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"Hosers' - A Family Game from 2 Household Items


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Teams of two or more compete to see who can fill vases with a water hose from longer and longer distances with the minimum spillage.

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"Hosers' - A Family Game from 2 Household Items

  1. 1. Crash Course in Creativity - Stanford University Fall 2012Creativity Project 2 - Arvid 1 11/12/2012Hardin and Team
  2. 2. Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 2 11/12/2012
  3. 3.  An individual assignment.  The challenge is to use TWO HOUSEHOLD ITEMS of any type and develop a set of rules and guidelines to come up with a brand new SPORT.  I am to use my creativity to generate something you have never seen before.  My creativity will be evaluated on both the amount of creativity and the quality of presentation.  Delivery can contain drawings, photos, or video demonstrating the sport.  A short description is allowed.Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 3 11/12/2012
  4. 4.  50 feet of Standard Garden Hose  Operating pressure as at standard for homes in the region  No pressure boost pumps  Open supply faucet  No nozzle devices, open hose only  5 liter or 1 gallon vase  Opening at top to be 6” or 15 cm diameter  Vase Diameter 6” / 15 cm below the top to be 9” / 22.5 cm  Fully composed of Ceramic materialCreativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 4 11/12/2012
  5. 5. * This is a team sport * The grass flied is 75 ft / 25 * Each Team is composed of 5 meters by 45 ft / 15 meters players, of 2 substitutes and 1 coach * Each Teams Vase is placed in a 12 “ / 30 cm diameter pit with the * Players play one at a time in top of the vase exactly level with parallel competitions with a second team the grass surface * Each player must stand at a * Lines are drawn at 9 ft/ 3 m, 15 ft specified distance from the / 5 m, 21 ft / 7 m and 24ft / 8 m opening of the vase and fill it by from the nearest lip of the vase directly the hose at the vase * Each player plays in sequence * Team Benches are placed at the until the vase is filled or end closest to the vase pit disqualified *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 5 11/12/2012
  6. 6. * Play starts with the first player * As each „filling‟ is completed the positioned at 9 ft / 3 m from the next player attempts to complete closest edge of the vase. That the task from the next longer player attempts to fill the vase as distance quickly as possible without * Each player can attempt the task * If the player fills the pit before he only once / she fills the vase he /she is * For each new player, the preceding automatically disqualified and player must remove the vase, must leave the pitch empty it completely, empty the pit * The emptied vase is replaced into box, and replace them before play an emptied pit resumes by the following player * Additional players must continue until the vase is filled before the pit is filled *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 6 11/12/2012
  7. 7. * Points are earned in 3 ways * Penalties of disqualification for * Total volume of water collected overfilling the pit – 25 points per legally from the empties vases occasion that have been filled without * Over-stepping the demarcation disqualification – 100 points maximum per cubic cm of line for each distance during water filling attempts * 100 Points maximum for the * 100 Points for spraying the number of stations used in the opponents competition * Complete disqualification of the * 100 points maximum for the whole team for filling the shortest of the accumulated competitors pit times to complete all players * The team with the highest aggregate score wins *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 7 11/12/2012
  8. 8. *Normal round robin rules and staging will apply *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 8 11/12/2012
  9. 9. *Hand eye coordination *Depth perception *Endurance *Agility in controlling the hose direction *Skill in controlling the flow of water from the end of the open hose *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 9 11/12/2012
  10. 10. * Teams are responsible for supplying their own hoses and vases according to specifications * Teams will arrive at the pitch 1 hour prior to each match to prepare all aspects of the pitch * At the end of each match day the teams wil wok together to return the pitch to an agreed sate of readiness for other activities as required by the pitch owers *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 10 11/12/2012
  11. 11. Growth Perspective *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 11 11/12/2012
  12. 12. * This is intended to be a family or intra-family or community or inter-community sport * It is intended for people to have fun in spring, summer and fall. * It could be adapted to winter by replacing water with snow balls *Creativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 12 11/12/2012
  13. 13. * AcknowledgementsCreativity Project 2 - Arvid Hardin and Team 13 11/12/2012