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our partnership


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our partnership

  1. 1. Our Partnership ARAD - TAMAR NEW JERSEY DELAWARE December 2011 Partnership2GETHER New Jersey/Delaware-Arad/Tamar From the Partnership Directors Chair The Jewish Agencys Our partnership is between the city of Arad and the members, and they want to be involved and provide Partnership 2000 project Tamar Regional Council (at the Dead Sea) with a few real assistance in the regions development. first began operating in Jewish federation in New Jersey and Delaware in This past year was full of activities, which about the 90s, based upon the United States. The partnership was established some you can read in this issue. We are eagerly the concept of uniting more than 16 years, and we are proud to be a part looking forward to the new year and everything communities and of this success. The goal of our partnership is, to that it will bring. organizations from all be a partnership that aims to work for a better I would like to thank the Arad Municipality and the over the world with future, particularly for our children, in both sides Tamar Regional Council, for their cooperation, and the State of Israel. Over of the ocean. the Steering Committee members, volunteers and the years the project Throughout the years our partnership has helped professional, in Israel and abroad, for dedicatingdeveloped and progressed and changed its name to make the Arad-Tamar region stronger, by funding so much of their valuable time in order to achievePartnership2Gether. In order to focus on its Jewish projects in various fields, such as: education and and promote the goals the Partnership. Specialconnections and on the unity of the communities, community, economic and tourism development, thanks to our partner communities in New Jerseya new and unique logo was designed, containing a empowerment of women and the most important and Delaware, without whom we would not havenumber of small Jewish stars which together create subject: strengthening and expending the ties with been able to achieve all of this wonderful big Magen David, as can be seen at the top the people at our partner communities. And indeed,right hand side of this page. Currently there are 44 we feel that our partners in the other side of thepartnerships, uniting over 550 Jewish communities ocean, see Arad and Tamar as the home away from Nili Avrahamiall around the world with regions in Israel. home of each and every one of the federations Partnership Director Climbing to New Heights Mor Nadler, Director of the College for All Center in Arad The Return of the For the past four years the College for All has Emissary been running a center in Arad, which aims to help children to realize their abilities and even toAbir Malianker from Arad, who served as the achieve excellence. The College for All Association is Partnerships shaliach to Central operating 25 centers in cities and towns, working to New Jersey, recently completed reduce social disparities, and helping children from a year of shlichut and came back the geographic and social periphery of Israel, by to his first home in Arad. Abir way of a high level comprehensive multidisciplinary did outstanding work in the educational program. The program includes community in bringing people reinforcement and expansion upon the core subjects closer together, deepening studied at school, personal empowerment, socialJewish roots and reinforcing the ties to Israel among involvement and generally broadening horizons in participation of College for All students from all overour partners on the other side of the ocean. as many ways as possible. the country. To wrap up the mathematics lessonsDuring this intensive year, Abir met a wide variety of Last year, 70 children in the third to eighth grades, in which the children learned about geometry,people: children, young people, students and older participated in the activities in the Arad center, ratios, how to read a map and more, a competitionadults, and made a huge impact on the community, supported by the Jewish Agency through the was held for planning and building a palace. Thebenefiting both Israel and Arad. Partnership, the Arad municipality and other entities. students from the Arad Center won 2nd place inWe want to take this opportunity and thank Abir In addition to the studies, the children enjoyed the competition and 3rd place in the map readingfor everything he had done. enrichment classes such as dance, nature and competition. Well done!Abir was replaced by, Natalie Elgrabli from Jerusalem, Participation in the program instills real hope for environment, drama, drawing, astronomy, footballwho will continue this important work. change in education and gives the children in the in cooperation with the Hapoel Tel Aviv footballWe wish her much success! program equal opportunities to succeed, excel in school, and debating with the debating league from Ben Gurion University. their studies, get a good education, integrate into Just before the end of the year, a highlight day society and to develop as contributing citizens and of the Association took place in Tel Aviv with the future leaders of Israeli society.
  2. 2. Youth Futures - For Our Children Leah Samuch Tal, Program Director in AradYouth Futures is a Jewish Agency national program is used as a relaxation place during the breaks in thefor children and youth. The programs main goal is school day; Benches throughout Arad were decoratedto reduce disparities by providing the participants by the programs children as a contribution to theequal opportunities in education and excellence. community in which they live in; An exhibition ofThe program allows children to develop their abilities characters from famous stories, made by the middlethrough empowerment and encouragement and school children of plasticine and beads, was shownbuild self-confidence and capability with the help of at the city library; Creative and studies workshopsadults called "trustees", who work with them, both during the holydays vacation, as well as a visit theindividually and in groups, in cooperation with theeducational and welfare entities. Arad fire station, field activities at the Yeruham LakeThe 2010-11 school year was the programs fourth and a ceremony at an Air Force Base during which with a carpet, cushiony seats and chairs, all of which new pilots received their certification. We would likeyear in Arad, with some 160 participants. The year wasfull of activities, combining education and enjoyment contribute to the pleasant atmosphere; An Ecological to thank the Heiman Foundation and the Jewishsuch as opening a library for the programs children, Community Garden was established at the Ort high Federation of Central New Jersey, without whosethanks to the generous donation of Bank Hapoalim. school by middle school children participating in generous support, this program would not be ableIn addition to the books, the library was equipped the program, their friends and trustees. The garden to carry on. The Elite Youth Hall of Fame - Here We Come… Spending National Service Year in Arad were hosted at the homes of families from the community and were very warmly welcomed and were spoiled by many treats and outings, such as a trip to the Six Flags amusement park, where they rode the scariest and craziest roller coasters, which were of course the most fun! After four days of getting to know the rest of the Atlantic delegation members, they set out for the Maccabi games, to the competitions in Springfield, Tsameret is the Hebrew word for treetop. It is often to join some 750 young participants from all over use to express the elite of something or someone.The Maccabi games for youth takes place in the the world. Tsameret is also the name or an organization inUnited States every summer. For over a decade,athletes from Arad and Tamar have participated in One of the basketball games in which Noy and Israel that have a special program for high schoolthese games, as part of the delegations from our Nadav participated was held in the basketball Hall graduators, who postponed their army service inpartner communities in New Jersey and Delaware of Fame, which was a special event, not experienced order to volunteer in the community. by many basketball players. Shira, Leah, Yael, Liran, Tehila, Shir, Gilad and Shaulto the games. Tal, Nadav and Noy fit in with the Atlantic are such young people, meaning the elite of theThis year, the games took place in Springfield, delegation very well, and proved once again that youth who finished their National Service year inMassachusetts. We received a request from the Arad. They left behind lots of amazing activities andKatz JCC in Atlantic Cape May for three teens to the children of Arad are outstanding and can achievements, and many people who will miss them.join their delegation to the game. Noy Raskin and represent us with great respect. In September, the third year of the Tsameret NationalNadav Okanin represented us in basketball, and Special thanks to Jack Fox and the JCC of Atlantic Service year in Arad began, a project funded by theTal Amar in tennis, chaperoned by Yoram Egozy, a Cape May Counties for funding and hosting our Partnership. This year there are 10 young people:sports teacher at the Arad Ort High School. They wonderful athletes. Yishay, Shani, Tsahala, Itai, Chen, Lia, Sivan, Hadar and Ravid. In the mornings they help out in the Schools all over the city, and in the afternoon they Counterpoint Israel continue their great work at the youth clubs, the Community Center Youth Department, the TsameretA new summer camp started operating in Arad: All the activities were in English and has been youth movement that they established in the Arad, inCounterpoint Israel. It is a Yeshiva University program described by Amy cooper, Director of Financial the Orly Absorption Center for Ethiopian immigrants,taking place during three consecutive weeks Resource Development of the Jewish Federation Rans Place and the Warm Home for Girls, both clubsthroughout the summer. The program, aiming for of Central New Jersey who saw the summer camp for youth at risk and other projects, some of are alsochildren ages 13-17, has three main goals: to instill in action as "an excellent example of how the funded by the Partnership, such as Gesher - TeensJewish values; improve English skills and develop Partnership2GETHER connects Jews from New Jersey Leadership Development in Arad, New Jersey andpersonal empowerment, through talent-building and Jews from Israel in significant ways". Delaware . They will be closely supervised by Iditworkshops and field trips; fun. YU Projects Director Gila Rockman remarked that Shor from Tsameret, who will also join them in the wonderful work they are doing in the city.The staff is comprised of YU students and volunteers “Counterpoint is a meeting place between Israelfrom the United States. The program in Arad began and the Diaspora, emphasizing ‘togetherness’ forin 2011 with 50 students from the Ort High School. the benefit of the partnered communities”. The Jewish Agency for Israel is a nonprofit funded by communities and donors throughout the world