Evergreen Primary School Term 1 Newsletter


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Evergreen Primary School Term 1 Newsletter

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Evergreen Primary School Term 1 Newsletter

  1. 1. Joy in Learning, Pure in Act A newsletter of Evergreen Primary School Term 1 2010 Principal’s Message Evergreen Primary School, under the leadership of the former Principal, Highlights Mr Tan Kah Teo, has established itself as a reputable school in Woodlands. I am happy and honoured to be able to carry on the good work of Mr Tan. Achievements Our mission is ‘To provide a quality education to meet the needs of a diverse student population in an environment of care and acceptance. Our Celebrations / Events students will be successfully prepared in their role as thinking and responsible citizens who will find joy in learning and pure in act.’ We aim to nurture our pupils into resilient, innovative and enterprising individuals Hand-in-Hand with a sense of responsibility, integrity, loyalty, compassion and respect to face the challenges in life. Our team of caring professionals will harness Calendar of Activities in the energy and abilities of the children to develop them into passionate Term 2 learners. In a nurturing and stimulating environment, our inspiring teachers will develop them to their fullest potential. Staff Movement We strongly believe that education is about nurturing the whole child. In pursuit of our mission, we embrace the shared values of: Care & Concern, Graciousness, Honesty, Perseverance, Respect and Self-Discipline. Throughout the year, the school organizes a wide spectrum of activities ranging from art, sports, community involvement programmes to adventure camps to develop our pupils morally, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically. Our teachers will continuously undergo training to better equip themselves with various pedagogical skills to engage pupils in their learning. As we journey towards the school’s vision, we will face new challenges. With the continuous support of a team of dedicated and hardworking staff, supportive School Advisory Committee, PTA and Alumni, I am confident that we will be able to continue to take on the challenges and achieve excellence in education. Ms Ong Lee Choo Care and Concern Graciousness Honesty Perseverance Respect for self and others Self-Discipline
  2. 2. Term 1 2010 Achievements Soccer Our Senior and Junior Boys are through to the Quarter Finals for the North Zone Soccer Tournament. We managed to come in top of the table during the preliminary rounds. As for the Junior team, we are in the preliminary rounds with 2 more games to go with 5 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss out of a total of 10 games. Well done boys! Go all out to bring back the trophies. We know you can and we are solidly behind you! Celebrations / Events Pongal Chinese New Year-cum- Learning Total Defence Day Journey Celebrations The Chinese New Year was celebrated on 12 Pongal, also known as ‘Harvest Festival’ is February 2010 to welcome the year of the Tiger. celebrated by the Hindu community in Singapore. Residents from the Man Fu Tong Home joined The celebration is traditionally intended to thank us in the celebrations which kicked off with the the Sun God and farmstead livestock that helped lion dance performance. This was followed by a create the abundance. Our P4 and P5 Tamil pupils drama performance presented by members of had the opportunity to learn more about this the English Drama Club. As Total Defence Day festival on their trip to Holy Tree Sri falls on 15 February, the performance Balasubramaniyar Temple at Yishun on 14 January incorporated National Education messages 2010. At the temple, pupils learnt how to make together with elements of the legend of Nian ‘thoranam’, a home entrance decoration, using and examples of Chinese New Year taboo. young coconut leaves. Their learning experience Another highlight of the celebrations was was further enriched by a cooking demonstration the teacher-pupil competition. Teacher and of Pongal (sweetened) rice, which was later pupil teams competed with each other by using distributed to them to savour. Some lucky ones hongbaos (red packets) to form the Chinese even had the opportunity to pour milk into clay character “吉”. The team that used up the most pots. The pots are then heated and eventually number of hongbaos within the shortest time boiled over, symbolising abundance. This learning won the competition. journey was an eye-opener to non-Hindu pupils As a mark of respect and offering of as it was their first time experiencing Pongal good wishes, our Principal, Ms Ong, was celebrations up close and personal. Pupils’ presented with mandarin oranges and this reflections were later published in the Tamil gesture was also extended to the staff. The Murasu newspaper. celebrations culminated in the sing-a-long session, where pupils sang Chinese New Year songs. Care and Concern Graciousness Honesty Perseverance Respect for self and others Self-Discipline
  3. 3. Term 1 2010 Celebrations / Events Prefects’ Investiture Well-Being of Staff & Pupils On 22 February 2010 a total of 52 students joined 1) Community Aerobics Club (CAC) the prefectorial board. They had been shortlisted by their teachers last year and were selected The school has started the Community Aerobics after being interviewed by teachers from the Club (CAC) sessions on 29 January 2010 as a discipline committee. Our Head Prefect, Gabrielle partnership between our school and North West Wan Ke Xin (6 Ch)and Vice Head Prefect, CDC. The free aerobics lessons are conducted by a DeGuzmon Justice (6 Ch) conducted the qualified aerobics instructor. The details are as ceremony where our new members received follows: their ties from Ms Ong. The new prefects joined the existing members of the prefectorial board Day : Every Friday and took their prefect’s pledge, where they swore Time : 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. to be dedicated in enforcing the school rules as Venue : School Hall well as being good role models for their peers. Attire : Sports wear Congratulations to the newly appointed prefects! We would like to invite both parent and their children to join us in this healthy and meaningful Hand-in-Hand programme. STELLAR The STELLAR (STrategies for English Language 2) Weekly Morning Level Exercise Learning and Reading) programme was developed by the Ministry of Education in 2006 to cater to P3 to 6 pupils have been doing morning level the English Language learners in Singapore exercise once a week before the start of the primary schools. It was implemented nationally morning assembly. The main objective is to start for Primary One this year. The STELLAR the day fresh for our pupils, thereby inculcating the programme aims to help Singapore children importance of exercising and keeping oneself fit improve their language and learning through and healthy. engaging strategies and authentic children’s literature. This programme was piloted in our school 3) House T-shirt / Annual Sports Day in 2008. In the STELLAR programme, great emphasis is placed on developing pupils’ oral and With the formation of the House System last year, communication skills. all pupils have been divided into one of the 5 houses – Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. The Tips for Parents: new house T-shirt will replace the white PE T-shirt. • Provide support for your children through However, the existing white PE T-shirts can still be simple, everyday activities such as reading worn for PE lessons till end of 2010. All P4 to 6 together, playing simple language games, pupils will need to be in their House T-shirts for our going to the library or having a school Annual Sports Day on 30 April 2010. conversation about a familiar topic. • Keep the sessions short 4) Fruitti Wednesday • Encourage their attempts and do not dwell To promote the importance of having a balanced on their mistakes. diet, Wednesdays have been designated ‘Fruit Day’. You will be gratified by your child’s progress with All pupils are encouraged to bring a fruit every the adoption of these tips. Wednesday. Care and Concern Graciousness Honesty Perseverance Respect for self and others Self-Discipline
  4. 4. Term 1 2010 Calendar of Activities in Term 2 Events/Activities Dates P4/P5 Science Practical Test 8 April 2010 Principal’s Dialogue Session with Parents of P3 & P4 Pupils 9 April 2010 Principal’s Dialogue Session with Parents of P1 & P2 Pupils 16 April 2010 Sports Day Heats 22 April 2010 SA1 Oral Examination 26-29 April 2010 Sports Day 30 April 2010 SA1 Listening Comprehension Examination 4 May 2010 SA1 Examinations (Main Papers) 10-14 May 2010 Parenting Talk N CDC – ‘Bonding Well With Your Kids’ 21 May 2010 P2 Math & Science Camp 24 May 2010 Meet-The-Parents Session (P1-P4: 8am-3pm) 27 May 2010 P6 Supplementary Lessons 31 May-2 June 2010 P5 Camp 31 May-2 June 2010 P2 & P3 Prefects Training 3 June 2010 P4 & P5 Prefects Training 4 June 2010 Staff Movement WELCOME! FAREWELL… We extend a warm welcome to these trainee We bid farewell to our former Principal, teachers from NIE: Mr Tan Kah Teo and wish him a happy retirement. We also like to wish the • Mdm Chia Puay San following teachers every success in their • Miss Farhanah Banu bte A Rasak new workplace: • Miss Miao Rui • Mr Muhd Andi bin M Zulkepl • Mrs Joyce Lye • Mr Redzuan bin Kassim • Mr Liu Hung • Mr Velaithan Naveen • Mr Kamsari • Ms Aresah Sharainee • Mrs Hong Wai Ling • Mdm Yuslindah We would also like to welcome • Miss Shaan Gan the following teachers back from their leave: • Mrs Linden Ng • Mrs Ramesh • Mdm Alwiyah • Mrs May Tan • Ms Kalpana Care and Concern Graciousness Honesty Perseverance Respect for self and others Self-Discipline