Gaskin on the accuracy and efficiency of mammograms, different biopsy procedures, and surgical procedures forthe diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I was able to observe all of these different procedures and learned how the doctors and nurses handled cancer patients’ psychological and physical health. I became familiar with the terminology used in hospital settings and cancer treatment. I also spent a lot of time researching in the medical library and learned how to find and interpret medical articles. I was able to see patients with Dr. Gaskin in his clinic once a week, where I was exposed to everything from skin cancers to spider bites. I went on rounds with him occasionally and therefore was able to meet doctors, residents, physician’s assistants and nurses in all different fields.” Another intern wrote, “I learned so much about the life of different types of health care providers, I conducted a worthwhile research project, and I made wonderful connections in the Physician: Dr. Thomas Gaskin, III Princeton Surgical Specialists 817 Princeton Ave. SW Birmingham, AL 35211
  6. 6. 6 Birmingham medical community. Dr. Gaskin likes to give the internship to Alabama residents for that very reason, since many of them apply to the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham, where he is an emeritus professor of surgery. Needless to say, he is a good man to know if you want to go to UAB. If you are an Alabama resident and want to go to medical school in-state, this is probably the best internship you can get from Sewanee." Time frame: 8 weeks Stipend: $2500 Qualifications: Alabama resident preferred As an intern with Dr. Mayes, C’73, you will join a clinical/investigative group working with children 3 months to 8 years of age who come from high-risk situations. The Yale Child Study Center has been conducting research for nearly eighteen years on children who experienced parental crack cocaine use while they were in the womb. The Center also works with children four to eight years growing up in poverty with a focus on their neurocognitive development. Finally, the Mayes lab uses brain imaging techniques, including electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging, to study how drug exposure or other adverse events impact brain development. You will have the opportunity to interact with leading child psychiatrists and neuroscientists studying early brain development and working with children with serious developmental-psychiatric disorders. The experience will provide you with a view of both medical research and clinical medical care as practiced in an academic department of a medical school. A recent intern created a computer program to assess how different populations of children will gamble. He also helped create another computer program that measured how well children pick up on other people’s emotions. He participated in weekly meetings about the EEG section of the lab, read journal articles, visited with top researchers, helped design studies, and taped visits of children for future assessments. “I gained so much knowledge about research. Only having limited research experience with a Research Methods class, I found myself daily being stunned by the amount of information that I was taking in at the study center. I was able to work with many incredible minds and discover so much about the inner workings of a major longitudinal study.” Time frame: 8 to 10 weeks Physician: Dr. Linda Mayes Yale Child Study Center Yale University – School of Medicine Post Office Box 207900 New Haven, CT 06520-7900
  7. 7. 7 Stipend: $2500 Qualifications:  An excellent opportunity for Psychology majors or Pre-meds interested in child studies or research. This is a neurosurgical internship providing the opportunity for the intern to develop an understanding of the medical world. Also, surgical skills will be learned as the intern will shadow the physician through a typical day. (A typical day includes clinic, operating room, and attending educational conferences). Dr. Michael is also on staff with the Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute (, specialists in neurosurgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain (Dr. Michael continued) management and neuropsychology. All of these fields of medicine deal with illnesses, injuries, and surgery related to the nervous system. The Institute, through its various hospital affiliations, has access to all of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools including magnetic imaging (MRI), interventional neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, Linac scalpel, Gamma Knife, and image- guided surgery. Time frame: flexible (4-8 weeks) Stipend: not offered, but free housing has been arranged Qualifications: The applicant should have a strong interest in surgical specialties. This will be a hands-on medical experience with Dr. Phillips in the UAB Emergency Medicine Department. The student will shadow a selection of physicians to observe the interactions between physicians and patients, as well as get a feel for the actual work of practicing medicine. Some limited patient contact will occur. Physicians outside of Emergency Medicine will be recruited to participate, in order to broaden the experience. In addition, selected readings will be required. Physician: Dr. Beth Phillips 1923 Euclid Avenue Birmingham, AL 35213 Physician: Dr. L. Madison Michael, II University of Tennessee, Department of Neurosurgery 2941 Robin Road Memphis, TN 38111
  8. 8. 8 The student should leave this internship with an excellent overview of the daily practice of medicine in the specialty of Emergency Medicine and other select specialties. The student will be able to directly observe the rigors of daily practice, as well as physician life styles. The student will learn one or more basic medical procedures, as well as become certified in Basic Life Support. The intern’s duties will be observing the physician he or she is assigned to, assisting as requested, and occasionally participating in basic medical examinations. Under no circumstance will a student be alone with a patient or be expected to evaluate or chart on a patient. The student will be expected to complete all assigned readings, conduct a small research project or literature review, and attend all classes scheduled for the student (skills, BLS). Time frame: 4 - 6 weeks Stipend: (to be determined) Qualifications:  Preference to a rising senior who has declared an intention of pursuing a medical education  Some previous experience with medical care is desired, including but not limited to shadowing experiences, medical missions, or volunteer work in a medical facility  At least one reference should be from a physician Dr. Woolverton, C’72, offers a medical research internship in Behavioral Pharmacology to a current junior or senior majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology. The intern will be involved with behavioral studies with drugs using animal subjects. The intern will assist with and conduct the actual studies, handle the animals, administer the drugs, and may also be involved with some work in vitro. Time frame: 8 to 12 weeks Stipend: $9.35/hour, 40 hrs/wk Qualifications:  Rising junior or senior  Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology majors  Must be a Mississippi resident Physician: Dr. William L. Woolverton University of Mississippi Medical School Department of Psychiatry 2500 North State Street Jackson, MS 38216-4505
  9. 9. 9  If interested in pursuing this internship, please contact Melissa Webb at x1353 as soon as possible This program was brought to our attention by Dr. Hughes Milam, a recent parent. This competitive three week opportunity hosts two sessions (one in June, one in July) of a Physician Shadowing Program at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, MS. Eight to ten students follow physicians daily in various specialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Radiologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists. This program offers a stipend and expects students to work approximately 40 hours each week and be available for day, night, and weekend rotations. For more information on this program, please contact Melissa Webb at x1353. Crystal Coulter-Nava, C’10 is the fourth Sewanee graduate (after Sarah Frances McClure, C’08, John Diefenderfer, C’07, and Dane Cooper, C’06)to participate in a one year research assistantship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Internship responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizing department studies, consenting patients, collecting data for comparative analysis, and helping to create presentations for conferences (Baylor continued) and papers for publication. Organized, self-motivated, independent individuals, who enjoy working with children and who intend to pursue a career in medicine, are encouraged to apply. This paid internship provides a great opportunity to gain clinical experience while working alongside talented physicians at a nationally ranked children's hospital. The position will be available approximately June 2010 and is for a one-year term. Qualified applicants will be contacted to arrange a date and time for a phone interview. More information is available on Tigernet. Applications are due on March 1, 2011. Medical Program: North Mississippi Medical Center – Physician Shadowing Program BaylorCollege of Medicine at Texas Children’s Hospital Research Assistant in Pediatric Anesthesiology Houston, Texas