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9-18 months Get your green card - EB5 Investor Visas


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Green Card Eb5 Visa

  1. 1.  EB5 is Employment based Fifth preference Investor Immigration Program The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa provides a method of obtaining a “Green Card” for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. Investment in a new commercial enterprise of at least $1 million or $500,000 in certain geographic area of targeted employment. The EB-5 regional center assists - Investment option in US - Process application for permanent residentship (Green Card)
  2. 2. o Permanent residency could lead you to eventually American citizenshipo Any member of the family granted a Green Card can come into the U.S. at any time and stay as long as they wish.o EB-5 investors may live, retire, work, or own their own business anywhere in the USo The U.S. has internationally recognized colleges and universities. As a resident the investor can benefit from lower tuition costs, particularly in the state of residence.o The cost of living in the U.S. is often less than other nations.o Students may work in the U.S. while they attend college and thus help to offset tuition costs. They may also continue to work afterwards.o The U.S. provides many financial, social and education entitlements: public schools, education, medical and social security benefits.o The EB-5 investor can apply for US citizenship five years after relocating to the US as legal permanent residents subject to successfully satisfying certain conditions.
  3. 3.  U.S. has the worlds third largest population with 310 million people US offers excellent business environment… - Liberal policy towards private enterprise - Well functioning labor market - Deep capital markets with good infrastructure In 2009; - Foreigners invested $269 billion in nominal terms in U.S. businesses and real estate - The cumulative amount of FDI in the United States rose from $2.2 trillion to about $2.3 trillion In absolute terms, the US is the largest host of FDI in the world. Florida has consistently been among the top U.S. states in attracting (FDI), currently hosting about 2,000 companies from other countries.
  4. 4.  Florida’s pro-business, pro-technology agenda and international status strongly embrace business development and the outstanding financial advantages attract business of all kinds Here, lifestyle is a celebration of leisure, culture, recreation and entertainment that complements the strong entrepreneurial spirit of this booming business climate The outstanding quality of life makes this a preferred a place to live for families, professionals and everyone in search of the good life.
  5. 5. 1.Margaretville Beach Resort2.Hilton Hotel3.HarbourSide4.Wellness Resort and Spa
  6. 6.  349 hotel rooms 1056 parking spaces Restaurant and retail space Fitness area Lagoon pool and Volcano Water Slide Pool
  7. 7.  The Hotel will be a ten-story luxury hotel Containing 262 luxury rooms Located at ten-minute ride from the Miami international Airport.
  8. 8. The main components of the projectwill be :  Restaurant  Retail & Office space  A luxury hotel with 178 keys.  There will also be a spa, marina, amphitheater, and parking garages.
  9. 9. Wellness Resort & SpaWellness Resort will provide“Personalized Luxury withIntegrated Wellness” through thesynthesis of “the Inner Science ofthe East with the Modern Comfortsof the West” at this unique worldclass destination
  10. 10. 6.7 acres of land, located on Singer Island in PBC is20 minutes from International AirportWellness Resort proposes to develop a high-endluxury hotel & wellness spa experience on the propertyOver 340 linear feet of private beachfrontBreathtaking views of the azure blue waters of theAtlantic
  11. 11. Wellness Spa Resort includes … - 260-room luxury resort - 30,000 square feet wellness spa - 10,000 square feet of executive meeting facilitiesWellness Spa Resort is rapidlygrowing into $1 Trillion WellnessIndustry
  12. 12. Focused on a balanced lifestyleThe resort will also contain… - water experience of pools - cabanas - beach service for its guestsWellness Resort will be developed andmanaged by a highly experienced managementteam with direct experience in bringing to lifeluxury resortsWellness Resort Project comes under TEA(Targeted Employment Area)
  13. 13.  At Risk: Funds Not at Risk If o Redemption Agreements: Fixed Price o Guaranteed Payments/Returns INVESTMENT DEFINED o Not a Loan: Accountant’s Improper Characterization o Promissory Note: Unsecured/FMV not Face Value o Loan with Investment as Security Sole Owner: Not Put Money in Account/How much activity is enough Investment In Job Creating Business o Partnership Expenses, attorney’s fee don’t count
  14. 14. Total EB-5 Visas Issued 4,218 1,885 1,421 1,360 806 744FY11, Q1 FY10 FY09 FY08 FY07 FY06
  15. 15. Total EB-5 Investor in 2010 Strong interest from both 5. Other Countries,developed and developing markets 527 1. China , 866 4. India, 623000 from East Asia, but the rest 3. Great Britain & 2. South N. Korea, 295are spread throughout the world Ireland, 135
  16. 16. INITIAL PHASE: Investor’s Sustainability evaluation (determined of eligibility for EB-5 investment) NVSPL Services and available EB- 5 Projects overview
  17. 17. PHASE – I: EB-5 Regional Center Investor Consulting Agreement is signed between NVSPL and Investor NVSPL conducts due diligence/ investigation of up to 5 prospective EB- 5 Projects that investor has interest in Investor analyses the comprehensive report on EB-5 Projects provided by NVSPL and chooses one for investment
  18. 18. PHASE – II: Investor signs Subscription Agreement with the Regional Center Investor deposits USD 500,000 or USD 1,000,000 into the Escrow account INVESTOR : - hires NVSPL: independent Immigration - verifies that Regional Center hasAttorney- prepares document forwarded all applicable offering for his and his funds documents to Investor or his background check Attorney for timely execution
  19. 19. PHASE – II:Investors Immigration Attorney prepares & files I-526 Immigration Petition to USCIS Denied by USCIS: Approved by USCIS Escrow account agent returns Escrow account agent releases 100% investment funds toinvestment funds to EB-5 Project investor
  20. 20. PHASE – II: Investor has a U. S. Consulate Interview (resides out of US) or files for adjustment of Status (resides in US) Upon approval from USCIS Investor receives conditional permanent resident status (2yr conditional Green Card) Investor or his Immigration Attorney files I-829 application to USCIS for removal of conditions (21 - 24 months after receiving conditional Green Card)
  21. 21. PHASE – II: Upon approval of I-829 Form, Investor receives permanent Green Card Approximately 5 years after Permanent Green Card issuance, Investor is divested of EB-5 Project (money returned) and may apply for U.S. Citizenship
  22. 22. Thank You!* All Rights Reserved with NVSPL