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Blade New Generation Catalog


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Blade New Generation Catalog featuring the Trigger 5g, Prime 5g, Fat Lady 2g, Uni Bar and more.

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Blade New Generation Catalog

  1. 1. introWe know that feeling of power as youcut waves, that rush of adrenalineas you’re about to go airborne, thatpsyched-up feeling as you pushthe limits, and that overflowingsatisfaction after yet anotherpowerful session. its these feelingsthat make us feel alive.Here at Blade, we’re proud to havebuilt a strong reputation of a solidkiteboarding company, deliveringgreat products every year. Heavilyinvesting in research and developmentis part of the game we play, and it’spart of our love for the sport. Ourtalented team has taken to the beachhundreds of times to find what works– and what doesn’t – so that you canmake the most of your time on thewater each and every session.
  2. 2. navigationkitestrigger/the 5th prime/the 5th fat lady/the 2ndgeneration generation generationcontrol barthe uni control barboardsdeuce/the 3rd sanchez/the 2ndgeneration generation
  3. 3. trigger/the 5thgeneration
  5. 5. trigger/the 5thgenerationDESIGNED TO EXCELRIDERS WHO AREPROGRESSIVE,VERSATILE ANDDYNAMICHaving inspired kite riders to pushthe boundaries since 2009, the 5thgeneration Trigger is even more in yourface and thrilling than its predecessor.Maintaining its reputation of ultra-quickturning speed and powerful deliverygives the edge to riders who don’t feargoing all out on the water. Don’t expecta park and ride kite. The Trigger wouldbe insulted to be used in such a way.The high performance characteristicslet you position this kite exactly whenand where you want it.
  6. 6. trigger/the 5thgenerationFor the 5th generation Trigger, the profileshape went through a highly calculatedreconstruction which positions the kiteto sit further in the edge of the window,causing more vertical pop, significantincrease in hangtime and muchbetter upwind performance. The mostnoticeable difference in the new profileshape is in the wingtips, where thedistance between the elbows has beennearly doubled. We’ve found this designto drastically help with stabilizing thekite, giving a rock solid feel. This hasalso helped drift the kite, perfect forwave riding and repositioning of the kiteafter big airs.Although it might be difficult to noticeby the naked eye, the 5th generationTrigger has a much steeper and deeperpocket than last year’s model. Thiscreates more power for better pop andlonger hangtime. You’ll definitely noticethis the first time you go out riding.
  7. 7. trigger/the 5thgenerationWhen the Trigger’s 3 strut systemdebuted 4 years ago, it was very rare tosee such design characteristics on anykite. Now, the design has proved itselfand is much more common across theindustry. This comes as no surprise,since the aerodynamically efficientshape results in less drag and a highlyresponsive kite which offers quicker,sharper turns, maximum power, and adynamic, direct feel.With its forgiving nature, the Triggeris your ideal choice to promoteprogression and to bring you back tothe beach, dripping of adrenaline.
  8. 8. prime/the 5thgeneration
  10. 10. prime/the 5thgenerationDESIGNED TO PUSH THEMENTAL AND PHYSICALABILITIES OF ADVANCEDRIDERS WHO AREAGGRESSIVE PRECISEAND TECHNICALPowerful, aggressive and precise, thePrime offers the ultimate experiencefor dedicated freestylers andanybody looking for an extreme ride.Combining high-speed with exquisitemaneuverability, this revolutionaryfour-line C kite hybrid drips with ano-compromise attitude.While Blade has always strived toproduce kites suitable for differentusers and all skill levels, we realizethat there are riders with very specificand advanced needs. That’s wherethe Prime comes in. This precision
  11. 11. prime/the 5thgenerationThis precision model offers high ARgeometry with unique wingtip design(usually found on a C-kite) enablingwakestyle and freestyle riders to havethat extra pull with stable performance.The Prime’s aggressively-shapedleading edge produces unparalleledspeed which comes with aresponsiveness not often associatedwith such raw power. An efficient bridalsystem adds improved support to theleading edge and enables the kiter totweak the kite to the conditions on thewater.
  12. 12. prime/the 5thgenerationLocated at the tip of the kite, the Prime’sturning axis generates a maximumpower turn and maintains that powerthroughout the maneuver, thuscompletely utilizing the advantages ofa C-kite. Clean, crisp, sharp turns areenhanced by the intensity of the kite’spower profile, created by the intricatedesign of the airfoil. All the while yourride will be stable and consistent,which is perfect for sliders and flatwater sessions, even in gusty choppyconditions!The Prime’s sharp craftsmanship,innovative design and high-endproduction materials have allundergone rigorous testing to ensurethat performance is perfect each andevery time. If losing is not an option,look no further.
  13. 13. fat lady/the 2ndgeneration
  14. 14. fat lady/the 2ndgeneration
  15. 15. fat lady/the 2ndgenerationWhile your friends are standing on thebeach pretending to be meteorologists,you can be busting all the tricks in yourrepertoire or carving the waves all toyourself. Fast, powerful, responsiveand a thrill to ride, the Fat Lady hasmade quite the name for herself in thelight wind category.It took an exhaustive two year designprocess to get it just right, but hereat Blade R&D we believe the Fat Ladyis proof that it’s possible to have a17m kite that still captures the funfactor usually reserved for smaller,more nimble kites. This kite gives youexactly what you want; a strong pop,great hangtime and the fast turningabilities one would expect from a12m kite. All of this translates to bigair, controlled wave riding and anexplosive unhooked pop, everythingyou need to bust out all the moves inyour arsenal.
  16. 16. fat lady/the 2ndgenerationFor the 2nd Generation Fat Ladywe’ve drastically improved the upwindcapabilities by designing a new profileshape, which is traditionally found inparaglides. This unique and dynamicdesign strategy also improves low-end capabilities as well as responsivecontrol in gusty conditions.
  17. 17. fat lady/the 2ndgenerationClose observation of the Fat Lady willreveal how narrow the LE is. Alongwith a 3-strut design, this greatlyreduces the drag and weight on thekite, which leads to greater pop. Thechanges have been accompanied bypre-emptive strut shape design andpositioning. This provides the FatLady with a stable system where youcan enjoy anything from an old schoolfreeride to wave and even unhookedstyles. Go ahead shredder, we dareyou to give her a spin.
  18. 18. INTRODUCINGthe
  19. 19. unicontrol barAfter two years of substantialinvestment and intensive R&D, theBlade’s new Uni control bar has finallyarrived. A new bar has been in highdemand for quite some time now, andit would have been easy to sacrificeproduction qualities and rush-releasea new bar, but we didn’t cut any cornersin developing this fine specimen.The kinematic conscious designand double mold techniques usedto produce the Uni control bar arejust another example of Blade’scommitment to producing top endproducts every time.
  20. 20. unicontrol barThe first feature you’ll notice is theunique shape of the bar stick. Weteamed up with a pair of kinesiologyprofessionals to design a bar thatalleviates some of the muscle stressassociated with prolonged kiting.This unique shape relaxes the uppermuscles so you can ride longer andsave your strength for busting tricksand charging the waves.When it comes to control bars, easeof use, safety and versatility are alldemands that need to be met. The Unicontrol bar answers these demandsand more. We know our riders push thelimits every day, so safety shouldn’tbe a concern when kiting. The simpleQR system activates at a pull force of4kg, on loads as light as 5kg and asheavy as 200kg. This means that nomatter how hairy conditions get, youhave the ability to easily disconnectfrom the system.
  21. 21. unicontrol barPurchasing a bar shouldn’t meancompromising on design featuresthat are important to you. That’s whywe made the Uni bar as versatile aspossible. The clam cleat can be easilyadjusted on the beach to change thebar throw to your preferred setting.So, if you’re vertically challenged orhave a very specific riding preference,you’ll be easily accommodated withthe appropriate bar throw length.In today’s day and age, no kiter shouldhave to contend with swiveled lines.Our new swivel design is located abovethe bar and rotates freely, without therider having to intervene. While someswivels on the market are good for thefirst couple of sessions on the water,the Uni swivel uses corrosion freebearings which will keep your linesjust the way you want them for manyyears to come.
  22. 22. deuce/sanchezBoard design is an art form. It All our boards are manufactured atrequires expertise, cutting edge the Elan board factory in Austria - thedesign and technology, and a whole lot care and thought that goes into everyof imagination. Working with quality board shipped out is apparent from thematerials is essential in good board moment you set foot on one of thesedesign. Every aspect of the board, from fine specimens.the Paulownia wood core to the doubleconcave tip design and from the ABSrails to each and every stainless steelscrew, has to be just right in order tooffer the perfect ride.
  23. 23. deuce/the 3rdgenerationThanks to its innovative design, theDeuce offers freestylers the opportunityto head out for a session whatever theconditions are on the water. Don’t limityourself to flat waters and avoid choppyconditions. The Deuce is efficient onboth.We’ve worked with the world-renownedElan factory in Austria to constructthis cutting-edge board. Crafted froma custom-designed mold, the boardfeatures a single concave down themiddle to reduce drag and increasespeed. It’s also equipped with a double-concave channel tip which minimizeswater spray and maximizes performanceand efficiency.The board’s torsional stiffness coupledwith the flexibility of the tips gives ridersthe pop they’ve been looking for, whilmaintaining stability. If you’re lookingfor a powerful new-school board that’seasy to handle, the Deuce is just for you.
  24. 24. deuce/the 3rdgenerationThe 2nd Generation Deuce is fasterthan its predecessor and offers betterpop. We’ve spent years perfecting thegeometric shape of the board, whil alsoadjusting the concave design, narrowingand stiffening the board. The result isa very fast board capable of achievingmore speed both in transit and before ajump, thus resulting in bigger and bettertricks. The design has also improvedthe Deuce’s ability to travel upwind.While performance is important, anyrider knows that comfort is vital too.The Deuce’s ergonomically-designedpads and straps deliver proficientcomfort, meaning you can concentrateon your boarding and perfecting a movebig enough to blow the competition out 42of the water. 41 139 135
  25. 25. sanchez/the 2ndgenerationWhen it comes to balancingperformance with comfort – a must forany freerider– the Sanchez should beyour go-to board. This hydrodynamicboard is a must for lively and playfulriders.The Sanchez features a balanceddesign that includes a complete 3Dmolded Paulownia wood core, whichdelivers impressive performancethrough a controlled combinationof flex, durability and lightweightcharacteristics.A unique double concave with wingtipchannel design provides easy planing,upwind performance and minimumboard spray while cruising throughflat and choppy waters. An additionalsingle concave design in the middleof the board minimizes drag whilemaximizing power. The combinationensures a smooth and comfortableride doubled with high-energy.
  26. 26. sanchez/the 2ndgenerationWhat’s a freeride board without a fewairborne qualities added along for theride? Easy Edge geometry means thatthe Sanchez offers plenty of pop toimpress your friends, but with enoughcontrolled flex to soften the landingsso your knees don’t take a beating.The well-mannered board, featuringergonomically-designed pads andstraps, makes for a comfy ride. Thismeans you can quit worrying aboutaches and pains and start focusing onlanding that next big trick.Don’t complicate things with multipleboards to fit different conditions; theSanchez will deliver what you need,when you need it. 43 42 41 138 134 130
  27. 27. prime/the 5th trigger/the 5th fat lady/the 2nd generation generation generationdeuce/the 3rd sanchez/the 2nd uni controlgeneration generation bar