Sell jewelry using pinterest-


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Sell jewelry using pinterest-

  1. 1. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 2 Selling Your Jewelry -Using Pinterest By Yariv Gai Copyright © 2013 by Yariv Gai. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright holder (except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages and/or show brief video clips in a review). Yariv Gai ( (
  2. 2. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 3 Table of Contents Introduction Module One: How Do I Join Pinterest? Module Two: How to Get Started on Pinterest? Module Three: Why Your Jewelry Business Should Be On Pinterest? Module Four: How to Creatively Sell Your Jewelry Using Pinterest? Module Five: How to create Pinterest Group Boards? Module Six: How to Get Lots of Followers on Pinterest? Module Seven: How to Drive Traffic by Optimizing Pinterest for Search Engines? Module Eight: How to Become Pinterest Master Pinners? Module Nine: How to Close Your Sale Using Etsy? Module Ten: How to Measure Results on Pinterest? Module Eleven: Pinterest Business Success Stories Module Twelve: Pinterest The Epilogue
  3. 3. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 4 Introduction Congratulations on your great decision to purchase Selling Your Jewelry Guide Using Pinterest! When it comes to jewelry marketing, finding success and gaining clients takes more than basic marketing knowledge. This is where I come into the picture. My name is Yariv Gai and my business is jewelry factory sourcing and marketing online. With seven years of experience in the Thai business environment, I’ve gained strong marketing and sales skills in the jewelry industry. I use Pinterest in my daily work and it attracts lots of traffic to my website and Pinterest boards. I decided to create a guide on how to sell jewelry using Pinterest which will help businesses like yours without investing hundreds of dollars into marketing. With that being said, I hope that you enjoy this guide and implement these ideas into your own marketing strategy. Though this book focuses on jewelry, you can use these same principles for just about any business that you can create visual content for. Thanks for taking the time to read my book! I hope it serves you well.
  4. 4. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 5 An Introduction to Pinterest Pinterest is a social media tool that can help collect your jewelry images online. You can then bookmark your images and videos on boards organized by category, for example, “Silver Beads,” or, “Stainless Steel Anklets.” You can also see the boards of others. Pinterest is free, easy to use, and super viral, making it the perfect marketing tool for jewelry businesses. This is an excellent platform for engaging your audience and connecting with jewelry buyers online. A Preface to Pinterest Online marketing is the biggest arena with which every individual and business is concerned. A smart breakthrough in this field can be achieved through Pinterest. It is an amazing website where you can like and share images and videos, all visual content. You can make many connections with like-minded people and businesses alike. It can also help you to achieve a higher rank in search engines and help you to send traffic to your website. Some of the most common ways to generate traffic include branding, link building, and social networking. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to compare the blogs and presentation of businesses similar to your own before you begin actively using the site yourself. Your images can be about the products you are dealing with like jewelry, hair accessories, or diamonds. It is essential that you pin and repin at regular intervals. This can accelerate the tempo of your business growth and get you referrals and traffic. This is mainly possible through image building for your website. The layout of your website must be attractive to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or buy your jewelry.
  5. 5. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 6 There are many ways to make your Pinterest profile attractive to viewers and potential customers. Your website as well as your Pinterest profile should have an official presentation to inform the world about your business and be your first impression online. Adding some information about jewelry and your business on your profile can also help you generate interest in your products. Do not forget to add some information about the importance of the online jewelry trade, too. It’s also a good idea to add some information that helps build trust in your brand. You should definitely add links directly to your website and your Facebook business page. Be very careful not to fall into the trap of pinning just for the sake of self-promotion. Remember that people seek union and discussion, not shameless broadcasting. You should also be pinning more general things that can help boost your business and create a captive network around you. Pinterest has over 10 million users worldwide. According to a statistical report, women use this site more than men do. Thus, after the Facebook and Twitter revolution, the third website that is successful in creating a following on the internet is Pinterest, and it works especially well for products aimed at women that can be presented in highly visual ways.
  6. 6. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 7 Module Twelve Pinterest – Epilogue Pinterest is one of the best ways to generate traffic to any website. If used properly, Pinterest can drive traffic and sales to your website, which is possible because of its keen audience. Pinterest users are especially in the market for products that are portrayed in aesthetic images across profiles. Through Pinterest, people can take in images of ideas, products, and other visually appealing content without having to worry about paying for the service. It’s user- friendly, so anyone can use it. A picture is worth a thousand words – that’s why people love to share images. Images give off certain feelings and impressions just like quotes do and are easily shared through Pinterest. Because of the analytics on the site, it’s easier to evaluate the data and apply what you learn to future marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that people are likely to share images that signify something to them – like a lifestyle. Buying and wearing high quality jewelry is a lifestyle, so it’s all about connecting with an audience that wants that lifestyle, like jewelry buyers and enthusiasts. In order to sell your jewelry, your images must be eye-catching and beautiful. This is where it’s a good idea to get creative – instead of showcasing only the jewelry, how about putting it on a model? Instead of having a plain white background for it, how about combining the beauty of the jewelry with the beauty of nature through natural backgrounds? There are a number of highly creative photographers out there, too – they may have some ideas. One example of jewelry being displayed in a slightly different way is when a photographer places a newlywed couple’s wedding bands in the center of a flower or on a piece of driftwood. The possibilities are literally endless!
  7. 7. Selling Your Jewelry-Using Pinterest 8 Lastly, Pinterest offers a unique ability to use simple methods of selling without actually needing sales scripts or a sales-y tone. Images can very well speak for themselves and this platform gives users an incredible opportunity to use images instead of words or even alongside the words. Along with Pinterest’s incredible analytical tools, it can be said with confidence that this site is a powerful platform for any social media marketing campaign for your jewelry business. Just remember: being creative, unique, and visually striking! to our Facebook page to receive our weekly activities!Join us OnlineWish you good luck! to receive Free updates too!our mailing listJoin