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Explaining the new trend of UX-centric founder/CEOs and how these skills help me at BillGuard.

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  1. 1. Redefining CEOsWhen UX Starts At The Top @YaronSamid 3.19.2013
  2. 2. UX CEOs“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” - Talmud
  3. 3. My Story
  4. 4. What’s Your Story?“To simplify complications is the first essential of success.” - George Earle Buckle, Editor, The Times
  5. 5. What’s driving the movement? 1. Tech becomes silver, UX becomes gold. 2. UE replaces UA as holy grail KPI of consumer tech. 3. UX-centric companies are crushing the competition.
  6. 6. BillGuard’s StoryB2B fintech security company led by a consumer UX guy. WTF?
  7. 7. BillGuard’s UX Lessons: 1.Nothing is free. That’s a good thing.
  8. 8. BillGuard’s UX Lessons: 2. Ask not what your user can do for you.
  9. 9. BillGuard’s UX Lessons: 3. “Tai Chi UX” - Channel behavioral rivers.
  10. 10. BillGuard’s UX Lessons: 4. Imitation is the highest form of UX design
  11. 11. Go home, start a company. Thanks. @YaronSamid 3.19.2013