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SolarEye Platform - Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring

  1. …Beyond Monitoring © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  2. SolarEye Platform is an innovative Web 2.0 system: Acting as a “virtual energy assistant” Proactively monitoring and automatically detecting potential faults in PV plants with high accuracy Providing a rich set of diagnostic tools, and metrics Providing role-based interfaces for plant owners and PV professionals, creating a synergy towards increased efficiency, reliability and higher returns. SolarEye Platform is:  Vendor independent platform  Compatible with multiple data loggers  Provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through annual subscriptions. © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  3. Fault Decision Yield Plant Info Isolation Support Optimization Data Energy Analytics Fault Isolation Acquisition  SolarEye Platform revolutionizes monitoring and management of PV installations, providing a decision support system, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence models for:  Fastest fault isolation  Minimizing fault recovery response time  Accurate estimation of expected power and energy loss  Reduction of maintenance costs  Yield optimization © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  4. SolarEye Platform moves beyond presentation of data to provide insights of PV installations through real-time energy analytics: Energy Estimation: SolarEye Platform is capable of estimating in real-time with high accuracy, each inverter's expected production under certain climate conditions. Fault Isolation: Several types of faults can be detected automatically in real time with high accuracy, without requiring any user-defined thresholds. Quantification of power loss: Energy lost due to failures or other disturbances is calculated. This information could be used for insurance claims. Statistics for plant components and failures. Performance metrics coupled with rich diagnostic tools reveal plant status condition. © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  5. Spotting faults on AC side components and substation components: ◦ Grid faults leveraging information from feeder relay protection devices. ◦ Substation component failures such as transformer, feeder relay, UPS, etc. ◦ Overcurrent protection device faults. ◦ Data acquisition modules. ◦ Data Communication  Early Detection of potential DC disturbances due to: ◦ String failures ◦ Hot spots ◦ Tracker orientation loss ◦ Shadows ◦ Dust/soiling detection  PV Module degradation: Identification of abnormal PV modules degradation © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  6. Owner/investor EPC/O&M • EPC/O&M increases operational efficiency! • Owner/investor increases ROI! © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  7. • 400 KW After a lightning storm, • Fixed structure system 4 fuses at the AC side and 10 • 15KW & 17KW tri-phase inverters failed inverters Benefits Message to O&M with potential fuses Real-time notification, faster than any and inverters faults is sent after 5 another monitoring system. minutes Fuses replaced in hours enabling nine Faster recovery resulting in 2 more days inverters to recover and one inverter to of production for 9 x 17KW inverters = be replaced in 2 days 990 kWh x 0,25 € = 247,5 € Losses estimated for insurance claim Based on average data the insurance company would compensate for 80 kWh/day/inverter, while the estimated production is 110 kWh/day/inverter © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  8. • 100 KW 33.3 KW distribution board fuse • Fixed structure system failure with • 9 X 11KW single phase 3 out of 9 inverters going off-line inverters • Message to integrator about the single fuse that needs to be replaced, allowing for a same day visit. • Time spent at the plant: 15 min • Problem resolved in 2 hours instead of requiring rescheduling in a following Fault Isolation day => 200 kWh/day O&M Faster Increased saves fault Plant time recovery Uptime © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  9. Hot spot / tracker orientation fault/ shadow caused by non-permanent obstacle (e.g. grass) resulting in a • 3 MW constant 4% loss ≈ 700KWh per day • Fixed structure system • 300KW inverters Dust/Soiling resulting in a constant loss up to 8% ≈ 1400KWh per day Based on intelligent real-time energy analytics SolarEye Platform facilitates early detection of power outages. © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  10. SolarEye Platform can be used for installations of any size: ◦ Residential rooftops. ◦ Commercial power plants.  The architecture of SolarEye Platform enables compatibility with: ◦ The vast majority of inverter manufacturers. ◦ Major data acquisition equipment. ◦ New installations anywhere in the world and seamless migration of already existing ones, which may not require any further equipment costs. ◦ New equipment that needs to be monitored. ◦ New services that that could be integrated. © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  11. Being vendor independent, it provides a unified platform for complete, real-time monitoring of • all parameters  from all PV installations  simultaneously  through a single interface © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012
  12. Start experiencing the new approach for monitoring and management of PV installations to optimize their performance. Sign up for your 3 months free trial of up to 3 plants The only software platform in the PV industry with built-in intelligence, capable of estimating fast and accurately production deviations. / FreeTrial Find out more © Neuron Energy Solutions 2012