SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM)                                                                      Success Story @ Y...
As one of the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, the client wanted to improve productivity while reducing op...
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SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH


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SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service modules, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as the composite user interface.The YASH team incorporated a holistic but phased approach that began by leveraging SAP HCM as the foundation to build ESS and MSS capabilities using SharePoint, followed by delivering strategic HCM and BI capabilities.

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SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH

  1. 1. SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH Integrating ESS/MSS with Microsoft SharePoint Improved Productivity and Lowered Operating Costs Quick FactsIndustry: High-tech manufacturing Objectives: Why YASH:Geography: US ▪▪ Increase user adoption by improving ▪▪ Long-term strategic partner of client the intuitiveness of its ESS/MSS ▪▪ Was currently supporting existingThe Client: solution by leveraging Microsoft HCM applications and had thorough SharePoint understanding of business processes,As a global semiconductor company, the ▪▪ Improve collaboration across the HR applications, configuration andclient is a leading designer, manufacturer and enterprise integration pointsmarketer of high-performance analog, mixed- Solution: Benefits:signal and digital signal processing integratedcircuits marketed throughout the Americas, ▪▪ SAP ERP Human Capital Management ▪▪ Simplified HR process workflowsEurope, Australia, and Asia. (HCM) Employee Self-Service and ▪▪ New framework allowed forChallenges and Opportunities: Manager Self-Service modules, and adaptation and integration of future Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as the applications ensuring that HR, as a▪▪ Self-service functions were available for composite user interface business partner, was aligned with the certain regions, but most global offices still overall business goals Implementation Highlights: ▪▪ Improved end-user experience performed HR processes manually▪▪ Low adoption of employee self service ▪▪ Portal functionality designed to tasks resulted in loss of time and resources offer one-click, single sign-on to a for the company wider range of business applications and self-service tools, and would also embed employee emails and calendars with Microsoft applications ▪▪ Created a “Best-in-Class” user experience for managers and employees with enhanced SharePoint features such as personalization, MySites, and Web 2.0
  2. 2. As one of the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, the client wanted to improve productivity while reducing operationalcosts for its HR functions globally. To achieve this vision, they decided to implement Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) 2010 to bridge thegap between structured and unstructured business processes.Manual-based HR Processes Reduced Employee ProductivityThe client’s current SAP HCM solution was used as a repository for their SAP ESS & MSS applications. Though the self-service functionswere available for certain regions, most of the global offices still performed their HR processes manually. Employees would ask the HRpersonnel to perform self-service functions on the employee’s behalf, resulting in loss of valuable time and resources for the company.The client wanted to improve the intuitiveness of SAP ESS even more and leverage MOSS as a familiar interface.The client sought an HR business process transformation and implemented a strategy to modify user experience, simplify HR processworkflows, provide seamless back-end integration and improve collaboration across the enterprise.Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to Improve End-User ExperienceAs a long-term, strategic partner, YASH implemented and has been supporting the client’s SAP HCM applications and had thoroughunderstanding of their business processes, HR applications, configuration, and integration points.YASH worked in collaboration with the client to analyze business needs by conducting user focus groups and survey mechanisms todetermine the best solution. The YASH team incorporated a holistic but phased approach that began by leveraging SAP HCM as thefoundation to build ESS and MSS capabilities using SharePoint, followed by delivering strategic HCM and BI capabilities. YASH leveragedMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 as the composite user interface container interoperating with multiple internal and external systems. Theportal functionality was designed to offer one-click, single sign-on to a wider range of business applications and self-service tools,and would also embed employee emails, calendars with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Outlook, and Excel. To drive useradoption and improve the return on portal investment, YASH continually incorporated feedback from all stakeholders during therequirements analysis and implementation. This ensured that the designed portal capabilities exceeded the business requirementsand improved overall user adoption.As standardization and consistent user experience was crucial for this initiative, YASH implemented multi-tier RESTful servicearchitecture for the HR Employee and Manager Self-Service (HRSS) solution. The solution largely leveraged SharePoint 2010, WindowsCommunication Foundation and SAP. Microsoft Claims Based Identity and Federation Management functionality allowed greaterflexibility in application deployment through interoperability based on industry standard protocols, allowing applications and identityinfrastructure services to communicate via claims. This created a personalized and simplified user experience based upon the onlinehabits of the end- user and offered a higher level of control for power users. The architectural framework also allowed for adaptionand integration of future applications ensuring that HR, as a business partner, was aligned with the overall business goals. Thetechnical advantages of the innovation solution included the following: ▪▪ Centralized Workflow Platform - Centralized workflow and rules processing for HRSS applications as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services enabled creation of a centralized platform to be transferred to other applications. This workflow platform can also be used to develop non-SAP dependent applications in the future. ▪▪ Integration with the SSO Model – The architecture used in the solution enabled integration with the single sign-on (SSO) model currently being implemented and ensured claims-based federated identity and access control. ▪▪ Out-of-the-Box SharePoint 2010 Features - While the business logic and workflow required some custom development, the new architecture leveraged powerful capabilities of SharePoint 2010 such as MySites, Web parts, and lists to implement the functionality. ▪▪ Secure Data Management - A crucial aspect of the implementation was that the intermittent or temporary data stored in manager transactions had to be secured even from SQL database administrators. YASH implemented an application-specific encryption and decryption layer to implement the functionality.About YASH TechnologiesYASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading technology services and outsourcing partner for medium and large globalcustomers, we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’senterprise. YASH’s comprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. Thisapproach integrates enterprise solutions and services, proprietary best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenanceoutsourcing, as well as consulting and integration services. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company withU.S. and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across three continents. YASH is also part of a selectgroup of companies that are SAP - certified global providers of application management services.For more information, please visit or email MOSS-Hitech13-CS-0911 YASH Technologies Global Presence - USA | EU | MEA | APAC • California | Illinois | Iowa | Massachusetts | Missouri | New York Texas | London | Germany | Bahrain | Hongkong | Singapore • Hyderabad | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | Indore World HQ: 605-17th Avenue East Moline IL 61244 USA | Toll Free: 877-766-8934 | Tel: 309-755-0433 | Fax: 309-796-1242 EU: The Mille-II Floor 1000-Great West Road Brentford London TW89HH UK | Tel: 44-20-8261-4408 | Fax: 44-20-8261-4418 India: 201-205 Bansi Trade Center 581/5 MG Road Indore MP 452001 India | Tel: 91-731-426-1100 | Fax: 91-731-426-1234 © 2011 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ a services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.