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  1. 1. Y E A R B O O K<br />ENGLISH<br /> CLASS<br />LA SALLE<br />COLLEGE<br />3º”E”<br />2008-2011 GENERATION<br />
  2. 2. Name: Priscila Mireyle Reyes Arcos.<br />Age:seventeenyearsold.<br />Bachelor: Humanities<br />Universitythatyouchoosetostudythedegree: I don’tknow.<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy: Law.<br />Nickname: Pris.<br />Favoriteteacher: Efrén.<br />Favoritesubject: Law.<br />Musicthatyou listen: pop and salsa.<br />Yourphrase: “Nobodyarrivetoyourlifeforcoincidence and youdon’tarrive in thelife of a personwithout a reason”.<br />
  3. 3. Name: Jacqueline Salas Rabadán.<br />Age: seventeenyearsold.<br />Bachelor: Humanities.<br />Universitythatyouchoosetostudythedegree: UNID.<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy: CommunicatonScience.<br />Nickname: Jackie and Jacque.<br />Favoriteteacher: Lolis and Efrén.<br />Favoritesubject: Law.<br />Musicthatyou listen: Pop and ballads.<br />Yourphrase: “Thelifeonlyislivedone time”<br />
  4. 4. Name: Montserrat Lourdes Ríos Navarro. <br />Age: seventeenyearsold.<br />Bachelor: Humanities.<br />Universitythatyouchoosetostudythedegree: UNID.<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy: CommunicationScience.<br />Nickname:Monchis and Montse.<br />Favoriteteacher: Lolis.<br />Favoritesubject: Workshop of Communication<br />Musicthatyou listen: Pop and rock.<br />Yourphrase: “Alwaysbeyourself, love, live and letpeopletolive”.<br />
  5. 5. Name: Salvador Diaz Jr. salgadoAge: 18 yearsWhatuniversitydidyouchoose? univariateguadalajaraBachelor: HumanisticRaceyoutostudy: MedicineWhatisyournicknameor as yousay? chavaFavoriteteacher:NoraFavoriteclass: LawFavoriteMusic: electronicFavoritequote: allthethingsthatmakeyoureturn<br />
  6. 6. Name: Elisa Caballero Avendaño Age: 17 yearsWhatcollegedidyouchoose? UNAMBachelor: HumanisticUniversitymajor: communicationWhatisyournicknameor as yousay? ElisaFavoriteteacher: lolisFavoriteclass:EnglishFavoritemusic: pop balladWriteyourstage:” allthingshappenfor a reason”<br />
  7. 7. Francisco IvanRenteriaGonzalez<br />Age: 19 yearsHigh School: humanisticCollege: UPCareer: LawFavorite teachers: efren and barbosaFavorite Subject: LawMusic: allFavorite quote: “The life of a man is what his thoughts make it”<br />
  8. 8. Ixchell Emma Silva Galisia<br />Age: 18 yearsHig school: HumanisticCollege: Monterrey TechCareer: ArchitectureNickname:ichiFavorite teacher:YadiraFavorite subject: MathFavorite Music: salsaYour favorite quote: “believe in yourself and conquer”<br />
  9. 9. Yara Ivonne Moraes Salgado<br />Age: 18 yearsold<br />Bachelor: Humanities<br />Universitythatyouchoosetostudythedegree:ICSL<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy: Teacher<br />Nickname: Yara<br />Favoriteteacher: Emilio and Efrén.<br />Favoritesubject: Law<br />Musicthatyou listen: Pop,regae<br />Yourphrase: “Life is what you is happening while you insist on making other plans. “<br />
  10. 10. <ul><li>Name: Luis Esteban Gutierrez
  11. 11. Age: 18 años
  12. 12. Highschool:Humanisties
  13. 13. Schoolthatyouchoose tu studythecareer:Ibero
  14. 14. What do youwillstudy?: Law
  15. 15. Nickname: Mamado
  16. 16. Favoriteteacher:Felipe y christian
  17. 17. Favoritesubject: Law
  18. 18. Favoritemusic: house
  19. 19. Yourphrase: “Conquer your fears and conquer death" </li></li></ul><li>Paloma Patiño Peñaflor<br />Age: 17 años<br />Highschool:Humanisties<br />Whatuniversitydidyouchoose?:<br />Universidad de morelia<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy:<br />Interactive media <br />Nickname:Paloma<br />Favoriteteacher: Yadira<br />Favoritesubject: Computacion<br />Musicthatyou listen: Rock, Metal<br />Yourphrase: “Fightthefearswithprettysmiles & lies”<br />
  20. 20. GenesisgrazzielLopez Villanueva<br />Age: 17 años<br />Highschool: Humanisticos<br />WhatUniversitydidyouchoose?Buap<br />Degreethatyouwillstudy:<br />Derecho<br />Nickname: Gene<br />Favoriteteacher: Emilio<br />Favoritesubject: English<br />Musicthatyoulisten:Pop<br />Yourphrase: <br />“Wanting es power”<br />
  21. 21. Alberto Torres Bailleres<br /> Age: 17 yearsHigh School: humanisticCollege:IberoDfCareer: PoliticscientsFavorite teacher: NoraFavorite Subject: englishMusic: Hip hop,electronicFavorite quote: “I don’t lie, I<br />giveyouthe true extent”<br />
  22. 22. Ingrid Medina Zetina<br /> Age: 18 yearsHigh School: humanisticCollege: Universidad mundialCareer: LawFavorite teacher: LolisFavorite Subject: englishMusic: PopFavorite quote: “above all succeed”<br />
  23. 23. Daniela Rocio Salgado Loyo<br /> Age: 18 yearsHigh School: humanisticCollege: LoyolaCareer: CommunicationsFavorite teacher: LolisFavorite Subject: englishMusic: PopFavorite quote: “ Live, love and let go”<br />
  24. 24. Name: Alexia de Santiago Mtz. De la Cueva<br />Age: 19 years<br />Humanistics<br />University: IberoPuebla<br />Career: Psychology<br />Nickname: Lex<br />Favoriteteacher: Miss Nora<br />Favoritesubject: Law<br />Favoritemusic: House<br />Phrase: “Untilthe color of a man'sskinis of no more significancethanthe color of hiseyes, me saywar” Bob Marley<br />
  25. 25. Name: Valeria LizethGarcia Parra<br />Age: 17 years<br />Humanistics<br />University: ---<br />Career: ---<br />Nickname: Vale, Valery, Valebria<br />Favoriteteacher: Felipe<br />Favoritesubject: none<br />Favoritemusic: a bit of everything<br />Phrase: “So Happy i could die”<br />
  26. 26. Name: Bella Hernandez Reyes<br />Age: 18 years<br />Humanistics<br />University: ITESO Guadalajara<br />Career: Ciencias de la Educación <br />Nickname: Bellita, Bellullis, Bellis<br />Favoriteteacher: Emilio<br />Favoritesubject: none<br />Favoritemusic: Pop<br />Phrase: “Dont hide yourself in regrets, just love yourself and you're set” <br />
  27. 27. Teresita de Jesús Añorve Álvarez<br /><ul><li>18 years
  28. 28. Humanistic
  29. 29. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)
  30. 30. Career:Relaciones Internacionales y un diplomado en el CIDE (Mexico)
  31. 31. Nickname:Teresa
  32. 32. Favoriteteacher:EfrenLopez
  33. 33. Favoritesubject:Law
  34. 34. Musicthatyou listen :all
  35. 35. Phrase :”Whowants do more thanwho can, do possibletheimpossible”.</li></li></ul><li>MariaFernandaSoberanis<br /><ul><li>Age:17 years
  36. 36. Humanístic
  37. 37. Nickname:Feri
  38. 38. Favoriteteacher:Emilio
  39. 39. Favoritesubject: english
  40. 40. Musicthatyoulisten:Electronica
  41. 41. Phrase:” so happens when it happens”</li></li></ul><li>Larisa StefanyNogueda Guerrero<br /><ul><li>Age : 18 years
  42. 42. Humanistic
  43. 43. Tec. De Monterrey
  44. 44. Career:Creacion y Desarrollo de Nuevas Empresas.
  45. 45. Nickname:Lari
  46. 46. Favoriteteacher:Dolores (Lolis)
  47. 47. Favoritesubject: english
  48. 48. Musicthatyoulisten:Pop
  49. 49. Phrase :”Lovethethingsyouhave ,becauseyoumaynothavethethigsyoulove”</li></li></ul><li>Name: Karen Elizabet Sandoval Carrillo<br />Age: 18 años<br />University: I stilldon’tknow<br />Career: International Relationships<br />FavoriteSubject: English<br />FavoriteTeacher: Miss Nora<br />FavoriteMusic: Lady Gaga, Nightwish, BritneySpears<br />Quote: Live greenthinkpink<br />