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Yary career

  1. 1. Part Three!My career choice is Paralegal assistants: Assists lawyers by researching legal precedents, investigatingfacts, or preparing legal documents. Conducts research to support a legal proceeding, to formulate adefense, or to initiate legal action.1: “Is This For You?” What does a person do in this career and are you still interested in this field? Doesthis field match the results of your assessments?This career has always been my number one choice. AParalegals job is to assist lawyers in legal precedents, preparing legal documents. Prepares affidavits orother documents, such as legal correspondence, and organizes and maintains documents in paper orelectronic filing system.Prepares for trial by performing tasks such as organizing exhibits.Prepares legal documents, including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, and real estate closingstatements.Meets with clients and other professionals to discuss details of case.Files pleadings with court clerk.Gathers and analyzes research data, such as statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, anddocuments.Calls upon witnesses to testify at hearing.
  2. 2. Investigates facts and law of cases and searches pertinent sources, such as public records, to determinecauses of action and to prepare cases.Directs and coordinates law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas.“What to Learn” What type of degree or certification do you need for this career?For this career youonly need an Associate’s degree, but one must also have certain skills to this this job that for examplethe following skills are important for this career:Reading comprehension - medium (level 5)Active listening - medium (level 4)Writing - medium (level 4)Speaking - medium (level 4)Critical thinking - medium (level 3)Active learning - medium (level 3)Monitoring - medium (level 3)These skills are necessary but not as important:Mathematics - low (level 1)Science - very low (level 0)Learning strategies - low (level 2) “Money & Outlook” What is the salary range for this career and the employment outlook? Is this what you expected?The pay for this career is very good although I expected more. This is the Florida wages.Average Annual Wage $46,821Entry Annual Wage $31,429Experienced Annual Wage $54,538Entry Hourly Wage $15.11Experienced Hourly Wage $26.22Average Hourly Wage $22.51 “Connections” Select at least one networking resource from this area and tell how it benefits your career choice.National Federation of Paralegal Associations P.O. Box 2016 Edmonds, WA 98020 www.paralegals.orgWelcome to the web site of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc., (NFPA®). The missionof the NFPA is to promote a global presence for the paralegal profession and leadership in the legalcommunity. We accomplish this mission through our core purpose and goals. To read more about NFPA,our mission, core purpose and goals, please see the About NFPA tab. NFPA respects diversity and wasthe first national paralegal association to adopt a Diversity Statement, which you can read under PositionStatements on the Positions & Issuestab above. NFPA is dedicated to life-long learning and offers CLEopportunities on-line (click on CLE tab) as well as at our annual convention. NFPA is committed tohonesty and integrity and adopted its Model Code of Ethics and Responsibility in 1993. NFPA offers theParalegal Advanced Competency Exam.
  3. 3. Career cluster questions.The focus and choice assessments are tools that everyone shoulduse at least ones they provide you with very useful informationit starts by asking you questions on what you like and dislikeafter it gives you the results on careers that best match yourpersonality. I have learned that I have a lot of choices formajors although I have always been fascinated with the Law thereare many careers I have always liked but though I couldn’t do,taking this assessments help motivate me to take something elsewhen I come back for my B.A. in two years. The results from myassessments where right on with what I want and would like to doone of the majors a researched were Paralegal. The gold stars researched gave me a full description of whatParalegals do from what they make not on only in the state ofFlorida but on the entire U.S from year wages to hourly income;also what their job duties are, one of the most interestingthings was when I clicked on connections. Connections is anothertool that helps you find different associations on the careeryou’ve research the association I used was (National Federationof Paralegal Associations)www.paralegals.orgThe mission of the NFPA is to promote a global presence for theparalegal profession and leadership in the legal community italso offers the Advanced Competency Exam. After completing this assessment my career goal has not changeI am still majoring in Paralegal although it did made come to anew goal which is majoring in a total different field for when Ireturned to college to complete my B.A I have always want to ownmy a business (HairSalon) so I am thinking about majoring inBusiness administration in two years. This project was veryhelpful it gave me a lot of information, the results didn’tsurprise me every assessments I answer to the best of myknowledge and the results reflected what I knew they would.