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Fire fighting


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fire fighting equipment's

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Fire fighting

  1. 1. Fire Fighting& Alarm System
  2. 2. Fire Alarm System Fire Alarm panel We have Two Type of panels 1: Conventional or (Normal) panel 2: addressable panel
  3. 3. Fire Alarm System Smoke Detector's We have two type of smoke detector's 1: smoke detector’s 2: heat detectors( for kitchens) 3: Gas leak detector’s( for kitchens)
  4. 4. Fire Alarm System Break Glass& Pull the switch We can push or pull the switch to give message we have fire
  5. 5. Fire Alarm System Alarm Bell& flashing We have three type of alarm 1: Alarm bell 2:Alarm flash 3:Alarm flash with voice
  6. 6. Fire Fighting System Fire Fighting System Fire fighting System : Part’s(machine’s) help you to fight or kill the fire We have many systems for fire fighting 1: Extinguisher's 2:sprinkers 3: hose reel & hydrant 4:wet chemical system (kitchen) 5: FM 200 system (IT rooms) 6:Gas leak System
  7. 7. Fire Fighting System Extinguisher's We have many type of extinguishers & they fight deferent of kind of fire
  8. 8. Fire Fighting System Extinguisher's colors All fire extinguishers have marking color code Red color : water Blue color: Dry Powder Black color: CO2 Off white color: Foam Green color: BCF /Halon Yellow color : wet chemical
  9. 9. Extinguisher's color with Use Fire Extinguisher Guidance Chart To provide you with a little guidance about which type of Fire Extinguishers you might require please refer to the table below, all fire extinguishers have the body color of signal red, and at least 5% of the body must be color coded in the pre-EN3 (BS 5423) colors. a good example is the Dry Powder Extinguisher now red (BS-EN3) with the colored band of blue which was the old (BS 5423) color code to represent the dry powder
  10. 10. Extinguisher parts Handle Pressure Gauge
  11. 11. How to use extinguisher
  12. 12. FM 200 for IT rooms System design FM 200 extinguisher FM 200 system
  13. 13. Wet chemical System For kitchen Wet chemical extinguisher Wet chemical System in the Hood
  14. 14. Gas leak system for kitchen This system work: when we have gas leak in kitchen He stop feeding the gas by cut off the solenoid in gas room Gas leak switch solenoid Gas leak sensor (detector) Gas leak panel
  15. 15. Fire fighting water system Fire Fighting System Electrical& diesel pumps Sprinkler’s Titan hose reel Hose reel Hydrant
  16. 16. Evacuation system Evacuation Map Fire Exit door Fire staircase Evacuation speaker System This parts of evacuation we should have it in every hotel
  17. 17. Evacuation Assembly point Evacuation signage Portable speaker When we have Fire we call Civil defense before we Start any Thing In evacuation time check your safety before Your help the people & after help them We inform the people to use The staircase & go out side the building We send the people to assembly point Or safe area
  18. 18. Preparing by yaser karadsheh chief engineer