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@ Ok Seriously, What Is Yahoo?


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After reading the "Ok Seriously, What Is Yahoo?" ( piece by Michael Arrington on May 28, 2010, it made me think how I would like to change Yahoo to become relevant again. And here is my humble attempt on picturizing the idea. Your comments are welcome.

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@ Ok Seriously, What Is Yahoo?

  1. 1. My Thoughts on Yahoo Service Offering Strategy: How I Would Have Changed the Company Messaging Email, IM, Blog, video chat, twitter, etc. Videos Photos Music Games Social Elements status updates, follow, share, groups, etc. Shopping My Page Search, Address Book, Calendar, Maps-Location, Presence consuming & generating content News Core Service Offerings Other Strategic Service Offerings Hot Jobs Small Business Greetings Address Book becomes a social network (UI), that interconnects with Core Service Offerings and outside services like FB or twitter Etc.