EGPS P1 orientation slides (16 nov 2012) updated


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EGPS P1 orientation slides (16 nov 2012) updated

  2. 2. PROGRAMME• Performance by Chinese Orchestra• Welcome Address by Principal• Video Show on School Health Services• Talk by Powerlife Student Services
  3. 3. KEY PERSONNEL VP (Acad) VP (Acad) VP (Admin) HOD EL HOD MathMrs Chue Lay Na Miss Anne Teh Mr Tan Tuang Kin Mdm Pay Gim Mrs Janice Chang Hean HOD Sci HOD Aesthetics HOD PE HOD-CCE HOD ICT(Intl)Mdm Nornizah Miss Helen Tan Mr Samy Lim Mr Low Choon Miss Jaycee Tee Siong
  4. 4. KEY PERSONNEL LH EL LH CL SH TL SH-ML Mrs May Tan Mrs Linda Ang Miss Ratha Mdm ElyyahSH-Mathematics SH ICT SH PCCG SH PE Miss Noraisha Mr Alan Pillay Mrs C Muru Mr Alfiyan
  5. 5. KEY PERSONNELSH-Science(Intl) Senior Teacher Senior Teacher Senior TeacherMr Yap Heng Yow Mrs Linden Ng Mrs Jeanette Lee Mdm Zawiah Senior TeacherMr Phua Soon Teck
  6. 6. P1 FORM TEACHERS 1 Care 1 Charity 1 Faith 1 Grace 1 Hope Miss Lin Zijing Miss Jayanthi Mdm Haida Mdm Radin Miss Aainoo 1 Joy 1 Love 1 Mercy LSC LSMMrs Doris Chong Mrs Vanessa Loh Mrs Geetha Eddie Mdm Muj Mdm Lim SY
  7. 7. SCHOOL BACKGROUND• Established in January 1999• Started with 22 classes of pupils (P1 – P4)• Moved to present premises on 22 March 1999• Currently, has an enrolment of 1788 pupils• 49 classes (P1 – P6)
  8. 8. SCHOOL VISION & MISSION VisionA vibrant school which inspires passion in learning and commitment towards excellence. MissionTo nurture thinking individuals who are confident and self-directed learners with shared values and are active contributors to society.
  9. 9. SHARED VALUESI ntegrity our CoreDare to innovateE xcellence our QuestA rdent Pursuit of learningS ynergy for Success
  10. 10. STRATEGIC THRUSTS• Holistic Development of the Child• Quality Staff• Organisational Excellence
  11. 11. SCHOOL FOCUS FOR 2013• Teaching and Learning• Character Development
  12. 12. STELLAR• STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading• Aims to strengthen both language and reading skills.• Promotes a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years.• Adopts well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic childrens literature.• The three strategies at the lower-primary level: – Shared Book Approach (SBA) – Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) – Learning Centres (LC)
  13. 13. HOLISTIC ASSESSMENT• Provides qualitative and quantitative feedback to support and guide the childs development.• Informs teachers on their teaching practice and guides them in the design and delivery of student learning.• Enables parents to support their childrens development and growth.• Emphasises on – Focusing on the development of the whole child – Striking a balance between AOL and AFL practices – Guiding teachers in the design and delivery of their practices – Using appropriate methods and modes of assessment• Formative & Summative – Performance-based Tasks E.g. Show & Tell, Reader’s Theatre, Math Trail – Portfolio – Bite-sized Tests e.g. Topical Tests
  14. 14. KEY PROGRAMMES FOR 2013• Learning Through The Arts (LTTA)• Learning Journeys• Modular Art Programme• Sporty Math Carnival• Language Fiesta• SMASH
  15. 15. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT• Structured Pupil Leadership Framework – Every Pupil Can Be A Leader• 3 - Pronged Approach to National Education – Engaging the Heart, Head & Hands• Values Education – Civics & Moral Education (CME), – Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) and – Community Involvement Programme (CIP)• Co Curricular Activities (CCA)• House System
  16. 16. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Screening of P1 for Niche CCA. • P2 – P6 pupils are strongly encouraged to have at least one CCA. • Pupils are to be in the same CCA till he/she graduates from Evergreen Primary. Sports Performing Arts Clubs & Uniformed Groups• Netball • Chinese Orchestra • Art Club• Sepak Takraw • Angklung Kulintang • Infocomm Club• Badminton • English Drama • Library Club• Basketball • Chinese Dance • Weiqi Club • Scouts (Boys and Girls)• Table Tennis • Malay Dance • Indian Dance
  17. 17. CCA ACHIEVEMENTS Clubs & Uniformed Performing Arts Sports GroupsChinese Orchestra Netball Visual Arts•SYF Gold with Honours •Senior Girls Zonal 1 st •SYF Bronze thAngklung Kulintang •Senior Girls National 4 Weiqi Club•SYF Silver •Junior Girls Zonal, 1 st Individual Winners: ndChinese Dance •Junior Girls National 2 1 pupil attained in this•SYF Gold with Honours category.Malay Dance Consolation:•SYF Silver Basketball 1 pupil attained in this thIndian Dance •Junior Girls Zonal 4 category.•SYF Silver Team Winners: Second Place: 3 pupils attained in this category.
  18. 18. SCHOOL KEY ACHIEVEMENTS• Character Development Award (2009-2014)• Sustained Achievement Award for Aesthetics (3rd Time)• Sustained Achievement Award for Sports (3rd Time)• CHERISH Bronze Award (2009-2010)• Programme for School-based Excellence Award (2012-2017)• National Arts Education Spark Award (2011/2012)• People Developer Standard (2009)• PARTNERS Award (2006-2014)
  19. 19. PARENT-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP• Give your full support to the school.• Establish a good communication link with the teachers.• Work closely with the teachers for the well-being of the child.• Sign up as a member of Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
  20. 20. SCHOOL RULESEvergreen pupils:• are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.• who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with their right fist placed over their heart.• are clean shaven.• are neat and tidy at all times.• are in school uniform for all school activities.• are courteous and honest.• keep the school clean and respect school property.• seek permission before leaving the school premises during school hours.• do not wear jewellery to school.
  21. 21. PUPIL’S ATTIRE & APPEARANCE BOYS GIRLS School • White shirt with dark • White blouse with dark green collar and thin stripesUniform green collar and thin • Dark green skirt stripes • Dark green shorts • Name Tag PE • House T-Shirts • House T-Shirts • Dark green PE shorts • Dark green PE shorts • Name Tag • Dark green skirt Hair • Short and above the • Short Hair – Fringe above the eyebrows ear • Long Hair – To be tied up neatly with dark green/ black rubber bands, ribbons, hair clips or hairbandJewellery • No jewellery to be • Only small & plain ear studs are allowed wornShoes & • Plain White Canvas Shoes Socks • Plain White Socks (longer than ankle length)
  23. 23. GENERAL PROCEDURES• Waiting Area & Pick Up Points for Parents – Front Gate and Side Gate• Pick Up Points when it rains – Canteen ( for Side Gate only) – Classrooms ( for Front Gate only) – Bus Bay pupils will be escorted to the buses• Traffic Arrangement – Drop off/Pick up at designated areas (outside school) – Use the Traffic lights when crossing
  24. 24. GENERAL PROCEDURESFor parents who need to come to school for enquiries/ assistance• Report to the School’s General Office directly• Inform the office staff of your request• If there is a need to see your child, he/ she will be brought to you
  25. 25. GENERAL PROCEDURES• In the case of making a purchase at the school bookshop, a Visitor Pass will be issued. For security reasons, parents are requested not to proceed to the classrooms.• Make an appointment should you need to see or speak with your child’s teachers so as to avoid disappointments.• Keep the school updated of any change in home address and contact numbers.
  26. 26. GENERAL PROCEDURESFor pupils who are unwell:• They will be brought to the sick bay in the General Office.• Parents will be notified via telephone.• Parents will need to pick their unwell child from the General Office.• Unwell pupils will not be allowed to go home on their own.
  27. 27. MISCELLANEOUS FEES• $13.00 per month (Only applicable to Singapore Citizens)• 1st tier: $6.50; 2nd tier: $6.50• Parents are strongly encouraged to apply for GIRO for payment of miscellaneous fees.• Singaporean pupils are able to make use of their Edusave Funds for part of the miscellaneous fees.
  28. 28. SCHOOL TERMS FOR 2013Semester Term School Term School Holiday Wed, 2 Jan to Sat, 16 Mar to 1 Fri, 15 Mar Sun, 24 Mar One Mon, 25 Mar to Sat, 01 Jun to 2 Fri, 31 May Sun, 30 Jun Mon, 01 Jul to Sat, 07 Sept to 3 Fri, 06 Sept Sun, 15 Sept Two Mon, 16 Sept Sat,16 Nov to 4 to Fri, 15 Nov Mon, 31 Dec
  29. 29. PM ASSEMBLY• Assembly Area – School Hall• Reporting Time for all PM session pupils – 12.15p.m. (for Mon to Fri except Wed) – 12.45p.m. (for Wed)• Read and Respond Time – 12.15p.m. – 12.30p.m (for Mon to Fri except Wed) – 12.45p.m. – 1.00pm (for Wed)• SMASH Programme – 12.30p.m. – 1.00p.m. (for Mon to Fri except Wed) – 1.00p.m. – 1.30p.m. (for Wed)• Pledge Taking
  30. 30. PM RECESS• Recess Time: 2.30p.m. – 3.00p.m. (30 minutes)Recess Routine• Pupils will be trained on the following: – Washing of hands – Queuing for food – Clearing of litter or food left-overs on the table – Returning of plates and utensils to the containers near the basin – Assembling quietly and quickly in canteen after recess
  31. 31. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL• First Day of School is Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013.• All P1 pupils are to assemble in the hall at 12.45p.m.• All parents are to proceed to the Artstar, for a briefing at 1 p.m.• Please refer to the handout on what to bring for the first day of school.
  32. 32. RECESS ARRANGEMENT FOR 1ST 3 DAYS (2 – 4 JAN)• Recess Time: – 2.00p.m. – 2.30p.m. (for pupils from 1 Ca, Ch, Fa & Gr) – 2.30p.m. – 3.00p.m. (for pupils from 1 Ho, Jo,Lo & Me)• Parents are allowed to come into the school during recess for the first 3 days.• Buddy system – P1 pupils will be assisted by P5 pupils
  33. 33. PM DISMISSAL• Dismissal Time: 6.00p.m.• Pupils will assemble at the parade square for flag lowering and singing of the National Anthem.• Classes are lined up according to the following dismissal pattern – Front Gate, Side Gate and Bus Bay.• We seek the cooperation and understanding of all parents to be punctual in picking up your child, so as to avoid unnecessary anxiety for your child.
  34. 34. PM DISMISSAL FOR 1st 3 Days (2 – 4 JAN)• Pupils will be dismissed class by class from the Parade Square for the first 3 days of school.• 4th day onwards, parents are to pick up their child from either the front gate or side gate.• In the event of wet weather, parents are allowed to come into the school.• Pupils will be given coloured stickers for easy identification of dismissal pattern. – Front Gate: Orange – Bus Bay: Blue – Side Gate: Green• Parents are to indicate in the Pupil Particular Form the mode of dismissal.• Parents are to inform the Form Teacher of any changes so as to avoid any confusion.
  35. 35. PROGRAMME FOR FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL• Ice-Breaker activities in class• Understanding the School & Class Rules• Knowing the Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations of a pupil• Knowing the School (School Tour)
  36. 36. THANK YOU