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Thesis presentation for graduate school.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Thesis Presentation By Ashley Parkin
  2. 2.  NOCO is a fake fashion line that will be displayed on the Web. It is an exaggerated visual satire of people’s desire to assume another ethnicity’s identity, while discriminating against them at the same time.  The line and the web site hosting it are transforming a negative aspect of being black into something that is fashionable and easy to take off when convenient.
  3. 3.  Can a fake clothing line web site steeped in racial stereotypes stir up online conversations on race?  Will online viewers see the satire and respond to the project’s message immediately?
  4. 4. Clockwise From Left: Lara Stone, Dior, LV shoes, Ellianna Placas, Essence mag, L’Official Hommes
  5. 5. Clockwise from left: Damali Ayo’s, Keith Obadike’s eBay auction, Patrick Kelly, Yinka Shonibare.
  6. 6.   Includes thesis info, precedent information, all the parts of my croquis lookbook, page link to the prototype site, and blog posts documenting the fashion line-crafting process
  7. 7. I hope you like what you see. 