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Zeroth review presentation(3)


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Zeroth review presentation(3)

  1. 1. ANALYSINGand<br />OPTIMISATION of <br />EICHER 11.10<br />Suraj Tiwari 11108110<br />N. Yashwanth 11108119<br />S. Sriram 11108105<br /> Project Guide : S. Siluvaimuthu<br /> Assistant Professor (S.G)<br />HEX MOBILES<br />
  2. 2. Most Truck operators select or order a truck similar to a unit already in service, making only whatever changes are necessary to correct a deficiency <br />in operation or to improve performance.<br />Thus, the operator will usually draw up his requirements based on his experience over the years with any particular truck model only.<br />- JAMES WILLIAM FITCH<br />
  3. 3. WHY THIS TOPIC ?<br /> In Engineering there is always scope for further developments and achieving results a notch higher than the previous results.<br />In modern day engines we are able to utilize only 1/3 of the total energy generated from the fuel . This means we can achieve better <br />efficiency and mileage if we are able to further optimize the engine.<br /> The above concept is applicable to every engineering product. There is always a scope for optimization in any product even after its lifespan is over. This idea is the main driving force for us that made us to choose this topic.<br /> Through this project we plan to survey every bit about this vehicle and come out with further possible developments that would enhance the vehicle’s performance and boost its sales to new heights.<br />
  4. 4. Eicher 11.10<br />
  5. 5. The Eicher 11.10 has an unbeatable lead in RATED PAYLOAD with respect to other similar GVW vehicles. It also offers highest mileage in its category and longer cargo body option (20ft) for volume load applications. The Eicher 11.10 remains "The Best Selling- Value for Money Truck" for owners on strength of its high mileage, highest rated payload, efficient turnaround low maintenance.<br />
  6. 6. Salient Features<br /> 8 ton payload truck (GFSD).<br /> Highest mileage in its category.<br /> Heavy duty front and rear axle.<br /> Strong straight ladder type chassis.<br /> Full air brakes S-cam roller follower type.<br /> Large capacity RHS intake air lters for enhanced engine life. Reinforced cabin for enhanced safety.<br /> Larger loading area with option of 20 feet long cargo body for light load applications.<br /> Straddle mounted di erential and large crown wheel and pinion for higher load carrying capacity and longer life. Three (3) labour free services.<br /> Available in Cabin and Chassis, Fixed Side Desk, Split Drop Side Deck  Plus the Eicher Advantages of Low Maintenance Cost and Driving Comfort.<br />
  7. 7. Technical Specification<br />Eicher 11.10<br />BS III<br />Engine model and Type<br />E- 483- Diesel 4- cylinder with turbocharger and intercooler<br />Maximum Power<br />70 Kw @ 3200 rpm as per MOST/ CMVR TAP- 115- 116<br />Maximum Torque<br />285 Nm @ 1440 rpm as per MOST/ CMVR TAP- 115- 116<br />Model Code<br />Eicher 11.10<br />Wheelbase<br />3800 MM<br />4300 MM<br />GVW 11950 kgs<br />11950 kgs<br />Overall Length (HSD)<br />7090 MM<br />7693 MM<br />Min Turning Radius<br />7.4 M<br />8.1 M<br />Overall Height (HSD)<br />2895 MM<br />2895 MM<br />Loading Area<br />11.21 sqm<br />12.3 sqm<br />Overall Width<br />2250 MM<br />2250 MM<br />Min Turning Radius<br />7.4 M<br />8.1 M<br />Ground Clearance<br />220 MM<br />220 MM<br />Air Cleaner<br />Dry type telescopic snorkel<br />Bore x Stroke<br />100 x 105 (mm)<br />Cluth<br />310 mm dia single dry plate diapharagm type hydraullic assisted<br />Transmission<br />5 forward synchromesh & 1 reverse constant mesh. Floor mounted gear shift control lever.<br />Frame<br />Straight ladder type *C* channel-rivet -less top face.<br />Front Suspension<br />Semi- elliptical laminated leaf spring, hydraulic double- acting telescopic type shock absorbers.<br />Rear Suspenstion<br />Semi- elliptical laminated leaf spring.<br />Battery<br />12V-70 Ah<br />Alternator<br />12V-50 Ah<br />Starter<br />12V- 2.0KW<br />Steering<br />Right-hand drive. Recirculating ball & nut type. Variable gear ratio 32 to 37. <br />Service Brake<br />Full air dual line 'S' cam roller follower type<br />Exhaust Brake<br />Pneumatically activated automatic<br />Parking Brake<br />Graduted hand control valver System (at rear wheels only)<br />Tyres Front2, Rear4 and Spare1<br />Front<br />8.25 x 20<br />Rear & Spare<br />8.25 x 20<br />
  8. 8. E2 Plus Features<br />Enhanced Safety<br />Enhanced Reliability<br />
  9. 9. Enhanced Comfort<br />Enhanced Aesthetics<br />EICHER TRUCKS AND BUSES<br />VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.<br />Website : w w w. e i c h e r 1 1 1 0 . i nEmail:<br />
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Project Overview<br />
  13. 13. What we are going to do ?<br />Analyze: Test various parameters of vehicles like engine performance, Chassis, Brake efficiency, etc and compare the results with the given guideline results.<br />For this purpose Sundar Transport is providing us with 4 Eicher 11.10 vehicles. We will be monitoring the performance of this vehicle for a period of 1 month<br />
  14. 14. Survey<br />It will be of Three types :<br /> 1. Company Survey 2. Workshop /Dealer Survey 3. Customer Survey<br />Survey forms are being prepared with the help of Hex Mobiles and Shree Motors<br />We have collected a list of 50 truck owners with whom the survey would be conducted.<br />
  15. 15. Aerodynamic Study would be conducted on the prototype model. This would help us to optimize the cabin design of the vehicle and also help to achieve better mileage.<br />Safety Parameter Study : We plan to investigate 5 different accidents to analyze the safety level and this would help us to optimize its safety.<br />
  16. 16. ADD-ON FEATURES<br />IN-BUILT Weighing Machine<br />Feasibility of IVHS<br />Cummins CADEC technology<br />Manual for Drivers <br />