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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  1. 1. Procter & Gamble By – Yash HurketIILM , AHL (PGDM-2012-14)
  2. 2. P&G: Company Profile Fast moving consumer goods company 162 years old Markets 250+ brands to nearly 5 billion consumers in 140 countries Net sales of $39 billion (FY 2000/2001)
  3. 3. P&G Brandsbaby care: Pampersbeauty care: Pantene, Head & Shouldersfabric & home care: Arial, Tide, Bold, Ace, Lenonfood & beverage: Pringles, Folgershealth care: Blend-a-Med, Vickstissues & towels: Swiffer
  4. 4. S.W.O.T analysis of P&GStrenghts Threats Product innovation Substitute brands that Strong Brand image  have a cheaper price Diversified Business Slowdown in consumer Structure spending Increase cost of rowWeakness materials Views Product Performance only Oppurtunities Increased promotional Better product experience spending to keep healthy Going Green/Eco Friendly sales Selling directly to consumers 
  5. 5. Major Competitors of P&G India
  6. 6. Competitive Advantage  P&G have long standing reputation of having family of product, having excellent quality Intensive research to determine their target market and type of product would best fit their need P&G have product for both the market segment, economic and Luxury .