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  1. 1. The expression for asking, giving, and rejecting help School : SMP ...... Subject : English Grade/Semester : VIII / I Time Allotment : 2 x 40’ (1 meeting) By Erviana Yuli P. (2201408052)
  2. 2. Building Knowledge of the Field Answer these following questions orally! • Do you like flowers? • If yes, what is your favourite one? • Can you state five kinds of flower?
  3. 3. Let’s listen and complete itAndi is visiting his classmate Nila. At this time, Nila is in the backyard of her house.Andi: Hi, Nila.Nila : Hi, Andi.And : What are you doing?Nila : Well. I’m 1_____ a rose now. Can you 2______ me get the flower 3_____ over there, please?Andi: Yes, of course.Andi takes the flower pot and gives it to Nila.Andi: Here you are.Nila : Thank you, Andi.Andi : You’re welcome. These 4__________ are beautiful. Are they all yours?Nila : Yes. My mother bought them for me.Andi : Oh, I see. By the way, would you like me to the 5__________ flowers?Nila : No, thanks. You don’t have to.
  4. 4. Answer the questions orally 1. What flower is being planted by Nila? 2. Do all of the flowers belong to Nila? 3. What does Nila ask Andi to do?
  5. 5. Find the meaning and the phonetic transcription of the words below then read it with correct pronunciation!
  6. 6. Grammar Review Simple Present tense S + V1 + O S Be Have Singular I Am Have You Are Have He/she/i Is Has t Plural We/you are have /the
  7. 7. Modelling of TextListen to the recorded conversation carefully. Answer the question below orally. • What is Nina asking Niko to do? • Where will Nina go tomorrow? • Why is Nina going there?
  8. 8. Let’s Learn
  9. 9. Join ConstructionWork in pairs. Listen to the conversation carefully and fill the blank spaces. Father: Rian, don’t 1_______ to water the plants. They will die if you do not 2 ______them 3_______ a day. Rian : Okay, Dad. I won’t forget.   The next day, Rian forgets to water the plants. Then two days later... Father: Rian, the plants are 4____________ . I’ve told you to water them. Did you water them yesterday? Rian : Ummm.... Yes, I did. Father : But, why are the plants dead now? Don’t 5_______to me. Rian : I don’t lie, Dad. Father : Lying is a bad habit, isn’t it? Now 6_______me. Did you water the plants yesterday? Rian : Actually.... I forgot, Dad. Father : So you didn’t water the plants. Rian : No, I didn’t. I’m 7_______. I 8________I won’t forget next time. Father : Promise me you won’t lie next time. Rian : I promise.
  10. 10. . he eu sing t a ad ialogu refusing Make ving and ss. p airs. ,gi of the claW ork in of asking in front ssion themexpre d practise nhelp a
  11. 11. Individual construction of the text
  12. 12. Thank You