Interwoven Services For Improved Business Performance


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YASH Technologies, an Interwoven partner, leverages Interwoven's ECM product suite to help clients streamline their work processes, preserve integrity of digital assets and present a consistent and powerful image to the global market.

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Interwoven Services For Improved Business Performance

  1. 1. TM Interwoven Services Building Bridges for Improved Business PerformanceThe ability to make confident decisions is directly Interwoven is a global leader in providing contentaffected by how quickly you can access quality management solutions that unlock the value andinformation. Organizations are under increasing pressure simplifies content to drive enterprise efficiently capture, manage and securely store YASH Technologies, an Interwoven partner, leveragesinformation content in order to guarantee its accuracy. Interwovens ECM product suite to help clientsEnterprise Content Management (ECM) systems help drive streamline their work processes, preserve integrity ofbusiness operations by allowing collaborative creation, digital assets and present a consistent and powerfulmanagement, delivery, and archival of information within image to the global market. We understand that successand outside the organizations ecosystem. requires online and offline integration of diverse systems which in turn leads to increased innovation, speed to market and, most importantly, speed to benefit. YASH Services in Interwovens Product Suite ECM solution serving multiple channels - internet, intranet, extranet, wireless, etc. Content Publishing & Content Management workflow TeamSite Seamless automated content cataloging Metadata Management Avoid Content Architecture pitfalls Content Inventory Design MetaTagger Design ingenious ways of distributing web content, code, documents, media, etc. Build Syndicated Content Deployment deployment strategy OpenDeploy & DataDeploy SIYAPHU - customizable solution for extending SAP Document Management Integrated Document Document Management Management Solution Worksite MP On-demand transformations, hot sync latest assets, life Digital Asset Management cycle management, sourcing & integration Seamless Collageof Digital asset & web content TeamSite & MediaBin
  2. 2. Capabilities Creating Excellence Around Interwoven’s Solutions Strategy & Road map Development YASH invests heavily in our Interwoven Center of Excellence in order to provide Content Life cycle Definition & cost-effective and tangible results for clients. Our vast experience in the Tuning Interwoven product suite enables us to build diverse solutions from simple, easy- to-use content entry templates and workflow in the back end, (without Implement scalable compromising the dynamic nature of a website); to very complex DCTs and MetaData/Taxonomy standard workflow for TeamSite administrators to configure and customize their website Content Repurpose, Provisioning, layouts with minimum effort! Inventory End-to-end Solutions YASH has designed unique and innovative solutions for Internationalization and Localization of web content by providing in-context automated machine translation using web services and customizing the Visual Format editor, thereby totally eliminating the manual translation process. We have also integratedVendor/Tool Selection machine translation engines to translate an entire website on the fly without manual intervention. Our solutions are designed and implemented using an Based on your business needs and evolutionary approach making it easy to adopt them into daily processes and to thorough analysis of existing issues see maximum return on investment as early as possible. The team comprises of consultants with deep knowledge implementing solutions worldwide, in varied industries. The benefit to customers is working with anOnsite/Offsite/Offshore Advantage experienced partner with the ability to leverage best practices and provide the right-fit solution and ensuring customer success. Global access to competent resources Reduce TCO YASH sample TeamSite based solutions and implementations: Enterprise Content RepositorySolutions YASH has helped various clients implement their content-management- Enterprise content repository based strategies on top of the Interwoven TeamSite platform. These end-to-end serving multiple channels implementations have highlighted content reuse, content internationalization Product information management and localization, format transformations, content syndication as well as content system provisioning. Tight coupling with portals, search engines and applications Product Information Management System and Catalog Management Loose coupling with open systems YASH has implemented a core CM solution for the manufacturing industry using standards such as SOAP to help manage their product information. This was achieved by making Automated content TeamSite and MetaTagger as a single point of data entry and internationalization/localization maintenance. Various diverse systems were integrated to TeamSite as part of this implementation to transform and publish this information to multiple Integration with ERP Product destinations such as websites, databases, CDs and kiosks. catalog
  3. 3. SIYAPHU Connector Document Management and Integration Adapters Architecture YASH has designed and implemented tight coupling integration adapters between systems such as portals, search SAP engines, applications and W HR TeamSite based content management systems. O B M Connector A P DATA In addition to generic integrations YASH has developed SIYAPHU, a Worksite A Interface SAP MP I customizable solution for extending SAP Document Management to P HR I Interwoven Worksite MP. SIYAPHU integrates unique features of Worksite MP such as Records Management, Business Process Workflows and Document Management to SAP in a seamless way to extract more out of your Enterprise Applications. Standards-based Integration YASH has helped clients implement loose coupling solutions by integrating TeamSite and external systems using open systems standards such as SOAP. Automated Content Internationalization/Localization The concept of "write once and use multiple times" has been extended to a global level by integrating TeamSite with third party machine translation tools, thus enabling our clients to translate their content on the fly. About YASH Technologies YASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading enterprise solutions and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers, we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customers enterprise. YASHs comprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. This approach integrates enterprise solutions and services, full life-cycle solutions including our own best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenance outsourcing, as well as consulting and integration services. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with US and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across 3 continents. For more information Contact us Today for Improved Business Performance I Visit: with our Interwoven Services. TMWorld Headquarters: YASH Technologies, 841 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, IL 61244Tel: 309-755-0433 | Fax: 309-755-3742 | Toll Free: 877-369-YASH (9274) ©2007-2008 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies. INT01-08