Facebook not just social networking- Facebook marketing


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Facebook is just not social networking site but more than that. You can grow your business from facebook and generate more sales and revenue.
This slides teaches you about facebook marketing and how effective it is.

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Facebook not just social networking- Facebook marketing

  1. 1. Presented By • • • • • • • :- MBA – MET (Mumbai Educational Trust) Ruchi Kedia – 57 Ronak Sangani – 56. Sayali Mahadik – 62. Vaibhavi Shah – 78. Viraj Shah – 81. Yash Ghatalia – 82. Yash Adukia – 84.
  2. 2. FACEBOOK INTRODUCTION • Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004. • Owned and operated by Facebook. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college friends • Facebook is accessed by 1.19 billion active users every month as of September 30, 2013.
  3. 3. SOCIALnot least, USAGE (SEMOZ) MEDIA the rise of social Last but media is undeniable. There have been a lot of arguments for where we’re spending most of our time. Here’s what you had to say about the top 10: • • • • • 88%Facebook 83%Twitter 55%Google+ 49%YouTube 47%LinkedIn • • • • • 47%Blogging 21%Pinterest 9%StumbleUpon 5%Tumblr 5%Flickr
  5. 5. CREATING BUSINESS PAGE • Fill all details of your business. • Profile picture :- you can add your business logo or good image of your work. • Photos :- Visuals are at the top of the online accessibility pyramid: show products, events, etc. • Add about Your business :- providing useful information to let your people know who you are and what your mission is. You can list other ways people can connect with you: through your main website, blog, and social profiles you maintain. • Invitation to your friends :- You can invite your friends within facebook and people who all
  7. 7. MARKETING ON FACEBOOK • • • • Attraction Promotion Sales After successful completion of your page you need to market your business on Facebook.
  8. 8. ATTRACTION • Status :- You can update your viewers or fans with your existing product or new product or offers or by pictures or events which are coming down the line. • Wall :- This tab is for viewing your recent activities and what your Fans are posting. If you are worried about what people will say when they add comments, you can limit what your Fans can post in the Fan Permissions area of the Wall Settings. However, not allowing comments might make them feel less connected with your Page and your business. • Engaging users :- You should often interact with users if they comment or post anything on your wall • Links :- Make it easy for user to see your business's main domain name, newsletters or other value-added information. • Reviews :- Fans can leave reviews about your business. This can be a good tool to interact with your customers and
  9. 9. PROMOTION • • • • After you put your status or picture and you need to do promotion for that particular thing you can do in many ways : Share button :- A post can be shared by your fans if they like your post it can be seen on their wall. They can tag their friends with same interest. Tagging :- add tags of people for post with same interest. Adding a tag instantly creates a link to the person's timeline and may share your post with their friends and they might generate business for your product. Boost option :- It helps to create news feed on our target audience page. Events - You can let your Fans know about upcoming promotions, sales and other events.
  10. 10. BOOST OPTION
  12. 12. ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK • Most online advertising reaches only 27% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 91%.3 Your business gets more value from every ad. • Page post engagement :- It works same as boost option. • Page like ;- It creates an advertisement which help to build your audience for your page. • Website/App promotion :- It helps to create promotion activity which will encourage people go to your website
  13. 13. PAGE LIKE ADVERTISEMENT • It creates an advertisement which help to build your audience for your page. • Brand awareness. • People who like your page it shows on their wall and list of likes and their friends may like it. • It can generate sale for you.
  15. 15. WEBSITE/APP PROMOTION ADVERTISEMENT • It helps to create promotion activity to particular targeted audience. • It encourage people go to your website which can generate sale for you. • It helps into Online branding of your website/Application.
  16. 16. OFFER ADVERTISEMENT • When you create offer for target market it shows in their news feed. • You can create offer coupons or barcode for keeping track on no of claims. • People have an option to share your offer which will generate more awareness.
  17. 17. OFFER PAGE
  18. 18. HOW DOES ADVERTISEMENT WORK • • • • Reaching more people. Targeting a specific audience. Brand Awareness. Generating sales.
  19. 19. ADVERTISEMENT SEGMENTATION • • • • • Location Gender Age Interest Fans
  20. 20. INSIGHTS OF FACEBOOK • Likes :- It gives me information of page likes or fans whether they are increasing or decreasing from time to time. • Post reach :- It gives information about the post which I have updates on fan page to how many people it has reached. It is further divided into organic or paid reach. • Visits:- it gives information on how many people have visited each of my page. • People :- It gives an detailed information
  23. 23. 3 MAIN POWER BUTTON OF FACEBOOK • Like • Share • Comment
  24. 24. LIKE BUTTON
  25. 25. • • • • • • • HOW FACEBOOK CHANGED BUSINESSNinety-two percent Facebook is clearly a top choice. of marketers are using Facebook and 72% plan on increasing their activities. Less than 4% of marketers surveyed do not plan to utilize Facebook. Second only to YouTube/video. Facebook is an area where marketers feel they can achieve substantial results. Seventy-six percent of B2C plan on increasing Facebook efforts. Seventy-seven percent of small- to mid-sized businesses (26-499 employees) will also increase their Facebook activities. Facebook is also the top focus for people just getting started with social media marketing (79%). Additionally, small- to mid-sized companies with 26-