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Part 4: Use a picture. It’s worth 1000 words. (PowerPoint)


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If it makes you laugh,
if it makes you cry,
if it rips out your heart,
that’s a good picture.

Eddie Adams
American Photographer
Pulitzer Prize Winner 1969

After going through the two POWERPOINTS below,

then going through this video will assist in discussing the images with the class and drawing assumptions and conclusion; sometimes what we see is not what is being conveyed.

This video will assist in Humanities and English.

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Part 4: Use a picture. It’s worth 1000 words. (PowerPoint)

  1. 1. Use a picture. It’s worth 1000 words. Part 4: “Use a picture. It’s worth 1000 words.” 10 photographs.
  2. 2. 1911 Arthur Brisbane, a newspaper man is credited with saying: “Use a picture. It is worth a thousand words.” 1927 “A picture is worth a thousand words.” appeared in an advertisement developed by: Fred R. Barnard for Royal Baking Soda. Note: Chinese Proverb: “One picture is worth ten thousand words” attributed to: Confucius It’s worth something alright!
  3. 3. 1912 Titanic survivors boarding the Carpathia
  4. 4. 1865: Lewis Payne co-conspirator to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination awaiting execution for attacking with a knife Secretary of State William H. Seward
  5. 5. 1945: Allied Forces at the Reich Chancellery mocking Hitler
  6. 6. 1900: ‘Little People’ in spooky Halloween masks
  7. 7. 1969: The Beatles Before the iconic Abbey Road Shot
  8. 8. 1967: Chicago, USA bustling city
  9. 9. 1945: Nagasaki, Japan grateful woman survived bombing
  10. 10. 1947: Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II intricate wedding cake
  11. 11. 1930: New York, USA New York parking system
  12. 12. 1931: London, UK Gandhi in London
  13. 13. 30 photos from the past that should see 50 Inspiring Animated Gifs 69 Rare Historical Photographs You've Probably Never Seen. After You See These 20 Rare Photos From The Past, You’ll Never Forget Them. Wow. Here Are 45 Rare Photos From The Past You’ve Never Seen Before The Online Photographer Sources… Assembled: A. Ballas