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Wedding Diary

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Wedding Diary

  1. 1. My Wife and I
  2. 2. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jim-Bob.
  3. 4. Just kidding. I‘m the second from the right.
  4. 6. And this is my wife.
  5. 8. No, that’s not her. My Mary is the one’s who’s popping out.
  6. 10. Isn‘t she gorgeous? My other wives are really jealous of her.
  7. 12. Some even lose the will to live.
  8. 14. But that didn‘t stop us from getting married. Although I did have some doubts.
  9. 16. My nephew Freddy didn‘t like the wedding too much. But by then it was too late.
  10. 18. The wedding was magnificent. We danced . . .
  11. 20. We gave out prizes for best dancer.
  12. 22. We got lots of gifts. My wife got a really nifty drinks container.
  13. 24. I got a voucher for a really neat tattoo.
  14. 26. My older sister caught the floral bouquet.
  15. 28. My Uncle Frank, as usual, got drunk. He took some revenge on his wife.
  16. 30. Didn’t matter though. She knew how to get home by herself.
  17. 32. Here are some of the other members of my family.
  18. 33. Here‘s Granny Lynda.
  19. 35. My two nephews Jimmy and Joe.
  20. 37. My nieces Jody and Jill.
  21. 39. My Aunt Flora.
  22. 41. Cousins Lori and Jenny.
  23. 43. I‘m almost certain this girl‘s from my wife‘s side.
  24. 45. Even in a close-up I don‘t recognize her.
  25. 47. This is my little sister Annie. Can she ever dance! (I don’t think much of the guy she’s with.)
  26. 49. This is Angie from next door. She‘s a really sweet girl.
  27. 51. After the wedding we went on our honeymoon.
  28. 52. On the left is my wife Mary. Too bad her mother came with us.
  29. 54. We played a few rounds of golf.
  30. 56. Mary‘s such a good golfer that she won the hotel‘s Golfer of the Week award.
  31. 58. The honeymoon was great, except for a huge traffic jam on the drive back home. So we kept in shape with a few exercises.
  32. 60. Mary got pregnant on our honeymoon. And here’s our first child. Isn’t he just great?
  33. 62. I’ll send more pictures soon.